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Author's Note: This story is at the same place where Goin Fishin was set.

By the fire

By: 24

Jarod sat on the deck watching the water and the people that were around him. The kids were playing badminton on the grass below, two people were on the dock fishing and some people were in the cabin. Not all of the people that were at the cabin were staying there. The family that he was helping decided to stay at their relative's cabin on the lake and invited him along.

That night they started a fire in the fire pit below and sat around the fire. One of the kids asked if they could have smores. Jarod never having one asked what they were.

"You've never had a smore?"

"I've led a sheltered life" Jarod said as he always did when he talked about his childhood.

"You melt a marshmallow over the fire then you take two graham crackers put part of a bar of chocolate on the cracker and when the marshmallow is melted you put that on one of the graham crackers and put the two together."

He watched as one of the adults puts a marshmallow on a stick and holds it by the fire. Another person got two graham crackers out and put part of the chocolate bars on one side of the graham cracker and then when the marshmallow was melted they put it on the cracker and puts the other cracker on top. Jarod took the first smore and bit into it.

"This is very good."

"Glad you liked it. Do you want some more?"


After they were finished having smores they set around the fire and told ghost stories.

When the family left he too left. He thanked them for inviting him along and they thanked him for helping them.

Later that night when he was in a motel room he called Sydney.

"This is Sydney."

"Have you ever had a smore?"

"A smore? Yes, I do believe that I have."

"They are very good."

"They are good."

I helped a family and they invited me to a cabin by the lake. We had smores and told ghost stories. That's the first time that I've ever had one."

"I'm glad that you liked them. Did you have a good time?"

"Yes, I did."


Jarod hung up then and then stared out the window of his room. He did have a good time on the lake and wondered if Sydney would like to go there one day.

The End.