"I wanted you to be with me
For so long I don't even know why now
But now that I've given up on you
Defiantly you see me

Walking away I see the pain
You put me through
Lost in your game to change the same
Forever gone, forever you

There's something very wrong about this
I think you knew all along somehow
You'll only take me to change my mind
Lonely, broken, and defeated

So far away I see the truth
I see through you
Now that I know the way you play
I don't want to

Walking away I see the pain
You put me through
Lost in your game to change the same
Forever gone, forever you

So far away I see the truth
I see through you
Now that I know the way you play
I don't want to

Walking away I see the pain
You put me through
Lost in your game to change the same
Forever gone, forever you"

--"Forever Gone, Forever You" by Evanescence

...Et Tuus Amor Nego
Chapter 6: Forever Gone, Forever You

"Hello Yami… Did you miss me…?"

Yami gasped. "Bakura…" He backed up several paces as Bakura advanced on him. Yugi clung to Yami's arm, scared.

"You haven't answered my question, Yami," Bakura snarled.

"Maybe for the first decade or so," Yami said, shakily. "But after that I believed you wouldn't come back… I—I moved on…"

"Yami, who is he?" Yugi whimpered, quietly.

"He's Bakura. …My ex-lover. And my Sire."

"If I recall correctly," Bakura growled, pinning Yami against a wall and causing Yugi to squeak in fear and dart out of the way, "you said you would wait for me. Forever, if you had to."

"You expected me to dwell on you forever, Bakura?" Yami said. "I wouldn't. I couldn't. I would've gone mad."

"Then you should've gone mad," Bakura hissed, "and kept your promise."

"You expect too much of people, Bakura," Yami said, his confidence growing somewhat. Bakura frightened Yami, it was true, but he wouldn't let him interfere with his life. "How long was I supposed to wait? What if you have been gone a millennium? What was I supposed to do?"

"You were SUPPOSED TO KEEP YOUR PROMISE!" Bakura struck Yami across the face. Yami winced but stood his ground.

"Get away from me…" Yami hissed. "Pulsus absentis!"

Bakura flew backwards but quickly regained himself. He rushed towards Yami, who broke a leg off a chair and drove it through Bakura's heart.

Bakura faltered, but smirked, gripping the makeshift stake with one hand. "Come now, Yami… What do you think I've been doing the past few years?" He yanked the stake out, and the large hole in his chest closed up instantly.

"No…" Yami said. "Incendo Bakura!"

Bakura's hand caught on fire, and Bakura screamed in pain. "Im—impossible!" He yelled. He snarled at Yami. "You will pay, Delasen! You will pay for betraying me, as will your little lover!" With that declaration, he ran and leapt through the window, shattering it and crashing to the ground.

Yami was shaking violently. He leaned his head into Yugi's shoulder, crying tears of blood. Yugi held Yami awkwardly, staring out the window after Bakura.

Finally, after several minutes, Yami calmed and sat, still and mute, on the floor of the apartment.

"Yami," Yugi said, quietly, "did he mean it…? He's going to kill me?"

"Bakura doesn't make idle threats," Yami said, hoarsely.

An odd look crossed Yugi's face. "I'm scared."

"I know."

There was a moment of silence, then Yugi said, "Yami, I didn't want… want to ask you to do this, but…"

Yami looked straight into Yugi's eyes. "Yugi…"

"I don't want to die," Yugi said, forcefully.

"Yugi… don't ask me to do it… anything but that…"

"Yami, please!"

"It's worse, Yugi. Worse than death. I can't put you through it! The pain is too much!"

"Would you rather Bakura killed me!" Yugi demanded, angrily.

"Of course not!"

"Then please!"

"There's another way… wards, or…"

"He'd break them, wouldn't he? How old is he?"

"…Over 1300."

"Do vampires get stronger with age?"


"How do you hope to stop him, then?" Yugi said. "I can deal with the pain, Yami, but I don't want to die, and I don't want to lose you, ever!"

Yami looked at Yugi sadly. "I can't… I can't, Yugi. I can't do that to you. You have no idea what it's like… I've been through it, it's the worse thing in the world…"

Yugi shook his head slowly. "I can't die now. I won't let Bakura kill me. Please Yami… whatever it is that's in your way, conquer it. I know you can."

"You don't know what happened…"

"Then tell me…"

Yami swallowed. "I was deceived… Bakura tricked me. He didn't even ask. And then he raped the woman I saw as a sister, my best friend. That… emotional blow, combined with the pain…" More blood tears slid down his cheeks. "The closest I've ever come to being someone's Sire was Ryou… I saw a vampire attacking him and killed it. Ryou had been bitten but hadn't taken the vampire's blood. He was dying. I gave him my blood and took care of him. I've never done anything close to it since. That was about a hundred years ago."

"If you could do it with him…"

"It's not the giving of blood that stops me… it's taking it. I have no trouble feeding off people when I don't kill them or Change them. But Changing them… I seize up." He met Yugi's pleading eyes. "Please don't ask me to do it…"

Yugi seized Yami's hand. "Bakura will kill me…"

"I won't let him."

"It's best if I can protect myself."

"You don't need to be Changed to be able to protect yourself. I can teach you."

"Do you want to watch me grow old and eventually die, while you stay young forever?"


Yugi pulled Yami into a hug. "I don't want it either, I want to be with you forever… I didn't want to ask you to do it, but given the circumstances… I think it's the best thing we can do…" He felt another blood tear hit his shoulder.

"You're right…" Yami muttered. "Please… don't scream…" He bit into Yugi's neck, draining as little blood as he could. When he pulled away, Yugi slumped into his shoulder. Yami drew a sharp claw across his wrist and held Yugi's mouth to the cut. Yugi drank of Yami's blood hungrily, eagerly. Suddenly, he stopped gasping as pain wracked his body. Yami lifted Yugi's small form into his arms and carried him to their bed.

"Yami…" Yugi said, hoarsely. "How long will this take?"

"A full twenty-four hours."

"Then tell me… tell me what happened… when you were changed… I want to know…" He gritted his teeth and tensed as another wave of pain crashed through him.

"Alright. If it'll… keep your mind off of the Change…" Yami sat down beside Yugi's prone form.

"It starts four hundred years ago…"

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