Sanctuary of Seven




Just when I needed you most






Sasuke trembled, blood wetting the front of his shirt. "Why…why?" he growled. "You hate me but…you…"

Lucifer was standing in front of him. "…protected me." Sasuke finished between clenched teeth. Lucifer had stood in front of him and got stabbed in the gut, the Hakai sha no Shinchuu's blade sticking out from his back.


"I don't know. My body just reacted." Lucifer replied flatly.

"…" the Desperate Angel blinked and watched Lucifer's blood gushed out. She began to smile again and pushed the sword even further. Lucifer's half-angel half-robot wings began to wilt, black feathers falling.

"Excellent…die slowly, Lucifer. Die for him. And together, you and Hell will rot." She hissed, grinning.

Lucifer growled as he felt his wings going slack.

"After you die, the rotting Hell will also die. I WILL DESTROY IT. Break it along with Heaven and Material World. I will make your men cry." She laughed evilly and twisted the sword. "Why… why indeed? Why did you protect him…? Oh Lucifer-kun, I hate to see you suffer like…this." Her smile was fake and crazed.

"Die…die…" she breathed excitedly.


"Beg to me…BEG TO ME!" she laughed cruelly. "AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Laugh…go on. Laugh." Lucifer muttered. The Desperate Angel stopped and stared at him. Lucifer looked up. "Why did you stop? Go on. Laugh. And later…"

Her eyes darkened.

Lucifer shrugged. "Do you know his name?" he asked instead.

She scowled. "What are you talking about?"

Lucifer looked at her, black silky bangs falling over his dark eyes. "The name of the person you…" Her green eyes bulged as flashbacks flickered before her eyes. There were flashing fast, blurry and were filled with static voices.

Dobe… Teme! You're late! Forehead girl! This is troublesome… I got lost in the road of life. This is my destiny. The flame of youth prevails! Annoying…

Her eyes snapped wider.


A gasp escaped her lips when a sudden pain filled her head.


The Desperate Angel gripped her Hakai sha no Shinchuu, her delicate bloodied palm roughly scraped against the handle. "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" she bellowed, her face dark with rage. SO many pictures…so many images(flash!) Who are you! Who…are…you—

((You're annoying))

"The person you loved." Lucifer stated flatly.

The pain was unbearable.

The Desperate Angel now gripped the sword with her two hands, breathing raggedly. "What…what are you talking…about…?"

"Do you know his name?"

((You're annoying))

That face! THAT FACE! That voice! Who are you! Why are you affecting me like this? Why…why… Tears started to burn her eyes. It hurt…it hurt…

"The person you loved the most."

"SHUT UP!" she screamed as loud as she can. Oh god oh god…she was going insane with this pain. Her head hurt. Her eyes hurt. Her stomach hurt. Everything hurt. Everything.

Why am I feeling like this…?

Blood trickled down to his chin. "Why can't you remember?"

I'm… Her eyes turned bigger, filling with fear. …scared.

"No…no…no… Shut up shut up shut up shut up…" she mumbled. "Shut up shut up shut up…SHUT UP!" she screamed. "I'll kill you I'LL KILL YOU! You and that person!" She directed her mad eyes to Sasuke who flinched. "Hakai sha no Shinchuu, I command you… TEAR HIM APART!"

The legendary sword glowed faintly before going passive. The Desperate Angel hissed. "What? You're disobeying me, huh? Fine. My hands shall do it." She snarled and angrily wrenched her hands off the handle. Wincing in pain, Lucifer fell to his knees, the sword sticking through his body. Sasuke was exposed to the Desperate Angel's angry mad eyes.

"First, the mortal, then you, Lucifer dear."

Sasuke didn't move.


"I AM THE DESPERATE ANGEL, human!" she barked as a bright green and blue energy ball formed above her bloodied palm with three rings revolving around its equator. The energy ball spun above her palm, gathering energy.

"Die… die in my hands, boy."

"…" Sasuke didn't flinch.

She frowned. Why wasn't he moving? WHY? "Aren't you afraid to die?"

"Was there to be scared of?" asked Sasuke, his eyes locked with the angel's.

The Desperate Angel's face contorted into a confused expression. Was there? "Aren't…you afraid of me?" she growled in a low voice.

Something flickered in Sasuke's eyes. He stared long and hard at the angel in front of him.


