Shirebound started a "Letter Writing Challenge" on LJ a while ago:

"... how about a "letter writing" challenge? Does anyone else want to come up with a letter written from one character to another? Pre-, during- or post-Quest, long or short, funny, sweet, or serious... just have fun!"

Disclaimer: The imaginary letters posted here inspired by Professor Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy . I don't own his characters and don't make any money with my writings.

Letter 1: Primula to Bilbo

My dearest Bilbo,

We returned back home safely yesterday evening, despite of the heavy storm that was raging quite heavily. We had to spend some time at an inn before moving on, and little Frodo grew quite impatient. The little one was tired and yet excited at the same time, which resulted in asking the other guests all kind of questions. Most of the visitors were highly amused, and I'm sure you can imagine little Frodo standing there, huge eyes filled with curiosity and wonder. I had to restrain myself from running over to him and hugging him close.

An old woman obviously could not restrain herself, and kissed our little one on the cheek. That left Frodo giggling and blushing at the same time, and after having bounced around and enlightening the other visitors, he came back to take a nap in my lap.

So, you see, the wait has not been too long for us, and now we are back in our cosy smial. Drogo is busy with his work, and Frodo is asking when we will see you again. I don't know what you did to our wee one but he won't stop talking about you. He misses you dearly.

Right now I have to keep Frodo away from the ink pot; he really is developing quite a strong interest in ink and paper. I think it will not be long now before I will begin to teach him his first letters, but at the moment little Frodo takes great delight in dipping his fingers into the ink, and drawing little paintings onto the wall. Dear, sweet, little rascal! I should be getting annoyed about this, but I somehow can't. No one can, obviously, neither could you when Frodo was inspecting your papers last week, and left quite a mess. I could see the hidden laughter in your eyes at that sight, and Frodo-lad realised it as well. It's so difficult to get angry with him, whatever he does! And the little rascal knows that.

You must come soon to visit us here in Buckland. Not only because my little lad is a bit sad that you're not around -- Drogo and I would love to have you here once again as well. Perhaps you can manage a visit up here in Astron or Thrimidge? That would give you enough time to plan a visit, and it would not be too long until we could meet again.

Please let me know about it soon.

For now, I send you lots of regards and best wishes!

Lots of love,