I stared at the vampire, slightly shocked by the statement that just emerged from his dead lips. I looked at the ground for a moment, contemplating the thought of Kyle really being dead, and then did the one thing that made sense at the moment; I laughed.

"You dare laugh at me! Your son is dead, idiot," The child screeched, clearly upset as my laughter echoed throughout the warehouse.

"Dawn, what if he's telling the truth?" Kris questioned, allowing the dust from the other vampires to settle around him.

"He's not," I replied confidently, before twisting the sword in the vampire's stomach. "Where is my son," I emphasized every word with a sharp twist.

"He's dead, you bitch," Kris pushed me aside and punched the boy across the face, causing a trickle of blood to drip down his chin.

"Where the bloody hell is Kyle,"

"Go to hell," The vampire sneered and Kris quickly staked him.

"I'll see you there," He whispered before turning to me and nodding to the loft above. "Ladies first,"

I smiled, and began to climb the ladder, praying that Kyle was up there, alive. The loft was empty except for the crumbled body of my son. His hair was mud caked, and his clothes torn.

"Kyle, baby, wake up," I said gently, running my hand across his cheek. His eyes slowly opened and he smiled tiredly at the sight of me.

"Mommy, Daddy," He whispered, as Kris used the sword to cut the heavy chains that bound him. He collapsed into my arms and I hugged him tightly, breathing in the scent that was clearly Kyle.

"It's ok, baby, Mommy's here now. Nothing can hurt you," We sat there, Kyle in my arms and Kris standing above us, for god only knows how long before the vampire carried the boy to the car and we went home. Home. I had a home at last. No empty house, or untouched furniture. Someone was finally there to scold me if I slammed the door, to hug me when I cried, to be my family. I looked up at the sky as we drove, and the sun slowly began to rise over the horizon. Kris took my hand in his, and Kyle snuggled between the two of us and I finally knew what happiness was.

THE END!!!!!!!!!

Oh god, you don't even know how amazing it feels to finally be done with this story. I enjoyed writing it so much. Thank you to all my reviewers!! There will be a sequel, of sorts, but not until I finish "Tainted Innocence". Look in my profile to see what it's about; It's called "A Very Scooby Reunion".