Her crazed green eyes bulged. "WHY? Why aren't you afraid of me?! WHY? WHY? I am the angel of destruction! I killed many angels! I destroyed Heaven! I ripped out that giant cross! I can tear your body from limb to limb and squeeze out your blood! I CAN! I CAN BREAK YOUR WORLD AND KILL EVERYONE!" she finished with a scream. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as the Desperate Angel's wings spread wide, radiating grisly aura.

"WHY? WHY? TELL ME! TELL ME, HUMAN!" She shouted, energy particles gathering around her, her wings growing wider and the red long cloth gathering up around her tiny frame.


He saw her eyes turned white.

"I AM THE DESPERATE ANGEL!" she thundered angrily and half-crazy, summoned a murderously large thunderbolt. "THAT'S MY NAME!"



The thunderbolt struck.


"SASUKE!" Naruto screamed.

The smoke cleared. "Sa…Sasuke—"

Lucifer stood in front of the boy, a gloved hand raised in the air where a black flame in a form of shield floated from his palm. "What—"muttered Sasuke.

"Hn." The flame-shield grew in width. "I was your Guardian Angel." Lucifer answered flatly.


The thunderbolt dug into the flame, powered by the Desperate Angel's fury. Lucifer narrowed his eyes as he felt himself being pushed back by the force of it. With his other hand, he grabbed the front of Sasuke's shirt and lifted him off his feet.

"What the hell!" Sasuke barked.

"Do you believe in destiny?"

"What the fu— no."

"Good." More black flame burst from his hand, surrounding them protectively. "I don't, too. That's why I chose to protect you." Behind Lucifer, his magnificent black wings spread wider.


"It was prophesied… that I will die while protecting Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke's brows shot up in shock.

"But," Lucifer's grip on the front of his shirt tightened. He gave Sasuke a sideways glance. "I will NOT die for you. I will change my destiny."

Sasuke snorted. "Of course." He scowled heavily. "Why die for the person you hate the most?"

Lucifer looked back flatly. "Exactly." The shield burst into large black fireball. "Mika-chan!" he roared and threw Sasuke to Michael.


Stretching his wings, Lucifer flew up and threw the huge black fireball. The Desperate Angel dodged and sent another thunderbolt. Lucifer flew higher and swatted the attack with his sword.

"Die die die die die die die die die die…" she mumbled.

"You really are desperate…"

"SHUT UP! JUST FIGHT!" In her anger, the red cloth hanging around her flew forward and caught Lucifer's right foot.


Grinning sadistically, she brought Lucifer crashing onto the ground. "Hahahahaha! YOU'RE WEAK!" she screamed. Raising her hands, twin energy balls formed. Red pentagram flashed beneath her feet, swirling slowly, pumping energy to her.

"Now die, my sweet… then, it would be Mika-chan…then those unhappy humans! WAHAHAHAHA! Yes! I would love to kill humans! Hear them beg, hear them cry! I betcha their blood is sweeter!"

Without thinking, Sasuke ran to where Lucifer was sprawled. "Oi, you asshole."

Lucifer opened one eye. "Fuck off."

Sasuke's jaw clenched. This man— or whatever he was— was the only person who could save Sakura. He looked up to the Desperate Angel. "Sakura…"

Upon seeing the human ran to Lucifer, the Desperate Angel's mirth increased. "Okay…that would be sweeter and juicier to see you two die together. In fact, you two looked alike." She smiled giddily. "It would be very cooooooool if you die together!"

Sasuke clenched his fist. "Sakura…" he paused. "I… if that's what you want."

The angel stiffened. What I want…

"You… you…"


"Of course." She grinned. "This is what I want. Death. Blood. Destruction." In her hand, twin energy balls spun.

Naruto paled. "No! Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan! STOP! Stop!" He shouted.








So many faces—


That face!


That face…it makes me feel emotions!


It hurt… it hurt…it hurt…


My heart…? Where…where…?


beat beat beat

No… I'm—







And everything went back to her.






It was cold.

Her skin was cold. Lifeless. Pale.

Do you want to live?

'I want people to notice me'

I'll give you life.

'I want to see'

I'll give you reason to live.

'I want to feel'

…I'll give you my wings.

'I want to love'

And you can breathe.



