Introduction: This is set during the final 20 issue period of the original Gen 13 series before DC tried to restart the title without the original cast. I'll try to explain references from the series in the story, but if I need to I'll include some information in the author's note afterwards. As my regular readers will expect this story has girl/girl romance, if you don't like that don't continue reading.

Gen 13: The Date (One of Two)

Caitlin Fairchild ran with an easy motion, her golden brown long hair flowing past her shoulders as she pounded down the rough trail. The California sun shone down, the air remarkably clear as she took deep breaths, her shorts and top revealing tanned skin.

'This solo camping trip was a great idea,' Caitlin thought as she returned to her campsite at a gentle walk, 'I really needed to get away from everyone for awhile.'

As the semi-official leader of Gen 13 Caitlin had responsibilities, most of which she had to admit were self imposed. With Mr. Lynch gone and without an adult mentor her sister Roxy, Grunge, Bobby and Sarah were more likely to get into trouble, something Caitlin did her best to watch out for. That kind of never ending vigilance was tiring, though, and when their robot maid Anna suggested this vacation she had leapt at the chance.

'Peace and quiet at last,' Caitlin thought before a low rumble echoed through the forest. Her eyes narrowed as she recognized it, the sound of a mini-jet of some kind. She quietly made her way to the ridge just beyond her tent and froze, the woman standing there instantly familiar.

Caitlin strode from her cover as she grimly asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Is that anyway to greet a friend?" the black haired older woman asked as she looked around the camp. "So charmingly... rustic," she used a leather booted foot to nudge the log that Caitlin had been using to sit on earlier, one that matched the bodysuit she wore.

"You're not a friend Ivana," Caitlin answered dryly as she walked towards her.

"Then it's a poor was to treat someone whom you owe a... favor?" Ivana said with a smirk, looking Caitlin over possesively.

Caitlin felt herself flush with embarrassment under her knowing gaze even as she silently cursed her own foolishness. A few months ago her powers had faded away, leaving herself and her teammates in danger. Deciding her needed to regain those powers she went to the woman who had helped them gain their abilities. Ivana Baul had agreed to restore Caitlin but had demanded that she return the favor at a time and place of her own choosing.

'I guess this is it,' Caitlin thought glumly. "What do you want?" she asked firmly, almost knowing that she'll regret it.

"It's time for you to keep up your end of our little bargain," Ivana confirmed with a smirk, "I need your assistance with a little undercover operation."

Caitlin sighed to herself softly, shaking her head. "Well, let's go get this over with," she muttered resentfully, quickly looking over her camping gear and deciding that it should be fine on it's own. 'I hope,' she thought.

"Let's go," Ivana ordered crisply as she lead the way to the jet, "there's limited time and we need to get you dressed properly."

"Great," Caitlin muttered under her breath as she followed Ivana in, wondering for a moment how someone could get into such a tight leather costume. 'Then again I do wear spandex,' she thought with a self-mocking smile.

"Here, change into this" Ivana passed Caitlin a bundle of clothes even as she turned to instruct the pilot, "let's go."

Caitlin looked around, "Where do I dress?"

Ivana raised an eyebrow even as she smiled. "It's just us women here, dear," she murmured, keeping her eyes on her.

Caitlin grit her teeth at that comment but quickly began peeling off her sweaty clothes. "Then is there at least someplace I can shower this off, first?" she asked, her T-shirt and shorts dropping to the floor to reveal a body shining with a sheen of sweat.

It took Ivana a moment to answer her, almost as if she was mildly distracted by something. "I suppose we can manage that," she agreed and with a press of a button a cubicle shower opened up in the back of the passenger compartment.

"Thanks," Caitlin stripped her bra and panties off and left them with the other clothes. As Caitlin walked to the shower she could almost feel Ivana's eyes on her, watching her. She showered quickly, heated air blowing on her body to try her, then emerged nude to get changed. "That's better," she nodded to Ivana, grabbing the clothes to cover herself.

Ivana had a slight flush to her pale skin but she smiled as she said, "The clothes should fit, I have all your measurements from when I worked on you."

"Thanks for reminding me," Caitlin muttered.

The delicate looking panties slid up her long bare legs, then she took the matching bra and pulled it on. The blue dress pants were loose but a stylish leather belt was there for the waist, the white button up shirt she wore loose and comfortable. Over that she pulled a coat that matched the pants, left flapping open for comfort.

"Very butch," Ivana smirked, "I thought it would suit you."

Caitlin looked down at her clothes a moment before admitting, "Knowing you I was almost expecting black leather."

"It wouldn't have fit where we're going," Ivana answered her calmly as she passed over white socks and black dress shoes along with a black hair clip. She gave Caitlin a sultry smile as she added, "But if you like I could always arrange something later...."

