The Story of Sephiroth:

From Bio-altered Child to One-winged Angel

By Daryl Falchion

Birth of a god, Wrath of a god, Death of a god

"Lashing out the action, returning the reaction...Weak are ripped and torn away...Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower...Smashing through the boundaries, lunacy has found me...Pounding out aggression, turn into obsession..." (Battery; Metallica; Master of Puppets)

The Enlightened's Lost Tome of Wisdom (Vol. 11, pg. 673): Vengeance– Vengeance–a.k.a. the cycle of pain–is the demon that bleeds the majority of souls. More literally, it calls unto its own another victim...One is burned and, thus, they seek to inflict such torment which, ultimately, leads to additional vengeance. Like a flame that starts as a simple spark it catches fire that transcends to more fires, resulting in the absolute destruction...A deadly chain that sees no end but end itself.