Let's get a few things straight before I tell you what happened. First off, I ain't no damn jarhead. I am a proud soldier in the United States Army infantry. They don't let us fight in space, but I could care less, we get better weapons. See, the USMC spend a lot of their time fighting in pressurized environments. You breach a pressure hull and you're floatin' home. This means that the 'corps uses mainly low-velocity rounds, usually the 10mm round. We, on the other hand, get the good stuff. 5.56x45mm. Can't beat it. Our standard issue rifle is the Army-Issue version of the USMC M-220 Dogchopper. It's got a single, 3-round burst, and full auto setting and fires the 5.56 round from a 100 round dual-drum magazine, as opposed to the Marine's 10mm 30 round clips. Our rifle also has a six round 12 gauge shotgun mounted under the barrel for extra fun.

My 'adventures' on Luna began when we were in transit. We received a distress call from the fueling station in orbit there. Even though we TECHNICALLY have no authority to operate in a military capacity on moons and space-based installations (you can't call them space stations anymore), we won the distance lottery, and were required by law to respond. The distress call was just a looped S.O.S., so, unsure of what we'd be responding to, we moved into the installation in full gear. And that's how it started.