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No Goodbyes

Chapter One: Lost and Gone

Julia woke up at the sound of her alarm clock. She groaned sleepily and rolled over to look at it. 10:40 am. "Ten forty? Ten forty! Oh my gosh! I overslept! I didn't hear the alarm!" she shrieked. She ran to the bathroom and quickly took a bath. Then she dashed downstairs to the kitchen. "Hey dad. Good morning."

Her dad didn't say anything. He was just looking out the window emotionless and he looked a bit petrified for some reason.

"Dad?" Julia waved her hand in front of his face.

"Uh... oh yes, Julia. Good morning" then he continued staring out the window.

I wonder why Father is staring at the window with his face scrunched up like that... What's he thinking about?

"Julia, I have something to show you..." he finally spoke up.


"This is torture" Jin muttered to himself. Everyday, he is always being chased by a dozen girls from the "Jin Kazama Fan Club", all wanting to be his girlfriend. But of course, Jin didn't think much of them. To him, they were all just a bunch of googly- eyed girls from his school with nothing to do but chase him around. Nothing special. He was getting used to it everyday, but still, they were annoying. Jin ran under the tree to his good friend, Ling Xiaoyu.

"Hey Jin" Xiaoyu called out. Jin just nodded and sat down beside her. He was the type of guy who liked to keep quiet and barely spoke. "So what's up?" Xiaoyu asked. Jin pointed at the girls who were heading towards them. Xiaoyu patted his shoulder "Poor you" she said sympathetically.

"How dare you touch our Jinny- Jin- Jin!" a girl screamed at her.

"What do you mean he's yours?!" Xiaoyu demanded. What am I saying? Why am I defending him like this? she asked herself

"He is ours. Besides, you don't look good together!" yelled the girl "And..."

"Please go" Jin interrupted

"Okay, your wish is our command. Bye, Jinny Sweetheart!" they left.

"Since when did they start calling you Jinny?" teased Xiaoyu. Jin shrugged. She looked at him. He looks better than before... Xiaoyu thought. He had spiky raven hair with some bangs falling on his face, dark brown eyes and a strong muscular build. He looked amazing. Xiaoyu was just staring at him for a moment unmoving.

"Yes?" Jin asked her

Xiaoyu blushed. "Sorry, it was nothing" she managed to sputter. No wonder lots of girls are chasing him. He looks better than before. He is drop- dead gorgeous. Wait. She stopped herself. Am I falling for my best friend, Jin?

Back in America...

"Yeah, dad?" Julia asked

"A letter just came"


"Read it for yourself" he handed the letter to her

"Dear Mr. Chang," Julia began reading "Greetings! This is Michelle's friend. Well, you probably don't know me but there is something important that I really have to tell you. It's about your wife. Heihachi Mishima captured her and we don't know where or how to find her..." she paused "Father, is this true?"

"Yes, it is. But I hope not."

"No!" Julia cried loudly and ran up the stairs and locked herself in her bedroom. Tears ran down her face as she leaned against the door. Will I never see Mother again?