A Slayers Guide to the Galaxy…

"What you reading Will?" Buffy asked as she walked through the Magic Box.

"I've been going through some of the things we recovered from The Initiative." Willow looked up, "I found some kind of electronic 'book' that they'd recovered: it has files on several types of daemons that I've never heard of before."

"Like?" Buffy asked, intrigued at the possibility of a new, easy to use reference material.

"Vorgons, Golgafrincham, Magrathean" Willow went down the list, "Hundreds."

"Anything about humans?" Buffy sat on the counter.

"Let me check…" Willow typed into the book.

"Willow?" Buffy saw the look of shock on her friends face.

"Mostly harmless?" Willow stuttered.

The End!