The first time she opened her eyes, it was his face she first saw. A beautiful face. Dark hair. Dark eyes. Pale skin. Black strands framed his face. Black bangs reached his chin.


His eyes were beautiful behind loose black locks.


His expression was blank.


He straightened up and extended his arm.

Get up.

She blinked. Her pale hand reached for his gloved hand. Effortlessly, he pulled her up.

'Thank you'


'What's your name?'

He took time to answer.




'I- want- a- job!'

Sandolphon sighed. 'You're a seraph.'


'Seraphim stay here. Guardian Angels, down there.'

'That's unfair.'


'Lucifer and Michael are seraphim but they are ALSO Guardian Angels!'

Sandolphon shook his head. 'They're guarding special people.'

'I want to protect someone too.'

He stared at her.

'Please. Give me a reason to live.'


'Come on!'


She smiled.

'Just recently, Lucifer resigned from his post.'


He shrugged. 'I don't know.' He gave her a clipboard. 'Here.'

She peered at the clipped picture of a human boy.

'He's Lucifer's mortal charge. You can have him.'

She smiled. 'Okay!'

'Michael will berate me for this.'

She laughed. 'Don't worry!' she glanced at the picture. 'Ne, ne… He got a scary face but… Uchiha Sasuke, I will protect you!'



He saw her.

Such a beautiful face.

"Who are you?" he asked flatly.

She gasped and looked up. 'You…can see me?'

He frowned. "Am I not supposed to see you?"


He surveyed her clothes. A simple white dress with long sleeves and closed collar and light blue knee boots.

"You're not from here, are you?"


He turned his back on her.

"Go home. This place is not safe."


He glanced at her. His heart jumped. Such a pretty face…beautiful eyes. He never had seen such a beautiful face. So innocent with vivid green eyes and pale cheeks.

"What's your name?"

He saw her eyes widened. She stepped back and shook her head.


He frowned.

"Are you okay?"

She looked up, her eyes shining. 'I… it's nice meeting you.'

"I didn't catch your name."

She smiled and he was…dumbfounded. Beautiful.

'…I'll be with you always.'




She ran and ran. Spread her wings and flew high. She jumped down and landed in front of him.



'WHY?!' She demanded, crying, choking. 'It's not…it's not SUPPOSED TO END THIS WAY!!' She screamed, angry and very upset. 'You…y-you…BETRAYED US! You…betrayed…me.'

Lucifer turned to her, his stare cold and hard. 'Liar. You…betrayed me…too.'

She gasped. 'Betrayed YOU???'

'I gave you everything.'


'And I'm willing to give up more.'


'For the sake of my wish.'

'…what wish?'

He stepped closer to her. With his fingers, he tilted her chin up and stared down to her eyes.

'I want to be with you.'

He kissed her.



He slashed his way to Lucifer, roaring obscenities.


He angrily ripped fallen angel bodies and tore his way to where Lucifer was. At last, the clear was view and he was stunned.

Lucifer was kissing her.

'ASSHOLE!' he bellowed and took an angry step forward. But before he could do so, the ground between them split and black fire seeped up. 'LUCIFER!' he shouted. 'SHIT!'

He angrily tore his wings free and flew high. Using his large sword, he slashed at the black fire and tore in. 'BASTARD!' he yelled. Lucifer pulled away from the kiss, briefly watched her face and looked up to Michael's angry eyes.

'How dare you taint her!' he shouted. 'Let her go!'

Lucifer looked back to her. Her eyes were wide and staring. 'Lucifer…'

He drew her closer.

'Come with me.'

Her green eyes widened.

'Come with me. Together, we will reign. I will never leave you.'


'Don't!' Michael yelled. 'Don't do it!'

'I will do anything. For the sake of my wish.'


'For your sake.'


'Come with me. I created a place for you. A place where we can be free.'


Who are you?

I didn't catch your name.

She saw him. Watching him. Always watching him. And in her mind's eye, she saw his face. His eyes.






Lucifer narrowed his eyes.

'I'm sorry.'


'He needs me.' She looked up to him determinedly. 'Someone needs me. I promised my self… I will never leave his side. I decided a long time ago that this is what I wanted.'


'…I want…I want to… be on his side. I want to be his Guardian Angel!'


Lucifer stepped back, his fingers leaving her face.


