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Emma Nelson dully looked around the classroom. Who are these people? she wondered. They were her classmates, people she had known for years, yet they were strangers to her. Her eyes scanned across the room, falling on Sean Cameron. I thought I knew you. But I guess I was wrong.


The thing Emma hated most about walking down the hallway was seeing all the couples there. JT and Manny, who always seemed to be laughing together, Paige and Spinner, with their cuddling and nicknames, and Jimmy and Hazel, who seemed to be on Cloud 9. And then there was Ellie and Sean. They seemed so right for each other, they were so alike. Sean always seemed so happy around her. Had Sean been that happy with Emma?

Emma shook the thought out of her head. It didn't matter. She had Chris now. Sweet, funny, intelligent Chris. She knew Chris would never hurt her, would never make her cry. This gave her a secure feeling that she had never had with Sean. Chris was the perfect boyfriend, a guy some girls only dreamed of. But if that was true, then why was it that whenever she saw Sean, she got this strange feeling? It was like a hot burning fist was pressed to her stomach every time she saw him. Stop thinking about him, she willed her mind. You have Chris, you have Chris, you have Chris. That was her motto these days. She wanted control, and that's what she got with Chris. A safe, controlled dating experience. She ignored the voice screaming in her head That's all he can give you!

Emma sighed and closed her eyes. She was always so tired these days. Ever since Snake had fallen out of remission, money was tight in the Simpson-Nelson household. So Emma had to work double shifts at her internship. Even though her mother insisted she didn't have to work so much, Emma knew that the money was needed for Snake's treatment. But she would get home late at night, and then she wouldn't be able to sleep because she was so worried. She just couldn't get herself to stop thinking. The result was that she only got about three hours of sleep. Oh, God, I can't do this anymore. But it's worth it, it's worth it if it saves Snake.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Nature Girl!" a voice sounded out from behind her.

Please, God, no. Not today. For one day in my life, let Jay and his gang leave me the hell alone. Apparently God was taking a vacation, because soon she was surrounded by Jay, Alex, Amy, Towerz, and Sean (who had a slightly worried expression on his face). Emma walked over to her locker, but still he followed, vicious words spewing out of his mouth and hitting down hard on Emma's ears.

"But, honestly, Tree Hugger, I'm so glad to see you. I was wondering if I could sign up for that lovely little environmental club of yours. Because secretly, not only do I love the outdoors, but I've got a huge crush on you. You know, that whole Flower Queen thing is very sexy. It drives guys like Sean and me wild. And you! You're just gorgeous! Who wouldn't want to date a girl like you? Why, you're so skinny you must be anorexic. That's so hot. And that whole flat-as-a-board thing you've got going on?" Jay leaned against a locker, right up in Emma's face, which was determinately staring at the inside of her locker. "Oh, yeah, Emma. All guys have to do is look at you, and then they'll realize why Sean dumped your sorry ass. Not only are you an uptight bitch, but you look like shit."

That was it. That was it. Emma slammed her locker so hard even Jay flinched. Emma whirled around to face Jay. Her eyes were smoldering, burning.

"Fuck you." Emma said, her voice deathly quiet and yet shaking with rage and hate. Whatever Jay was expecting, it certainly wasn't that.

"What did you just say to me?" he asked.

"You heard me. Fuck you." Emma turned her head away from Jay, and looked around at Towerz, Amy, Alex, and finally she let her gaze rest on Sean. She didn't look away, even when she said, "Fuck you all." And with that, she stormed away.


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