And here is another "guess the POV" poem. Just don't let the title fool you. So, read and review if you will.... Also, there is another version to this poem on fictionpress (but it is from my POV). Please feel free to check it out.

"The Mask"

Who am I?

So many people ponder that very question.

And yet,

They don't really want to know.

They see me,

Though blanketed in shadows,

And that is enough for them.

But some,

Those select few

Who manage to see beyond the shade,

The masquerade that I made,

And see me for who I really am.

But, I need my mask. . .

It helps me to survive.

Even if that means

That they person they know

Is, in truth, a well crafted lie.

Could they truly love

The person deep down inside?

If I dropped the mask

Would you still welcome me,

Or stare at me with contempt?

And so I remain hidden. . .

But I'll always regret

That you never saw me,

But the person I became. . .

The person I have to be.