Miss Kitty mewled softly as she rubbed her back and white, fur covered body against Tara's legs. The kitten was an often forgotten, but much loved part of her family.

Tara picked the squirmy critter up and cradled her, softly stroking the pet's fur. Miss Kitty purred and nuzzled against the inviting blue wool of her owner's sweater. This was heaven, being so close to someone she loved; feeling safe and cared for.

"Honey, I'm home." The cat perked up her ears at the sound of the familiar voice. She lifted her head and stared right into Tara's eyes, pleading with the witch. Silently obeying, Tara placed Miss Kitty on the floor and stood up from the kitchen table to go greet her girlfriend. Miss Kitty tredded merrily along after her owner, through the swinging door into the living room.

"I brought home a friend." Willow said with delight. Sitting obediently at the woman's feet was a small beagle puppy, wagging its tail and staring up at Tara with joy in his eyes.

"His name's Snoopy." The red head claimed proudly.

"Oh Baby!" The blonde woman cried out. "He's so sweet," and she bent down to pet the dog.

Miss Kitty hissed loudly, no one was going to steal her thunder, especially not a dumb, slobbery thing with a stupid name like "Snoopy." Where was the imagination in that? She wouldn't stand for it.

The feline jumped at the dog, teeth bared. Snoopy cocked his head and gave the cat a good look. He opened his mouth and flicked his drooly tongue at the cat, leaving her wet and sticky. How dare he!

Miss Kitty lunged once more and grabbed a hold of his droopy ear with her teeth. The dog whimpered as a drop of blood tricked to the floor but he still looked at the kitten with those stupid yet loving eyes.

"Oh no! Miss Kitty, naughty cat! Be nice." The cat wouldn't listen to Tara, this evil thing needed to be destroyed, or at least evicted. She sprung again, claws out, striking the dog along his front leg.

Tara grabbed the cat. "Oh, Willow, the poor puppy." She cried. "Look, he's bleeding, he has to go to the vet."

"And I suppose I should take him back to the shop after that," Willow said dejectedly, "Miss Kitty obviously doesn't approve. The poor little guy, I hope he finds a good home." Willow turned and walked towards the front door with Snoopy vacantly plodding along after her.

Miss Kitty smugly retreated to her corner and settled down into the carpet, proud to have saved her family from that moronic creature. As she fell asleep she thought to herself...

In every generation there is a chosen cat. She alone will stand against the canines, the rodents, and the forces of stupidity. She is Miss Kitty Fantastico.