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The helicopter touched down in the Mojave Desert twelve hours later. Dawn was nearly breaking as the remaining rescue team loaded the injured into to specially equipped vans. Within an hour, the team was nestled in their hide out. It was about this time that Claire Redfield opened her eyes. She blinked against the light, searching for Leon. She bolted straight up and looked around her.

The room was small and sparce.A small cabinet filled with medical supplies rested against one windowless, cement wall. The only other objects in the room were an IV pole, Claire's hospital bed, and its occupant.

Claire was still trying to sort out her clouded head when the only door to the quarters opened. A young woman strode in with a grateful smile on her childlike face.

"Becca!" Claire recognized the newcomer immediately. "Where am I? Where's Leon? Where's Chris?"

Rebecca Chambers, S.T.A.R.S.' medic extrodinare,waved her hand. "You need to rest. Just lay back –"

"Leon." Redfield snapped, straining against the IV line. "Where's Leon?"

Chambers sat next to Claire on the bed and gently bore her to lay down. "Your fiancée is fine. He's resting in his room."

"Thank God." Claire sighed. "And Chris?"

"With Jill. The old coot won't take a break to save his life." Becca giggled with a shake of her head. "You'd think nothing had happened to him."

Claire swallowed heavily and relaxed slightly. "So, where are we?"

"Just outside of Beatty, Nevada." Becca explained. "This is an old military base. It got abandoned right after World War two. Carlos found out about this place from one of his contacts. Anyway, this is our safe house. After Jill got the call in Florida, she sent Sherry and I here with some of our operatives. The rest took off to bail you guys out."

"Chris." Redfield scoffed. "What the hell was he thinking! Tried to fucking talk me out of going after Leon and then he follows me? Like I'm still some kid…."

"Claire, he loves you. And you've done the same for him." Chambers chose her words carefully. "Let the pride go and, for once, just accept the fact that someone pulled your ass out of the fire."

Redfield smiled despite herself and inhaled deeply, feeling the pain medication that was coursing through her veins. As she let her breath out, calm descended. She knew that perhaps they'd won the battle but the war was far from over. There were miles to go and barely enough time to walk them in. They were fighting the good fight, no matter the cost. They were true heroes. They were warriors. But, above all else, they were noble.

"Miles to go…" Claire muttered as she drifted off into an exhausted slumber. "Miles to go…."

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