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Author's Note: This idea came to me after I did a drawing of Yugi & Yami in Brit-style uniforms. It developed into this REALLY weird and entirely AU fic. I hope you enjoy it—It's different than your average yaoi fic.

Normally I like to add in heterosexual relationships as well as homosexual relationships—I don't often see this in yaoi fanfiction. This is unusual for me in that regard—both romance pairings in this are homosexual, with no heterosexual pairings to speak of. One of the characters IS straight, but he has no girlfriend that the other characters or you readers will know about.

The other thing I don't see AT ALL in yaoi fics is prejudice against these kinds of pairings—homophobia and all that. It seems to me that people want to pretend it doesn't exist.

Like it or not, it does.

So that's part of this fic. There IS homophobia and prejudice most certainly exists. Certainly I have experienced this—I used to be a little homophobic, not much, mind, before I started getting into this kind of thing. I thought it might make things interesting if I added it in. It creates conflict, after all, something that seems hard to come by when I'm writing.

So that's it. Welcome to a very unusual and AU Yu-Gi-Oh! yaoi fic. I apologize for the long A/N, but I felt I needed to explain my intentions before beginning. I'm not going to continue to add in Author's Notes unless there's something important I need to say, nor will I continue to include disclaimers. They're a bother to me. I've already said once that I don't own anything in this, do I need to repeat myself?

One more thing: I use British English in this. I'll explain any words that may be obscure in footnotes. Suffice it to say that British English is a little different than American English.

Anyway. On we go. Enjoy.
::Dark Jedi Princess::


Story Title:: "…Et Tuus Amor Nego"
Author:: Dark Jedi Princess / Millennium Angel
Category:: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Genre:: Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Angst
Rating:: R (Sex, Language, Violence)
Pairings:: Y/YY, YY/YB (That's Yugi/Yami and Yami/Bakura.)
Summary:: Welcome to London, England. Home of many different cultures, Camden Market… and vampires. Many, many vampires. They blend in perfectly with society, so that no-one can tell what they are. 15-year-old Yugi Moto, 11th year in Secondary School, falls in love with one such vampire. In doing so, he immerses himself deep into their gothic culture and into the tangled past of his 400-year-old lover…


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To Damos Taranth: Immensely helpful in the plotting of this story. Without him this wouldn't have come out so fast. His ideas are pure brilliance – And I'm thankful for his friendship. Thanks much, Damos!


Welcome to London.

Home to many, many different cultures, races… the Camden Market, St. Paul's Cathedral, 10 Downing Street, and more things than I care to mention.

And, of course, more vampires than you could shake a bloody stake at.

Yes, there are vampires in London.

Loads, in fact. You'd be surprised how many. It's nigh on impossible to tell the difference between them and humans. The only real way is what they wear. The majority of vampires are Goths. If you see a Goth, chances are, they're a vampire as well.

My name is Yami. My story is contained within these pages… Mine, and that of my one love…

"Not so strange a plot of loam
Where nothing, even tresses, did sprout
Did bloom the many colours of longing

Firm to the lax ground and gravel
Reached roots of expanding desire
Kissing the stones' cold vigour

A column mounted, offering branches
Limbs alone, without leaf or needle
But fruit grows ripe, sometimes the always
Often will send sweet self to ground

And new showers
Of what fortune's sweet cloudburst
Suffered the branch to bear a boon
The many colours of longing

Leaving plainly a sweet and grown fruit
Ripened blooms of expanding desire
Duty bound stock and bough

A column mounted, offering branches
Limbs alone, without leaf or needle
But fruit grows ripe, sometimes the always
Often will send sweet self to ground
Feeding fowl, feeding the herd
Desire never ends it's blossoming
And blooms it's bulk again
Nourishing all who hunger"
"The Hues Of Longing" by Mors Syphilitica

""The Hues Of Longing" by Mors Syphilitica
…Et Tuus Amor Nego
Chapter 1: The Hues Of Longing

"You're bloody barmy, mate."

A chuckle. "Aren't we all?"

A handsome young man who looked to be about 19, with black hair dyed red at the tips and blonde at the bangs which framed an angular face, and ruby red eyes partially hidden behind a thin pair of reading glasses sat on a counter next to a cash register. Across from him, leaning against the wall, was a similarly attractive man with long silver-white hair and chocolate brown eyes. Their names were Yami and Ryou, and they were best friends of old. Ryou—the silver-haired man—owned the shop that Yami was in—currently closed, as the Lock Market of Camden Market wasn't open on Mondays.

Ryou looked Yami over with a hawkish expression on his face. "The uniform doesn't suit you," He said at last. "You need to be in black."

"So says the perennial Goth," Yami laughed.

"You are too!"

"Well, yes, but I don't go for the full look like you do. Anyway, yes, I know, black does suit me better."

"Suits all of our kind, and a few that aren't," Ryou shrugged. "You'd be surprised how many humans are coming in here these days… Anyway, why are you doing this? What's the sense in it?"

"… I told you about… him, right?"

"Yes, of course. Couldn't get your mind off him."

"That's what I need to do," Yami sighed. "Get my mind off of him. I've spent too long sulking over him. It's time to move on."

"But… Secondary School? Yami, you're over—"

"I know! It's just…" Yami sighed. "I always seem to long for the youth… perhaps because of my age."

"… 'Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all'," Ryou recited sagely.

"Yeah, that old cliché. … I'd better go. Hey—If I find someone, I'll introduce him to you."

"You do that," Ryou smiled. "Barmy," he muttered under his breath.

"Sod off!" Yami shouted on his way out of the shop. "Bloody hell…"


The Secondary School Yami had enrolled in was located in the City Of Westminster, in the northwest of London. Having just been in Camden Town, Yami had quite a commute on the London Underground.

