Harry Potter and the New Start: That Night

Hello everyone. This is my first HP fanfiction. The basic premise of this story is what would happen if Sirius had gotten out of Azkaban just a little earlier? Okay, how about twelve years earlier?

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------------------------------------Azkaban Fortress

The dementors glided along the cells silently. They never made any noise. But in Azkaban, it was hardly ever quiet. The screams of the prisoners took care of that. Especially in the top-security cells.

In Azkaban you went mad within the first few months. There were some that lasted but weeks. But without any shadow of a doubt – you were insane by the first year. The dementors sucked the happiness right out of you. They made you believe that you would never be happy again.

Which, for Sirius Black, wasn't something the dementors needed to remind him of.

His best friend and surrogate twin was gone. James had trusted him. His judgment. They thought their plan was so foolproof, that not even the fool Peter Pettigrew could wreck it. Lily had trusted the plan and they performed the switch.

Voldemort had been after the group of friends for quite some time. Sirius Black and James Potter were two of the best aurors that had ever lived. Actually, they were probably only second and third to Alastor Moody. But when you placed them together as a team, there was nothing they couldn't handle. Lily Evans Potter was part of a charms squad, which also fought Voldemort. She was just as much of a thorn in Voldemort's side as James and he had been. Their other best friend, Remus Lupin, had been well on the way to aligning the side of the light with the werewolves, being that he himself was too one. This would have taken one of Voldemort's most promising allies away from him.

The fourth of their friends – rounding out the infamous group of pranking Marauders, was Peter Pettigrew. His job, while with the Ministry of Magic, was just a desk job filing papers. He did nothing in the fight against the Dark Lord.

That should have been a hint right there.

But in the end, it wasn't James and Lily that Voldemort really wanted. It had been little Harry Potter.

Sirius sighed at the thought of his sweet little godson. Harry had been the light of the group. Their angel sent to help them through the hard dark times. What Lily and James had been thinking when they had made him godfather to such a beautiful baby boy was beyond Sirius.

At first it seemed that Harry wasn't going to be in danger. At that point there had been far more people further up on Voldemort's hit list than the Potters. But that didn't mean that little Harry wasn't a remarkable baby. Because he was. And that wasn't just the proud godfather in him talking.

Even early on Harry showed some pretty advanced intelligence for a little baby. But it was the power that the child had that had even shocked Albus Dumbledore. Sirius had made the massive mistake of letting Harry hold his wand. Needless to say it took Madame Pomfrey, the Hogwarts school nurse, and a rather amused Arabella Figg, Lily's best friend, an hour to sort out all the curses, hexes and charms that Harry had set on James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Peter.

After her nose had been shrunk to a far more manageable size, Lily had been far from pleased with Sirius's actions. But instead of threatening to kill him like any other feisty mother would have, she threatened to cut him off from Harry.

While it was an odd threat, it was the most powerful one there was. Sirius adored his godson. There was nothing that he wouldn't do for the child. Many people were often confused whether Sirius or James himself was the child's father.

The mere thought of his sweet godson with Lily's muggle relatives was enough to make him want to cry.

The dementors glided away outside of his door and Sirius breathed a sigh of relief. It was hard to believe how quickly things changed. One month ago, one short month, he had been sitting in his best friend's sitting room playing with Harry. Lily had been cooking and James had been reading over something that Dumbledore had sent his way.

Something, no doubt, that involved the Fidelius Charm. The amazingly complex charm was the last hope of the Potters. It would enable them to hide in plain sight. That had been the start of their plan.

The start of the end.

The information of the Potter's location would be placed in one person, and only that person could divulge it. The natural choice had been Sirius. And everyone knew it. Sirius Black and James Potter had been inseparable since their school days. Best of friends. Everyone knew that.

Everyone, including Lord Voldemort. Once the charm would be performed, Voldemort would be after Sirius and there was no way that he could guarantee that he would be able to keep the secret if tortured long enough. Which is why, as much as Sirius wanted to be the one to keep Lily, James and Harry safe, he couldn't be the one to do it.

Naturally, the next choice would have been Remus. But Sirius had been almost convinced that Remus was the traitor. If it wasn't Sirius himself, and it wasn't a talent less thing like Peter then it had to be Remus. No matter how much James, Lily and Sirius hadn't wanted to believe it.

But in the end, it had been Peter. He was the traitor.

The next part of the story was etched in his mind and there was no need to go over it again. Lily was dead, James was dead. And he, Sirius Black was now one of the most feared wizards of all time.

And his godson was the only person in the world who could defeat Voldemort. That little dark haired green-eyed baby just barely a year old was the wizarding world's savior.

Which is all the more reason to not allow him to grow up with Lily's vile sister and her porky husband and child. Lily had told him enough horror stories to know how they would treat Harry. Unfortunately she hadn't told those horror stories to Dumbledore.

There was no way he could ignore his responsibility of godfather. Especially with Peter Pettigrew out there, still alive. No one was even looking for little Wormtail.

He had to protect Harry. Teach him to be a marauder, to be a fighter. To be his father's son.

With that thought floating in his head it gave Sirius a sense of purpose. Not a happy though, but a determined one. Something that the dementors of Azkaban couldn't steal from him.

Sirius stared at the bars of his own personal hell. It was far too thin for him to slip though, purposefully so. But it was dinner soon. And animals were so much harder for dementors to sense....

Why hadn't he thought of it before?

Padfoot was an animal. He'd been using his animagus to deal with the dementors. Why not slip past them at dinner?

For the first time since that Halloween night at Godric's Hallow, Sirius Black smiled.


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