Summary: This story is set right after the season finale. But there's one catch. Wanna know what it is? Read and find out.

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Chapter 1: Confusion

Leo ran into the room as Paige stood in the doorway.

"Chris," Leo said, rushing to his son's side.

"Hey," Chris said, obviously in pain.

"Hey," Leo said, kneeling down next to him. "I'm here now. You can hold on, okay? Hold on. I'm here. You can hold on, okay?" he said, stroking Chris's hair.

Chris nodded.

"Don't give up, okay?" Leo said, tears in his eyes.

"You, either," Chris said, his breathing starting to slow down.

"No, no, no. Please. No. No, please," Leo pleaded as Chris's breathing slowed down even more.

Tears were streaming down Paige's face in the doorway.

"No," Leo pleaded as Chris closed his eyes, his breathing subsiding.

Leo buried his head in Chris's side, Paige silently crying and watching from the doorway. Then Chris's body faded away.

Chris overlooked his father and aunt, seeing how sad they were. Then he got pulled away, and could here noise all around him.

"Chris, wake up!" a voice yelled from nearby.

Chris opened his eyes slowly to find three girls, that looked a little younger than him, surrounding his bed. "What the hell . . ?"

Piper walked in, smiling. "Chris, sweetie, get up. Your birthday breakfast is getting cold!" She looked around and the three girls. "Obviously your cousins don't know how to wake you up, now do they?" she joked before walking out.

Chris sat up in the bed and looked around. "What the hell just happened?"

The oldest girl stared at him. "Chris, what do you mean? You went to bed, now you're waking up on your twenty-third birthday. You have to celebrate!"

Chris got out of bed and ran into the hall, running into Leo.

"Chris, finally decide to get up?" Leo asked with a smirk. Chris just stared at him. Leo's smirk faded away and into a worried frown. "Chris, are you okay? You look a little pale, buddy."

Chris looked around at the pictures on the wall, seeing himself, Wyatt, Piper, Leo, and another boy a little younger than him in it.

"Chris?" Leo asked, turning Chris around so he could look at him. "What's wrong?"

"I got to get out of here. I got to figure out why this is happening to me," Chris said, running down the stairs.

Leo followed him. "Chris, wait!"

"No time," Chris said, opening the door, only to run into Phoebe.

"Hey, Chris," Phoebe said, smiling and hugging him. "Happy twenty-third birthday!"

Chris looked around, everyone now in the hallway: Leo, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Wyatt, that boy from the picture, and the three girls.

Chris sighed in frustration and sat on the couch in the living room, putting his head in his hands.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Piper asked, sitting next to him.

"Chris, it's your birthday! You're supposed to be happy!" the youngest girl said cheerfully.

"Pearl, can it," Wyatt said, rolling his eyes.

"Well, you're no fun," Pearl said, storming out of the room.

The oldest girl looked up at Wyatt. "Now look what you did to my baby sister. You hurt her spirit," she said before walking out after Pearl.

Leo sat down on the other side of Chris. "Chris, tell us what's wrong."

Chris looked up at everyone and it finally set in. "I'm . . . Home? I'm home!" Chris said, smiling. Everyone just stared at him.

"Yeah, Chris. You've been here for about twenty three years now," Wyatt said, raising his eyebrows at his younger brother.

"I did it!" Chris yelled, jumping up in excitement. "And it all paid off!"

"Chris, honey, are you sick? Do you need to lie down?" Piper asked, getting up.

Chris smiled at her. "I'm great! The best I've been in almost a year!"

"Let's let your parents talk some sense into your brother," Phoebe said, pushing Wyatt and the other boy out of the room, Paige and the last girl following.

Leo looked Chris in the eyes. "Walk us through this."

"I did it!" Chris yelled in joy at his father.

"I think we established that already. Now, what exactly did you do?" Piper asked, raising her eyebrows.

"I saved the future! I saved Wyatt! And now I'm here! Where I should be!" Chris yelled in excitement.

"Wait . . . You . . . You're . . ." Piper said, starting to smile a little bit.

Chris faced her and nodded, smiling widely.

Piper turned to Leo. "He's the one that died."

Leo nodded, smiling. "Yeah. He is."

Chris knelt down on his knees and tried to hug the carpet. "Oh, it feels so good to be in my own time again." He got up on hugged Piper and Leo close. "And my parents are the ages they should be! Not ten years older than me!"

"Chris, calm down," Piper said, turning him so he could look at her. "We understand that you are excited. So are we! We're very excited! But, how did this happen?"

Chris lost his smile. "I don't know. One minute I'm hovering above Dad and Aunt Paige right after my body disappeared, and then the next moment I'm pulled into this time," he said, looking confused. "I don't know what happened. Honestly."

"Well . . . Where's our Chris?" Piper asked, frowning.

"I . . . I don't know," Chris said, looking a bit upset. He sat down on the couch and put his head in his hands. "This is just great. By being sent back here, you guys lost the me that was already here."

"Chris, it isn't your fault," Leo said quickly, sitting down next to him.

"No, of course not," Piper said, sitting down on the other side of her son.

"I'm sure that there's a reason for this," Leo said. "Can you remember anything from this life?"

Chris thought for a second. "No," he said, shaking his head and sighing. "Not a thing."

Leo sighed in frustration. Then he looked over at Piper. "I'm going to go check Up There to see what the elders know," he said before orbing away.

Chris turned to Piper. "He's not an elder anymore?" he asked, smiling

Piper smiled slightly and shook her head. "Once you died, we needed a new whitelighter. So your father resigned from being an elder to come take your place."

"Can you fill me in on some things?" Chris asked, standing up.

"Sure, sweetie. What do you want to know?" Piper asked, looking up at him.

Wyatt and the boy walked in, Phoebe running in behind them.

"Piper, I'm so sorry! They were eavesdropping! But I couldn't stop it! Michael froze me! I'm sorry!" Phoebe said, hoping that Piper wasn't going to yell at her.

"Well, since you two already know, come sit down," Piper said, taking Wyatt and the boy, Michael, by their hands and sitting them down on the couch. She turned to Phoebe. "Go call Paige. We have a lot of things to work out."


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