"Oh no," Caitlin quickly shook her head, taking a seat as she pulled on the shoes. "So what's the mission?" she asked, tying her hair back into a simple ponytail.

"You'll find out," Ivana said simply. She got up out of her own chair and then she calmly unzipped her black leather bodysuit, wiggling slim her hips a bit as she slid out of the skin tight outfit and let it drop to the floor.

"What are you going...?" Caitlin squeaked out, instantly noticing that Ivana was completely nude underneath. She wanted to look away but somehow her eyes were drawn to Ivana's body, to the slim but gorgeous looking woman.

Ivana noticed her reaction of course, the impish little smile on her face. "The leather wasn't quite appropriate," she answered Caitlin quite calmly, stepping into a long red dress and pulling it up. She reached around to try and do it up then frowned, not quite able to reach the clasp. "Kaitlin, could you...?" she asked her softly.

Caitlin got up, moving behind Ivana to quickly pull the zipper up. There was a delicate scent around Ivana, a perfume that teased at her nose. "Why are we dressed like this," she asked, "does it have something to do with the mission?"

The pilot's voice came through the cabin as she announced, "We'll be arriving at the target in less than one minute."

Ivana put glittering earrings on then sat down, slipping her high heels on with the ease of long practice. "I have a meeting with certain dangerous people," she said simply, "I need a bodyguard and date, one whom can get me out of a situation if one should arise." Ivana flashed Caitlin a smile, "Naturally I thought of you."

"Naturally," Caitlin echoed.

There was a soft thump as the plane landed, a second later the back hatch opening to reveal a large curling driveway. A mansion stood off in the distance, column's lining the front and windows glowing with merry life. The green lawn stretched out around it, larger than most football fields.

"Wow," Caitlin managed weakly.

Addressing the pilot Ivana said, "I'll signal you in two hours to let you know if we need to be picked up." She turned to Kaitlin, "Well, let's go."

Caitlin offered Ivana her arm, the two stepping out of the plane and onto the pavement. As they walked towards the house she murmured, "I assume I'm to lead?"

"Very good," Ivana said with a smile, "you took your cue from our clothes."

Young men and women were scattered around the busy lane, taking people's cars and driving them into spots, leading people inside and generally attending to the guests needs. Caitlin noted the attentive eyes of the many servants, spotting the occasional bulge of concealed weapons and softly murmured, "Security team?"

"The customers pay for privacy," Ivana smiled and nodded to other guests as they walked up carpeted steps to a front archway, "and they also guarantee the neutrality of this place."

"Welcome," a slight nod and the black suited pretty young man opened the door for them with a gesture, "Ms. Baul, Miss Fairchild." The hallway was lit by golden light, the carpet thick under their feet as they walked.

Caitlin shivered as a odd sensation skittered across her skin. "Security scan," she murmured before whispering, "how did he know our names?"

"She," Ivana corrected with a little smile as they reached the second door, "probably used the exterior security cameras and a database search."

"Should have thought of that," Caitlin sighed.

"Welcome," the handsome young woman waiting at that door nodded to them. She touched a tiny earpiece, "You scan clean of weapons but we're aware of both Ivana's cybernetic enhancements and Kaitlin's Gen-factor abilities, ladies. Any trouble that you cause will be grounds for immediate expulsion, by force if needed."

"I have been here before," Ivana answered her mildly, "I know the rules."

The woman looked at Caitlin thoughtfully and she realized she was expecting a response. "I understand," Caitlin answered, "but if anyone takes a shot at Ivana I will stop them."

"Understood," the door woman nodded slightly, swinging the door open. "Have a good evening," she said with a smile.

"I think she liked hearing that," Ivana said with a smile.

Caitlin felt her cheeks redden but she wasn't quite sure how to respond. They entered the club itself and her eyes widened noticeably. Women packed the place, beautiful ladies dressed in every fashion imaginable, talking, dancing close and clearly showing their affection for each other.

"You're staring," Ivana murmured, sounding quite amused.

"Sorry," Caitlin got herself moving once again. "I think I've heard of a club like this in Japan..." she murmured thoughtfully.

"I understand this club was modeled after it," Ivana noted. A woman slinked through the crowd and she murmured, "Maybe I could have worn the leather."

Caitlin gazed in shock at the leather clad woman, she had thought that Ivana's outfit had been racy but this... The woman had zippers placed over her breasts and groin, buckles and belts binding her into the costume. A matching hood covered the top of her face but her red lips glowed in the light, a tongue slipping out to lick them.

"This place is going to be an education for me, isn't it?" Caitlin muttered as she went by.

Ivana just chuckled wickedly.

To be continued...