However, as he entered the school he found people staring at him oddly. Whispers caught his ears as he walked through the halls of the school.

"Eh? New student?"

"There's no way that's a bloke…"

Yeah, I know, I've always been feminine, Yami thought as he passed the girl who had whispered that last comment. As he did so, the sound of running footsteps caught his attention. Though distant, his excellent hearing permitted him to hear them as though they were bearing down on top of him.

"OY!" One kid shouted as the running person knocked him to the side. "What're ye doing, Moto?!"

A young man, scrawny and short for his age, came charging through a throng of students in a panic not looking where he was going.

Which was perfectly evident when he barrelled right into Yami, knocking both to the ground. Yami could've stopped himself from hitting the ground and caught the boy, but he preferred not to. Better not to risk seeming unusual, he thought, wincing only slightly as his back hit the floor. The boy grunted as he landed sprawled on top of Yami. Chatter buzzed around them as the boy lifted his head, slightly dazed.

"Are you okay?" Yami asked softly.

"Yeah… sorry 'bout that," the boy muttered going more red than the occasion warranted.

"Bloody Hell, Moto," One of the students said as the crowd dispersed.

"What's your name?" Yami asked politely, sitting up as the boy did the same.

"Yugi Moto."

The two stood up. "I'm Yami. It's a pleasure to meet you Yugi." Yami held out his hand. Yugi shook it, smiling but still a little red for some odd reason.

Although I think I know what that reason is, Yami thought.

"Why were you running like that?" Yami asked.

"I was late," Yugi admitted, turning a little redder.

"Well, if you were, so was I," Yami smiled. I like him, he thought as Yugi smiled up at him, his violet eyes alight. He's innocent… in more ways than one… And handsome in his own way… he may be the one…

"Hey, uhmm… You're new, right? Want to sit with me at lunch?" Yugi asked nervously.

"Sure," Yami said, smiling.


Yami and Yugi became close friends very quickly. So quickly that Yami wondered whether their friendship would even last that long. Nevertheless, they ate lunch together, and at the end of the day, both lingered awhile after school was over. The school was entirely empty and the sun setting by the time both decided the head home.

"We need to get together on the weekend sometime," Yugi said, grinning up at Yami. "Know any good High Streets we could visit? St. John's Wood has its limitations…"

"Even better," Yami said, his mind snapping to Ryou, "We could go to Camden Market."

Yugi stared up at him. "You'd take me there? I've always wanted to go, but my Mum and Dad don't trust the place…"

"Yeah, I visit every weekend," Yami said. "Usually on Sundays. A friend of mine runs a store there."

"Wicked! … On Sunday, then? I wouldn't want to disrupt your schedule…"

"On Sunday," Yami agreed.

Yugi grinned and seized his bag. "That being arranged… I'll see you tomorrow."

Yami nodded and waved, and they set off in opposite directions, Yugi towards Abbey Road and Yami towards his flat on Finchley Road.

His child-like spirit and enthusiasm is almost intoxicating, He thought, smiling to himself. He… is definitely the one…


Yugi was humming to himself as he turned the key to open the front door at his house.

"You're late," his distinctly upset father noted. "And why are you so bloody cheerful?"

"I made a new friend!" Yugi said, happily. For him it was particularly cheerful occasion, for he didn't have many friends to speak of.

His father raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh?"

"Yeah, he just came to school today… he's really nice!"

And he's hot… Oh Hell.

Yugi tried to shake that thought out of his head. It wouldn't leave.

Good thing I didn't say that one aloud, Mum and Dad would've killed me…

Yugi's family were highly religious people, and as such, they believed that things such as homosexuality were "against God's will". Another one of their rather, in Yugi's opinion, skewed beliefs was that all Goths were Satanists.

Neither Edward nor Charlotte Moto had any idea that Yugi was gay.

Yugi grabbed a snack from the fridge and dashed up to his room, shutting the door but not bothering to lock it. The doors in the house all had skeleton key locks, and both his mother and his father had copies of the key to Yugi's room, so there really was no point in locking the door anyway.

Yugi's mind continually wandered back to Yami as he tried to work on his homework. When, at 11:00 at night, he found he could no longer concentrate on his maths homework he decided it was best to go to bed.

"I'd better turn in," He yawned, switching off his desk lamp. "God, I've got a crush on him…" He sighed, flopping onto his bed. "Only explanation…" Tired, he dozed off to sleep in seconds.


Saturday found Yugi lying on his bed at home. Even though he had just spent five days in Yami's company, he was anxious to see him outside of school. The phone rang abruptly, causing Yugi to jump slightly. A few seconds later, his Mum called upstairs. "Yugi, it's for you!"

Yugi practically lept on his phone, hoping it was who he thought it was. "Hello?"

"It's me," Yami's voice said.

"Yami! Hey!"

"I'm calling the arrange our trip to Camden Market… or should I have done that with your Mum…?" He laughed, softly, a sound that filled Yugi with warmth.

"No, no, that's okay… How're we getting there? Can you drive?"

"Hah… no. We'll take the Tube. Besides, you're insane if you choose to drive in London."

"Uh… okay…"

"Have you got a mobile? We'll be gone for a while."

"No, but I can ask Dad to borrow his…"

"Okay… uh… you'll need money for the tube and such…"

"Yeah, I know."

"…I'll come by your house to get you, okay?"


"Then we're set. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah! See you then."

Yugi sighed as he hung up and leaned back against his pillows. This is getting a bit out of hand… He thought. I've got to ask him out… to get him off my mind if nothing else.


End Chapter.