'Lucifer… I'm sorry! I—'

His face was half hidden with his long bangs. '…so, I'll just have to kill him, then.'

Her eyes widened in horror. 'Lucifer…!'

'…I will kill him.' Behind him, his wings stretched wider.

'No! Please! Lucifer! If you really…care for me… If your wish is for me to be happy… please…please. I beg you!' she fell on her knees, her fingers clasped together. 'Lucifer… please… please—'

'…' he looked down to her coldly.

'If you hurt him, I will die!'

Something flickered in Lucifer's eyes. He closed his eyes briefly. He reopened them and looked down to her. Without a word, he turned his back on her and walked towards the end of the cliff where black flame rose.

'LUCIFER!' Michael yelled. 'STOP! Lucifer! Don't! DON'T!'

Lucifer stopped. 'You can't stop me.'

'Are you insane? You're willing to betray God and be his enemy just to… just… to—'

'Hn.' He glanced back at his best-friend or… former best friend. 'Anything. Mika-chan.'

'You…' Michael glanced at her, hunched over and sobbing. '…really love her?'


'… Lucifer… don't do this. You're breaking her heart!'


Michael panted, eyes blazing.

Black silky strands swept over Lucifer's eyes. 'Don't stop me. Or I'll just have to kill you too.'

'Grrrrr… I'll stop you!'

'Hn.' Lucifer stepped over the cliff and began falling to Hell. But—

'Heh. I told you. I'll stop you.'

Lucifer looked up. Micahel was holding onto his arm. 'Let go.' He ordered coldly.



'You're not just only giving up your divinity. You're also betraying your friends!'

'…I don't care.'

'LUCIFER!' instead of letting go, he held on tighter.

"…burn.' At his command, black fire rose higher and burned Michael's arms.

'AAAAAAAARGGGGGGHHHHHHH—!' Michael screamed out in pain, thrashing around, screaming as he let go of Lucifer.

She snapped out of her reverie. 'M-Michael! MICHAEL!'


'Michael! MICHAEL!' she kneeled beside him, horrified at the ugly burns that marred Michael's arms.

'guh guh guh…waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh—'

Tears fell from her eyes at Michael's suffering. 'Michael… Lucifer! LUCIFER!' she screamed, running to the end of the cliff. 'LUCIFER! What have you done! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM!!' she yelled hoarsely, clenching her fists.

Lucifer was levitating, black flame dancing around him, cradling him. '…he's cursed.'


'…these flames…' he motioned around him. '…are flames of Hell. Once you were touched by it, you would be cursed with its terrifying power.'

'…you…you…cursed…Mika-chan…' she mumbled, dumbstruck.

'…he and I shared a cursed bond. He would be able to summon MY fire. Cursed fire. Through this curse, he will become invincible. WE will become invincible.'


'…but cursed. He will be hated. Half-cursed. Half-blessed. That's it. If he lives.' Michael screamed louder.

'…how could you… he's your friend… my friend…'


'HUWAAAAAAHHH AGH AGH AGH huh huh huh huh…' tears were streaming down Michael's face, his eyes white, iris-less. 'Arghhhhhh… whaaaaaa argggghhhhhhhh—'

'…you…cursed him.' her lip trembled. '…'

'Argggggghhhhhhaaaaaaa… gah gah gah…' Michael rolled to his left, running his fingers against his own skin, drawing long deep scratches. He began to cry blood as his divinity tore inside him, hollering like some monster.


'I won't let anyone to stop me.'


'Not even Michael.'

'…just for me, you're willing to kill him?!' she shouted.

'…I told you. I will do anything.'


'I will kill him if necessary.'

'…' More tears flooded out.

Lucifer began to disappear as fire gnawed at him. '…we'll see each other soon. Be strong.' He narrowed his eyes. 'Because if you stay weak, I will kill him. I will kill your most important person.'






Tower of Babel. Made of ivory and silver.

The giant doors opened. Inside, archangels, the angels that represent Sephiroth, the tree of life, gathered in front of the huge iron red cross.

'…' Michael clenched his fist.

"Hmm. Still beautiful, isn't she?' Metatron commented casually.

'…so helpless. Weak. Bleeding.'


'…so desperate.' Laughter. 'Lucifer gave you such pretty name. It suits you perfectly. Desperate Angel.'


