A Sonic the Hedgehog E-Mail story. Written together with Drager. None of us own Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow Tails, Rouge, Amy, Cream or Eggman. They are copyrighted Sega and The Sonic Team and belong to them.

Sonic World swap
Part 1

Eggman smiled as he place the third gem into his newest robot. He closed a glass bubble over it.
The three emeralds started to rotate in the bubble each glowing. It soon vanished.

"How did it do that?" One of his helper asked.

"Well R.A.T. (Remote Access terminal) Three emeralds alone let it almost leave this world for moments," Eggman said as he sat on his tail to lead his control room, "This let it move any where with no change in time. In other words fast than the blue pain."

"Really?" An all to familiar and very annoying voice asked from right behind him, as he was busy gloating over his latest robot creation.

Turning his head, he stared at the blue hedgehog leaning on the wall above him. The green eyes half closed as he gave a fake yawn down at the human. "Sonic, how did you find my secret base?"

Spiting out the words, Eggman slowly moved backwards while pulling out the remote control for his robot. "No matter, you will never leave here anyway." Pressing the big fat red button on the Remote control, Eggman gave a loud laugh. "Now go crush the blasted hedgehog, Eggbot!"

Sonic grinned as he blasted off towards the robot. Dodging the clumsy lasers it shot after him. "Come on Eggman, where's this great speed you said it had." Dodging again, Sonic curled up in midair and spin dash into teh front of the robot, sending it staggering backwards.

"Why you!" Eggman roared as he pulled out the remote control. "Eggbot, use your teleportation device to avoid the blue pest's next attack."

Sonic ran at the bot. He attack Eggbot but hit nothing. His own speed forced him to the ground. Sonic stop and look at where the robot was but Eggbot was not there instead it was across the large chamber. Sonic stood up once more. Eggbot's plate with the three emeralds started to spin. Soon it vanished. That moment, something threw Sonic to the ground.

Less then a second later, he stood up once more. "Lets see you do that again," He said.

"You heard him, Eggbot," Eggman yelled.

Sonic carefully watch the robot. When left his sight, he quickly turned around and kick the dome of the Eggbot. It tipped over and Sonic proudly stood on it. He start to running but the plate just took the speed. A bright light came from the emeralds.

Covering his eyes with a gasp of surprise at teh sudden light, Sonic blinked as all he felt from the light was a mild tingling sensation running through his body before it faded away. "What was that?"

"Blast you hedgehog!" Eggman's voice made the blue hedgehog turn around to face. "You'll pay for destroying my beloved Eggbot, you hear me!" The human yelled as his eggmobile floated up into the air and up to an escape hatch, the gleaming light from the 3 Chaos Emeralds filling the air as he pulled them out form the wreck of the Eggbot with the eggmobiles long range grabbing claw. "You'll pay!"

Shrugging a bit, Sonic spun around and stared up at the escape hatch. "Just bring it on Eggman." Then he blasted out of the door he had come in through. A few guard bots getting spin dashed as he left the base, popping up in the middle of the mystic ruins like he was used too. "Okay, that was fun." Looking around the place a bit, Sonic grinned as he spotted the familiar sight of Tail's workshop on top of the cliff face facing the ocean. "Guess I should go visit Tails and tell Eggman got away the Chaos Emeralds."

Answering the door was not Tails but Cream. Sonic gave her a strange look because she wore a lab coat and goggles. "Sonic," she said, "I did not expect you to be here. This is not a good time. I'm about to do a test. Could you wait out here until I'm done?"

Before Sonic could understand what going on, another female voice calls his name. Sonic knew this voice but he could not tell from where. Then he saw Tails running to them but he too change his looks. One he was shorter and there was something else about him Sonic could not place. "Sonic," Tail called out in a female voice.

"Tail," Cream yelled, "get back in that seat."

"No," Tail said as she grabs Sonic.

"Come on," Cream said pulled the goggles to her forehead, "It won't hurt."

"That what you said when you change by fur violet," Tails said.

"It wore off," Cream said.

"A month later," Tails said, "What about the time you shrunk me a haft of a foot. I'm still waiting to get it back."

Shaking his head to clear it, Sonic hoped that the scene had changed while he did it. Opening his eyes, he found that it had not. Tails was still a bit small and hiding behidn him while Cream was talking harshly to her. "Okay, look Cream, can I talk with Tails for just a few minutes?"

