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Summary: Heero will hold out against any torture right? Well what happens when they threaten his daughter? No original characters, 13x1, 2x5, 3x4, Father/Daughter Heero/Mariemaia.

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Heero looked up, eyes automatically adjusting as the light flooded his small cell a young man with a gun pointed at him entered the room slowly, two more followed him both wielding weapons. Heero checked them automatically, the safety was off, all three weapons could be fired with a split seconds notice, it was possible that he could eliminate one, maybe two at this distance but all three would be beyond even him.

He watched with growing unease as the first guard, obviously the ring leader smirked confidently, he wasn't bluffing, Heero could tell he wasn't bluffing, he knew what a bluff looked like. "You'll talk to us this time, wont you 01?"

"If you honestly think that threatening me will…"

"This threat will work." He snapped his fingers and two more guards entered, they were dragging with them a small girl. She lifted her head and gave him a shaky smile despite the bust lip. Her eyes showed fear though, a desperate plea to him to get her out of here. "I trust you two know each other."

Yes, yes he knew her. She was one of the few people who had ever managed to get under his skin, she had been calling him 'daddy' almost since she had discovered his relationship with her father. He was looking into the scared blue eyes of Mariemaia Khushrenada and she was begging him to save her.

With a quick nod from the leader, the guard who had been twisting her arms behind her back to the point of breaking them let her go, she barrelled across the room and into Heero, he wrapped his arms round her as best he could, considering the restraints.

"I see you do know each other, bit young to have a child that old aren't you? Anyway 01 here's the deal, you have two choices. You can chose the first option and refuse to talk, if that happens then you know that you've just sentenced your daughter to pain beyond that of which you've never felt before. You'll get to watch of course and we'll see if you're a bit more receptive to our questions after seeing her tortured to death."

"And if I talk?"

"Then you save her from torture and rape, after you tell us everything you know about the rebels, you can kill her yourself, as painlessly as you can manage. You have twelve hours to decide and say goodbye to your daughter, Use them wisely."

"And what's to stop me killing her now and then refusing to talk?"

"Because like it or not you are human and one of the key feelings a human can experience is hope, you have rescued your friends before and they have rescued you, what if you kill her and then you get saved? I'm surprised that as a father you even needed me to answer that question. I'll see you in twelve hours, until then."

Heero watched as the man leered unpleasantly and he felt the sudden urge to rip the bastard's throat out, he may have acted on the desire if it were not for the small body that was trembling against his, reminding him that it wasn't just his life anymore. 'How did they know?' He growled inwardly and, as if sensing his thoughts, a soft 'daddy?' reached his ears.

The guards smirked as he held her closer, it appeared that the legendary pilot had a heart after all. Then they left, leaving Heero in the dark clutching the shaking child close.

End Chapter One

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