'Open your eyes, filthy angel. And look at you have done to yourself.'

She slowly opened her eyes. Michael cringed. Tears of blood filtered from her blank eyes, looking down at them.


Metatron crossed his arms and sneered tauntingly. '…what does it feel like, huh? To be hung there naked and bleeding…?'


She just stared down at them from the cross where she was hung. Small wires wrapped around her body and three wings. The sharp wires dug into her skin and her wings' feathers, drawing blood. Michael watched thick fat rolls of blood trekking her body, her skin white.

'…so sad, isn't it?' Metatron drawled. '…Michael.'

The war angel stiffened.

'…to watch your best friend up there, pathetic.' He laughed cruelly, catching a feather falling from the Desperate Angel's bounded wings. He smirked as he watched the wings shudder, struggling against the binds.

'…Metatron,' Michael growled. '…is this necessary?'

The Chancellor laughed as a reply. The other archangels shifted uncomfortably, some watched the bounded angel with curiosity.

Michael angrily faced him. 'Are you going to kill her?'

'Ah. Don't put ideas on my head, redhead.'


'After all, she looked so pretty up there so… ' Metatron smiled. '…I would not mind if she stayed there for millions of centuries to come. It would provide entertainment… watching such tragic beauty bleeding so much blood. Hahahaha!' the archangels silently walked out of the Tower, following Metatron's lead.

Michael growled and turned his face up to her.

She looked back to him blankly, her hair red with her own blood, slashes around her body from being scourged and her wings…were battered, twisted into strange angles as wires bound them.

'…Desperate Angel…' he growled, his brows scrunching. '…what have you done to yourself!!!' he shouted. She closed her eyes tiredly and tilted her head. 'This is so much worst! You should have gone to Hell with HIM!'


'…DON'T CALL ME THAT!' he yelled up to her.


Her chest heaved up as she breathed slowly. Michael gritted his teeth. '…why? WHY? First… Lucifer abandoned me… then YOU? Why are you doing this???'

'…I'm so…rry…'


'…Michael… I'm so…rry…'

'ENOUGH!' with that, he spun around and left the place.




Michael screamed like crazy.


'Silence, Michael.' Metatron said lazily. 'I was having fun.'

'YOU BASTARD! IT'S THE SOURCE OF HER LIFE! If you cut off her wings, she'll die! METATRON, STOP IT!'

'… You worry too much. I'll just cut off her third wing. That's all.'

'ASSHOLE! Stop it! STOP IT!'

'AHHHHHHHHHHH—'the Desperate Angel's scream resounded all over the Tower.



She was falling fast—

'DESPERATE ANGEL!' Michael shouted. Next to him, Gabriel collapsed, his body burning. 'Gabriel—'

'…pathetic.' Metatron growled. 'You wasted great power to save her.' Gabriel looked up gravely.

'You…will regret this.' Gabriel muttered and his body morphed into a body of a ten-year old child as an effect of power deletion.

Metatron smirked. 'You're lucky you're not yet dead.' With that he turned around with a sweep of his cape and vanished.



Seven lives.



She watched as her mother die.


Her eyes remained blank.

"…take care of your…self—"


A sword came out of her body then her body exploded.




"Kneel before your master, slave!" someone kicked her behind her knees and she collapsed forward.

"Hn." She heard light footsteps making an obvious circle around her.

"What do you think, sir? She's exotic. Such a delicate beauty. She will provide your needs."


The feet stopped in front of her and she trembled with fear.


She looked up. Black hair. Dark eyes. Pale skin. She blinked. He was very good-looking. He reached down and took a lock of pink hair.

Smirk. "She's perfect."



"I love you with all my heart!"

He stopped.


She gasped. He was behind her.

"Thank you."





"Damn it!"


"Hold my hand!"




I love you with all my heart.



Huff. Huff. Huff.


Her eyes widened.

"I'm crying…" she stared down to her hand, watching the droplets of her tears. "…I'm crying…"

"I love you with all my heart!"

Her wings stretched wider. The energy balls she conjured slowly dissipated.


Her body trembled. I…I…-- she lifted the sword and—

Naruto screamed. "NO! SAKURA—"


Sasuke paled. "SAKURA!"



"Go catch a falling angel."

"Because you need one."