Staring at Sonic for a few moments, Cream sighed and nodded as she pulled her goggles back down over her eyes. "2 minutes only, I need to see if my teleporter works with organic matter."

Nodding a bit as he backed off, Sonic felt Tails back off as well. "Okay, since when did Cream turn into a Frankenstein wanna be?"

"What do you mean?" Tails asked as she rubbed her left tail a bit. "She's always been like that." The last was added as she gave a shudder. "I don't know who's worse. Her or Eggman." Then Tails shook his head. "Wait, Cream only wants to experiment on everything in sight, it's Eggman who wants world domination."

Looking up as she spoke about Eggman, Tails stared at Sonic. "So, did you find his secret base?"

"I did," Sonic said trying to show his normal composed look, "I fought his newest robot but he got away."

"I'm sure you'll get him next time," Tails said, "Oh no. Amy coming."

Sonic turned to see Amy walking up to them. The only change was that she wore a violet dress. "Tails," She said with a smile, "and you too Sonic." She walked closer to Tails. "Ready to help me?"

"I don't want to," Tails said.

"I can't fix it your entire life," Amy said.

"Sonic don't mind," Tails said.

"Is that right," Amy turn to look at Sonic.

"It's Tails choose," Sonic said. Before he knew it, he was on the
ground and Amy was standing over him with a hammer.

"That's for making me do Tails work," Amy said before storming off. While Sonic lay on the ground, Cream came up and dragged Tails away.

Pushing himself up a bit, Sonic shook his head as he rubbed the growing bump on it. "Just what was that all about, I know Amy can be a bit violent with the hammer, but for something like that?"

"Maybe if you didn't act like an idiot around her all the time, she might calm down enough to hear what you have to say." A very familiar voice added from right next to him.

Turning his head to watch the person, Sonic blinked as he spotted Knuckles leaning on a tree, his normal clothes and gloves having been changed for something more stylish, along with two metal bands around his wrists. "Knuckles, what are you doing here?"

The echidna shrugged a bit as he pushed off from the tree. "I was going to steal the emeralds from Eggman, but since you trashed the lab, I couldn't find them." Turning around and starting to walk off, Knuckles flexed his arms a bit. "Nice seeing you hedgehog, I think I'll go and bug Shadow a bit."

"Okay, this place is weird." Sonic mumbled out as he turned to ask Tails what else was wrong. Failing to see the two tailed fox anywhere. "Great." That left only one person he was sure he know that he could find and get some answers from, if she didn't pester him about marriage that was. "Hey Amy." Yelling out her name, Sonic started to run towards the pink hedgehog walking in the distance.

"What do you want?" Amy asked.

"Listen, I think something is going on," Sonic said.

"I doubt that. You may have fast feet but you brain is slow," Amy said.

"Look I'm trying to talk with you," Sonic yelled, "Before I fought Eggman, Tails was male, taller, and into making things, Cream did not experiment, Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald, and you would grab me at every time you see me."

Amy was about to hit Sonic but she look at eyes. They were not his normal mocking ones. "I believe after Cream test you to see if you're telling the truth."

"Didn't she make Tails shorter?" Sonic asked.

"Come on," Amy said as she grabbed his ear and pulled him. When they came to the workshop they heard Tails crying.

Pulling himself free of Amy's grip on his ear, Sonic glared at the heavy wooden door before him, the sound of Tails crying coming from behidn it. "Tails!" Yelling out the name, Sonic curled up into a ball and spin dashed right into the door, sending wood splinters flying in all directions. "Alright Cream. let her go!"

Tails and Cream stared at Sonic as he stood in the doorway, the sun light from the outside giving him a dramatic appearance as he began to move towards them. "Sonic!"

"Out of the way blue boy!" Amy spat out as she violently shoved him into the wall, her Piko Piko hammer held out in a rather threatening manner as she began to walk over to Cream. "What did I tell you about experimenting on Tails?"

Pushing himself out of the small indention he had made in the wall, Sonic groaned as he turned to see Amy chasing after Cream, swing her hammer around in the air while trying to hit the rabbit. "Hmm, at least the hammers familiar." Then he turned to watch Tails who were strapped into a chair. "You okay Tails?"

"No," Tails said, her voice was weak, "I'm sore all over. It hurts when I breathe and I lost more of my height." Sonic free Tails and pulled her into a hug.

While Tails hugs him, Sonic said, "Amy stops." Amy stopped and kept her hammer ready. "Cream, what did you do to Tails?"

"I use my teleporter to move Tails," Cream said, "I know what's went wrong and can cure her."

"We need you help," Sonic said, "Agree or Amy gets to hit you all she wants."

"Okay," Cream said.

"First cure Tails," Sonic said.

Cream walks to controls. "Do you want to know what happen to Tails? You see my teleporter reduced her size to 95 of what she was before. The extra mass in a smaller area cause her pain. Tai sit back where you were." Tails look up at Sonic, who nodded. Tails walk to the chair. In a flash she was across the room. Tails smiled and ran to Sonic and grab him in a hug once more.

"Better?" Sonic asked.

"Yep," Tails said with a smile.

"Cream," Amy said, "My and Sonic has a beat. Is there a way to prove that Sonic is from another world?"

"Sure," Cream said, "I'll need some time and a payment."

"I'll give you payment," Amy yelled.

"Okay," Cream said stepping back, "I need to test Sonic and you to see if there a strange difference between you two."

Glaring at Cream, Amy slowly stepped over to her and waited for a few seconds. Then her eyes narrowed some more. "Well, are you going to do that test or what?" Jumping back a bit, Cream nodded as she rushed over to get the things she needed.

In the meantime, Sonic had looked up from watching Tails humming a bit as she started to work on a small machine in teh corner of the room. "Hey Amy." Watching her turn her glare on him, Sonic briefly wondered if it was a bad idea to try and start a conversation with her, but there was one thing he just had to find out about. "So, the me in this world, just how is he?"

"He's a jerk." Amy stated with a dry voice as she began to twirl her hammer a bit in teh air. "He's always trying to impress me with some stupid stunt, or getting me into trouble." The last was mumbled out as her flashed a bit with anger.

"Er... Trouble?" Sonic asked as he rubbed his head while trying to figure out what she had meant with that whole impress her stunt.

Amy sighed a bit as she stopped twirling her hammer and leaned on it. "It was around the time when I was eight years old, I got a note from Sonic to meet him at Never lake to watch when Little Planet Appeared." Amy stopped talking as she gave him a slight annoyed look. "For some reason, he seemed to like me from the first moment we met on South Island, He was always talking or spending time with, running around getting flowers for me."

Sonic gulped as he could clearly see where this was going. Back on his world, Amy had followed him to Never Lake when he wanted to see Little Planet. And gotten capture by one of his most dangerous enemies.

Amy didn't notice that Sonic had drifted off as she continued to talk. "I showed up and he had wanted to surprised me with picnic, and asked me to be his girlfriend" Sonic grinned a bit at that as he remembered all teh times his Amy had pleaded with him to marry her. "I guess Eggman had noticed that he liked me as well." Amy mumbled out as she stood up and placed her hammer back into sub space. "Cause he sent his latest robot creation to capture me and force Sonic into a battle for Little Planet."

"Metal-Sonic" The Blue hedgehog mumbled out as he stood up. "He sent Metal-Sonic after you right?"

Amy nodded as she rubbed her head a bit to shake off the puzzlement and wierdness of talking to a Sonic that wasn't constantly asking her if she wanted to be his girlfriend or what life would be like if they married. "Yeah, since then, I've always somehow gotten involved in every crazy scheme Eggman came up with, Either because I wanted to get back at him because of the last time or that he felt that I would make a good bait to lure Sonic into a trap."

"I'm ready," Cream said, "St in both seat." They did only to have straps came up on them. They started to yell. "I'm only doing this so you won't get hurt." Sonic and Amy felt a tingle trough their body. "Wow," Cream said, "He was not lying he's from another world."

"Do you know how I can get back?" Sonic asked.

"Not a clue," Cream said.

"What about the guardian of the Master Emerald?" Tails asked.

"Great ideal," Amy said, "Now free us."

Cream then Sonic was free. Instead of freeing Amy, she press a few buttons and then Amy was cover in a light. Soon Amy was in the seat that Sonic was but one haft her normal height.

Amy looks at herself in the dress too big for her. "Hey," She yelled, "Why you do this?"

"I told this would come at a price," Cream said.

"Why you," Amy was about to pulled out her hammer.

"I would not do that," Cream said, "If any of you hurt me I'm locking Amy out so she would send the rest of time that size."

"Change me back," Amy said.

"I'll change you back later if I feel like it," Cream said.

"Fine," Sonic said trying to keep a fight from starting, "Amy, Tails and me are going to the guardian of the Master Emerald. I'm sure along the way we could get you something that we can trade to return Amy back to normal." Sonic pick up Amy and wrap her in the large dress. She warp her hands showing her anger clear.

"I can walk by myself." Amy shot up at the much larger blue hedgehog as she tried to pull out her hammer without dropping it from it's new, much larger then she was used too, size.

Looking down at Amy, Sonic shook his head as he wondered just how this world's Amy ended up with such a tomboy like behavior when the one in his world was much to girlish for his taste. "Yeah I know, but for now I better carry you, unless you want to run around without your dress on."

Pouting a bit at his words, Amy crossed her arms as she felt Sonic starting to run. "So where we going anyway?"

Running towards the train station that would take them to Station Square, Sonic looked over his shoulder and smiled as he spotted Tails flying through the air behind them like he used to in his own world, except this tails looked far more unsure of how to do it then the Tails he knew. "My place for starters, Tails can find you some clothes and then we'll take the Tornado to the Floating Island."

"Tornado?" Tails asked with a bit of puzzlement in her voice as she landed on the stations platform, watching the two hedgehogs's as they made their way up towards her. "What's that?"

Stopping at her words, Sonic felt his heart stop for a second before he shook his head. "You know, the plane we always use when we have to catch one of Eggman's flying fortresses."

Amy sighed a bit as she struggled to find a better way to sit in her oversized dress, finally settled for simply leaning on Sonic a bit. "He means the Hurricane, and it's my plane." Amy added a she shot a dark look at Sonic. "You and Tails just keep on borrowing it without asking."

Tails blushed a bit at the words as she looked away from them. "Um yeah, but it mostly for a good cause, beside, you barely use it anyway."

"Of course I barely use it." Amy spat back at the two tailed fox as her fists clenched up in front of her face. "You two always trash it somehow, it took me a month to fix it after Eggman blew the wing of it, and then the was the time when you used it to get to the Wing Fortress and the engine was ruined."

Tails blushed even more as Amy ranted on about the various times her plane had been ruined by them, her eyes looking everywhere but at the small pink hedgehog. "Um, sorry about that Amy, but, its just such a cool plane, and, well, I just have to use it." Then her eyes narrowed a bit. "And I wouldn't have to borrow the Hurricane all the time if you would let me build my own plane, you have more then enough parts for it anyway."

"Because I don't want two to care for," Amy said. She stood up only to slip on her large dress and almost fell but for Sonic saving her. She waited for Sonic to ask for a kiss but this Sonic seemed more worry about her safety.

They came to the ticket booth. "Welcome," the cat girl in the booth said, "How many? That's a cute little girl." She said looking at Amy. "You daughter?"

"Little sister," Sonic said, "Two adult and one child." Sonic paid and walk onto the train. One the train, Sonic slept most of the way. When they got off the train, Amy from Sonic arms started to order them to her house.

They came to a plane strip. "We here," Amy yelled, "I can take care of myself." Sonic place her on the ground. She ran off only to trip on the large dress. Out of frustration she discarded the dress and ran into the garage. Soon she returned with a pair of overalls on with mugs still stain on them.

"So where the plane?" Sonic asked. Amy led Sonic to a red plane.

Amy tried to clime to the pilot seat only to get pick up by Tails. "You're too small," the fox said as she handed Amy to Sonic.

Soon they were flying. Tails made the plain do many stunts. Amy was yelling about what she doing to her plain. It took one stunt that Sonic almost loss Amy for him to yell. The rest of the flight was quite mainly because Tails was angry with the other two not letting her have fun. The landed near the guardian of the Master Emerald's house.

Landing on the ground, Sonic shot a look back at the red plane. It almost felt like his plane back home, but it was looking more cared for and well maintained. "Must be because she spends more time looking after it then the Tails back home does." It was true as Tails was either working on other things or following after him. But this plane didn't look like it could turn into a robot battle unit like the Tornado.

Shaking himself out of the thoughts, Sonic turned to stare up at the Master Emerald altar, Looking very much like the one back home, if one ignored the flowers blooming around the foot of the altar itself. "So, where the guardian anyway?"

"Right behind you." Came teh answer in a silky fine voice that Sonic had heard only a few times on his own world, but had already learned to connect with some kind of trouble. Turning around confirmed it as he found himself staring at Rouge the bat, but a different looking Rouge as she was dressed much like Tikal had been.

Amy looking up from where she was standing, smiled a bit and waved her hand a bit at the bat who did a double take at the sight of her. "It was another one of Cream's little experiments." She mumbled out before the bat woman could even ask her question.

"Oh." Nodding a bit, Rouge turned her attention towards Sonic and Tails. "So, what brings you three all the way out to Floating Island, Eggman up to no good again?"

Shrugging a bit, Sonic stared at Tails and the others. "Well, it's a bit hard to explain, but here goes."

After getting the whole story from Sonic, Rouge blinked her eyes a bit and finally nodded. "It's a bit of a weird story actually, but I believe you."

"You do?" Sonic replied as he stared at her in a puzzled way, if he had been told teh same story by anyone else, he wouldn't have believe it without some kind of proof.

Shrugging a bit, Rouge turned to look at Sonic and Amy. "Well for starters, you have tried to get her to date you, kiss you or marry you yet." Giving Sonic a serious look as he face faulted into the ground from her comments, she shook her head arms and snorted a bit as he stood up again. "So, why are you here anyway?" Then her eyes narrowed a bit as she regarded the three. "It better not have anything to do with the Master Emerald, cause if it does, I'll kick you all of this island."

"I tough you could help," Tails said.

"I'll look into it," Rouge said, "While I'm gone, watch the
Master Emerald."

Sonic nodded and found a resting place. After watching the large emerald for a while, he soon he was staring at the clouds. He was woken from his daydream by a hit to his stomach. He looks down at Amy standing on his stomach. "What," Sonic said, "I was just bored."

"You never know when Eggman's forces will come," Amy said.

"Of they do I'll be ready and rested." Sonic said.

"Just remember there's no one around to impress," Amy said.

"Why would I want them to follow me?" Sonic said.

Sonic and Amy stop when a large craft landed near them. A man walked from the craft. His eyes were pure red. "I am Jack a commander under the service of the Great Dr. Eggman. Give us the master Emerald."

"What that?" Sonic asked, as he got ready for battle.

"It a mabot," Amy said, "Eggman use them to lead his robots while he's not around."

"Really?" Sonic asked as he watched the robot man walk over towards the Master Emerald. "Looks even more dumb then some of Eggman's normal robots."

Staring at Sonic when she spoke, Both Amy and Tails shared a look as they wasn't really used to a Sonic that was that focused when it came to fighting one of Eggman's machines. "So, your Eggman has better Robots?" Tails question as she watched Sonic do a quick warm up.

Shaking his head at Tail's question, Sonic grinned a bit. "Nope, he has a more crazy style to them." He replied as he began to run towards the mabot. "Hey Bothead!"

Turning his head, Jake gave a loud cry of surprise as he was knocked back by blue ball with a lot of spikes on it, the force of Sonic's attack sending him flying into his flying craft with a loud bang. Pulling himself out the dent he had formed in the metal, he turned to face Sonic. "That was stupid Hedgehog, now, stand aside."

"Nope." Sonic replied almost casually as he was off again, ready to do one of his new tricks that he had come up with recently. "Try my Blue Tornado move Bothead!"

On the sidelines, Tails and Amy stared, as this Sonic was even more different from their normal version, he was more direct in fighting and less showy. "He's really not like our Sonic huh?"
Tails voiced as she followed the sight of teh Mabot getting sucked up into the air by Sonic trick.

Amy dumbly nodded as she watched Jake teh Mabot smack painfully hard into the ground with a loud bang several meters away from the alter. "No Kidding. It would have taken our Sonic a bit longer to even think of doing that."

Struggling up, Jake body shot out a few sparks as he turned his head to see Sonic rushing towards him again. "No, wait!"

Then a loud buzzing sound filled teh air as Sonic landed on teh ground a few feet away, his hand held out to show a victory sign at Tails and Amy as Jake tumbled down onto the ground with a loud bang, sparks shooting out from where Sonic had hit the last time. "Try again Eggman."

"About time you destroy one," Amy said. She started to walk to the craft.

"Hey," Sonic said, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to make sure it safe," Amy said, "Normally there other robots that come with mabot."

"I'm coming," Sonic said. "Tails keep watch out here." Sonic and Amy walk into the craft. Sonic looked at the robots on the walls. "Now those are the robots I normal fight."

"Look like you took care of our friend Jack before he could turn them on," Amy said as she walk up to the control panel.

"Need help," Sonic said as he lifted up Amy up to the controls. Amy climbed onto the controls and started to press them. "So what are you doing?" Sonic asked as he looked around the craft.

"I'm trying to understand these controls," Amy said, "I could trade this to Cream for my normal size." She press some more buttons. A siren went off as the craft was bath with red light. A five appear on all the screens. Sonic grab Amy and ran from the ship. Along the way he grabs Tails and continues to run.

The explosion behind him forces him to the ground. "I leave you alone for a little bit and you blow up something near the Master Emerald," Rouge said looking down at Sonic, "Well the good news is that I may have found a way."

"Shoot." Sonic said as he watched her, trying not to be too distracted by the fact that it was Rouge and not Knuckles guarding the Master Emerald in this crazy universe.

Lifting an eyebrow at Sonic's word, Rouge shrugged a bit as she walked up to the emerald. "You must have suffered from a powerful Chaos Control, the technique is know to be able to warp time and space." Looking a bit sad, Rouge turned to face him. "But I don't know how many emeralds it would take."

Sonic closed his eyes a bit as he thought back to his fight with Eggman. "That robot, Eggman said it could teleport thanks to the powers of the Chaos Emeralds."

Tails looked a bit puzzled at Sonic as she rubbed her head. "A machine that can use chaos control." Looking over at Rouge as she finished speaking, she looked more focused. "Then we should try and
talk with Shadow, he knows more about Chaos Control then anyone else."

Smiling and nodding as Tails finished speaking, Rouge turned to regard Sonic. "Okay, we have a place to start. We need a number of Chaos Emeralds and to find Shadow."

"3." Sonic added in as he looked up form the ground. "Eggman's robot had 3 emeralds."

Jumping up and down from where she stood, Amy eyes twinkled a bit as she grinned. "So what are we waiting, let's get those emeralds, I'm sure I can bribe Cream into returning me to normal with one of those emeralds."

"Well Eggman has three so there four out there," Sonic said, "But how do we find them?"

"I can feel them," Rouge said, "I could use a vacation." She turns to the Master Emerald. "Let me just take care of a few things." Her hand glow as the Master Emerald fades. "I'm ready."

"How are we going to get all of us on the plane?" Tails asked.

"You got here," Rouge said, "I'll just fly near the plane using it to make fling easy. It should not be that hard."

"Great we get three and I'll return to my normal world," Sonic said before he grab Amy and ran to the Hurricane.

Watching all this was Jack's eyes. Eggman smiled at what he saw. "Another world with me. If we team up then we both can get a world." He press some buttons on this controls, "It time I get a new guest."

Cream sat working on an invention when something grabbed her. "I got the target," a mabot said, "Destroy the everything else."

Smirking a bit, Cream turned her head to look up at the mabot holding her, a dangerous glint i n her eyes. "Oh, you really shouldn't have done that"

Looking down at the rabbit, the Mabot smirked back at her as he gave her a small shaking. "Should be scared of you, I'm the one holding you, I'm the one with the robots."

"True." Cream replied as she lifted up a small remote. "But I have this!" Pressing the button, Cream crackled a bit as the whole back wall of teh room slid up to reveal a very large robot looking down at the Mabot, several weapons clicking as they locked onto him. "Now, put me down, or you'll end up as spare parts."

Gulping a bit, the mabot stepped back and screamed as several shots were fired off over his head. "Hey, take one more step and she's finished. You hear me!"

"Yup." Came a cheerful response from behind him as a fist ripped clear through his chest, several wires and components held loosely in the clenched fist. "But I don't really care." Turning her head to watch teh mabot give a small puffing sound as it released her, Cream smiled at teh red Echidna as he removed his hand form teh mabot's chest. "Knuckles, what are you doing here?"

Shrugging, Knuckles reached up a hand and tossed teh wires he held over his shoulder. "Not much, I was relaxing when I saw the Mabot land nearby and attack you."

"I don't care," the Mabot said, "Destroy every thing." Explosion filled the workshop. The Mabot skillfully dodge the blast until he got to his craft. He threw Cream in a cage. "Luckily for you Master Eggman wants you alive." The mabot place its metal hand and the craft started to lift off the ground.

Knuckles stagger from the building. His fur burnt. He had no choice but to run from the large robot that was destroying more all the small ones. He rubbed his face as he watch the craft flew away. "Great," he said, "I was hoping to save Cream and force her to give me something worth a good bit as thank you." He rubbed his hands and said, "Well look like I need to find Sonic. I may be able to find something worth on this trip." He started walk away.

Cream woke from the force sleep. She found herself in a strange bubble. She looks outside of the bubble at a something that was getting build. The thing looks at her and look just like her.

"So you're awake," Eggman said, "You like your Mabot sister. I can't make living things into robots but I can copy them. Every thing you know, she know and she'll use it to help me.

Rouge rested on the side of the plane. She pointed down to Tails. Tails nodded and started to lower the plane.

Staring around at teh place they had landed in, Amy yawned a bit as she turned to stare up at Sonic who looked just as tired as she did. "So, mind telling me why we have stopped out here in the middle of no where?"

Rouge looked over at them as she pulled her wings into her back, letting them get some rest from all teh flapping they had been put through. "I just needed some rest, but now that I thick about it." She mumbled out as she shot a look down at the city below them while licking her lips. "I could really go for some food right about now"

Tails nodded at Rouge's words, her stomach choosing that moment to grumble rather loudly as well. "Well, a quick meal wouldn't be so bad, I haven't had anything besides breakfast today, and Cream's experiments tend to make me more hungry then usual."

"I wonder if they have any good burgers." Sonic mumbled out as he began to look around the group a bit. "Okay, a quick pit stop for some food, and we'll leave again."

Grumbling a bit to herself, Amy walked after teh cheering group before her, her eyes shooting an angry glare at them as she was suddenly picked up by Sonic when she turned out to be to slow for them. "Fine, but I'm not paying for your meal, you got that?"

Sonic froze at the words as he looked around the group. "Ah, anyone got any cash on them, I'm kinda low since I had to buy for a new snow board yesterday."

Rouge shrugged as she turned to look at Tails. "I don't have any cash, the only times I ever leave Floating Island, I'd never had to buy anything."

Holding up her hands, Tails gave a sad expression as she looked around at the small group. "Sorry, I'm broke as well."

Turning their eyes back to Amy, they all smiled in a pleading manner to her. "Oh no, don't you dare do that to me." Amy spat out as she tried to get free form Sonic's hold, finally sighing as she gave up. "Fine, but nothing expensive, I' not made of money you know."

Moment's later, Sonic place a kid's meal before Amy. Amy hated pretending to be Sonic's little sister but she did not want any one to think she is strange. Soon she started to eat the meal. Once they all were done, Sonic said, "Tails, Rouge see what you call learn in the city. While Amy and me will go back to the plane."

Amy and Sonic walk back to the plane. "Sonic, why are we waiting for the other?" Amy asked.

"Rumors about Eggman spread fast," Sonic said, "It's the only way we can keep an eye on him. Beside we could find a way for Rouge to ride on the plane." Amy smiled at the chance to work on her plane. "Of course you have my speed to help."

Cream looked at her Mabot copy working hard to make a large flying fortress. She was humming Cream's favorite song as she work the controls. What Cream hated the most was how the two look lie twins. She tried once more to get free from her bubble but she could not.

"Master Eggman," Cream Mabot copy said cheerfully to a screen, "World Jumper One is almost ready."

Eggman appear on the screen and said, "Good. I want it prepared to leave as soon as it is."

"Master what about my sister," Cream Mabot copy said.

"Take her," Eggman said, "You know you did very good."

"So can I stay your helper?"

Eggman smiled and said, "More. I have been looking for an heir and I think you and your twin would be great like daughters. That is after we change her way of thinking."

Sticking out her tongue at Eggman, Cream settled down and sulked in her small cell, her mind already trying to come up with a way for her to not only escape, but steal everything of interest from Eggman's base as well.

Walking through the outer parts of Station Square, Knuckles yawned as he found himself just outside of Amy's home. The place looking like no one had been there all day. Shrugging,
Knuckles looked around and quickly jumped over the fence surrounding the place and walked over to the main door, given the way Sonic normally acted towards Amy on a daily basis, it was the best place to look for him here.

Finding it locked, the Echidna smirked as he slowly kneeled down and picked the lock with no problems, pushing the door open in front of him with little effort. "Hey Amy! You in here?!" Stepping into the dark place. Knuckles grunted as all he saw was traces of the Hurricane missing and the usual mess from all of her tinkering, or should that be repairing she did to her plane.

Still, it was the best place to wait for him, Knuckles mused as he rolled out Amy's beat up comfy chair and dropped down in it with a sigh. So he should just wait around and see if she knew where Sonic was when she showed up. Placing his feet on her desk, Knuckles closed his eyes, as he got comfortable for a long wait.

Outside the place, a red and black shape hiding the shadows grunted a bit as it watched Knuckles entered the old hanger building. One hand was clutched tightly around a gleaming blue gemstone as it turned to leave the place. "Strange, the traces of power from the Chaos Emeralds lead here, but I can't feel the source of it." Tossing the gem up into the air, the figure smirked as it grabbed the gem again. "Well, I won't get any answers just waiting around here, Chaos Control!"

Following the sudden yell, a bight flash of light filled the area as the red and black shape used the powers of a chaos Emerald to warp out of the place.

Amy smiled at the simple change to her plane. It was not hard because of the brake points she had built in to keep the damage small. Amy smiled at the third seat added. She looks at Sonic putting the small toolbox back into the plane. "I didn't know you knew something about planes," Amy said.

"Well," Sonic said, "My world Tails force me to help with his plane when I help break it."

"I try that but Sonic and Tails just sneak off," Amy said.

"We're back," Rouge said.

"What did you learn?" Amy asked.

"That the next time we go shopping we need money," Tails said.

"We're on a mission and you go shopping," Amy yelled.

"Stop fighting," Sonic said, "We need to return to the Amy's place to refuel the plane. Then we'll start the search once more."

Taking off in the place again, Sonic grinned as he found himself standing on the back of it like he had done so many times in the past when they had to chase after Eggman's flying machines. "Tails, how far are we from Amy's place?"

Giving him a confused look when he asked, Tails quickly looked down to read what the plane was telling her. "It should be another hour or so, but Sonic, we have to pass close by Eggman's base to get back home."

Shooting a quick look at the group sitting in the plane, Sonic shrugged a bit. "That shouldn't be a problem, after what I did to Eggman's machine, he's not going to attack us for a while."
Turning his attention back to staying steady on the plane, Sonic grinned as he thought about another aerial duel.

"Forget it Sonic." Amy yelled back at him as she had spotted the look in his eyes after he stopped talking. "I didn't do all of this work to the plane just to have you and Tails bust it up for five minutes of fun."

Giggling at the cute confused sound coming from Sonic, Rouge shook her head a bit. "Maybe I should get off here, and go look for some Chaos Emeralds on my." Seeing their confused look,
Rouge smirked. "You want to go back home as fast as you can, right Sonic?"

"Good thinking Rouge," Sonic said. Rouge jumped from the plane and started to flap way.

"Alright it air combat time," Tails said.

"Don't even think about that," Amy yelled, "Beside I checked the gas there not enough to do stunts and get back home."

"We do have enough fuel to go around the base

"Tails fly as low to the ground as you can," Sonic said.

A little bit later, Eggman look into a screen. "Why would Sonic come flying this way?" He sat in his seat. "They're luckily I'm in a good mood and let the go."

Tails landed the plane on Amy's runway. They got off. Amy ran off to refuel the plane. Tails look at Sonic. She saw something he never thought he would see. There Stood Sonic thinking. "What's wrong?" Tails asked.

"Eggman didn't attack," Sonic said. "He must be up to something."

"He is," Knuckles said walking up to them, "He took Cream."