This is a story about my two OCs but it also has Stitch and Angel enjoy!

Belleza and Trigger Chapter 1 To Be Without You.

237 looked around in the dead of night. Rain was pouring down on the vacant beach. She cried realizing that when she fell asleep she was with her love, but now when she awoke she was alone. She looked around wondering were she was. She was on the beach just outside of town, it turned out that she was standing inside a sandcastle.

"Wow nice craftsmanship" she said admiring the work that she was crushing. She stepped out of the sand castle and stepped into the night.

She saw shave ice stands, grocery stores, and a luau, that had tiki torches. She just kept walking and walking into the dead of night aimlessly searching for her love.

Meanwhile in Gantu's ship

"Warning experiment 237 activated." The familiar computer voice said.

"But mommy I don't want to go to school today! I want to stay home and bake cookies with you!" Gantu said in his sleep.

"Warning experiment 447 activated." The computer voice said.

Meanwhile with 237

"Where am I?" 237 asked the night, "Why isn't he here? Why must I be alone?" she said asking the darkness for answers that couldn't be found.

She fell to her knees and started crying. She wonder why she was cursed to be alive when she didn't know where her true love was or if he was even alive. She gave up all hope as she fell asleep in the street. She dreamt about her love for him and how they had held each other close just before she had been dehydrated, and when she woke up from dehydration he was gone. She dreamt about how he could always make her laugh even if death was upon them and she dreamt about the last words that they had said to each other, 'I love you'.

The next day

Again she woke up alone, but she wasn't in the street, no this time she was laying in a bed. "How did I get here? Where am I? Whats going on? Is he here? IS HE HERE?" she asked franticly to the empty room.

She cautiously looked around the room, she was laying in a bunk bed, and she could see a sewing machine, and a desk with a computer on top. She got out of bed and went to the door. She opened the door and proceeded down the stairs, and into the kitchen where she saw the walking noodle Pleakly.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the little monsters awake, Lilo its awake!!!!" Pleakley said running for cover.

"Don't worry Pleakley she can't hurt you, her power is stopping men from fighting." Lilo said entering the room.

"Well that doesn't seem very evil," Pleakley said calming down.

"That is where you are being with the wrongness." Jumba said entering the room. "She does it by seducing them." He whispered into Pleakley's ear.

"Oh still doesn't sound evil" Pleakley said unsatisfied.

"She could cause entire worlds to fall because no men would fight. If everyone is looking at her instead of fighting and wasting all their time trying to be alone with her" Jumba said. Lilo looked at her thinking, how could a little experiment like her destroy a world?

"Jumba how can you be so evil?" Lilo shouted at the Evil scientist.

"I am with the forgetting not big fans of evil." Jumba said.

"What is going on Jumba?" 237 asked.

"You are on Earth now 237." Jumba replied to the confused experiment.

"Where is he?" She asked her creator.

"He who? Oh, I don't know where 447 is" Jumba replied to her.

"NO!!!" she said crying again.

"Don't worry we'll find him, but we also must name you." Lilo said trying to comfort her, "I have the perfect name for you, Belleza (pronounced Ve yes A) it means beautiful." Lilo said.

"I like it." Belleza said as Stitch and Angel entered the room.

"Stitch, Angel, this is Belleza." Lilo said.

"Hi" Stitch and Angel said together.

"Hi" Belleza said blushing. Belleza walked outside thinking about 447, Lilo joined her shortly.

"Whats 447 like?" Lilo asked.

"He's tall and handsome, and when he throws something or shots a gun it's always dead accurate, that's his power you know. He must have been cupid one day because I was hit by cupid's arrow in the center of my heart. I love him. I fell asleep in his arms, just before dehydration, but when I woke up he wasn't there and I was here on Earth. I miss him so badly every second I'm without him I would rather be dead. I love him." She said reminiscing, "Do you mind if I name him?"

"No go right ahead," Lilo replied.

"Trigger, yes Trigger is perfect because he's so trigger happy." Belleza said thinking about her and Triggers last moments together before dehydration. She could still feel his hand holding hers, the way they felt when she placed her head on his chest and he held her tight. The feeling of him lying next to her at night. She began to cry again missing her bushi bu. She ran down the stairs and out into the street.

"Angel can you talk to her?" Lilo asked Stitch's bushi bu.

"Ih" Angel said walking outside. She saw Belleza crying just inside the wood. "Gaba?" Angel asked her.

"What would you think?" Belleza said holding back tears, "My man is gone and I'm all alone in this harsh new environment."

"Soka," Angel said trying to help her cope to her new surroundings.

Suddenly two containment tubes surrounded Angel and Belleza. "Haha, I guess its catch one experiment, and get another one free." Gantu said.

"Stitch its Gantu he just took Angel and Belleza away in his ship!" Lilo yelled at the blue furred alien.

"Gantu!" Stitch said running for the door, "Angel? Angel?" Stitch yelled running after Gantu's ship.

Meanwhile in Gantu's ship

"What do you mean she's gone?" asked a very confused 625.

"She's gone and she's never coming back. I love her and she's gone to never return. I shall die and wait for her at the gates of heaven for all eternity if I must." Trigger said grabbing a butcher knife, "I shall end my pain and wait for her" He poised the knife over his heart, he held it high and got ready to thrust it into his very soul when the doors opened.

"Trigger NO!!!" Belleza yelled to her newfound love.

"237? 237!" Trigger yelled throwing the knife into the center of one of 625's plushies.

"Hey watch the plush man!" 625 said biting into a sandwich.

"Trigger I love you." Belleza said hugging her mate.

"237!" Trigger said kissing her in return.

"Actually its Belleza now." Belleza said, "I love you." She said placing her head on his chest.

"I love you too. I'll never let you go this time, I'll never let you go." Trigger said tightening his grip on his bushi bu. While all this was going on Gantu was pressing buttons for the transportation pods.

"Awwww." Angel said admiring the couple.

"Hey hotcakes." 625 said to Angel.

Angel slapped him in the face "Don't ever call me that again!" Angel hit him again, "Not ever!"

"Okay not ever got it." 625 said to Angel. Gantu grabbed Belleza and pulled trigger off of her. He grabbed Angel with his other arm and placed them in two transportation pods.

"Let her go!" Trigger yelled at Gantu.

"Trigger save me! Save me Trigger!" Belleza pleaded to her mate.

"Okay I promise no matter what I'll find you. NO matter what I'll find you." Trigger said grabbing a plushie and pinned Gantu right in the head. Gantu laughed. Trigger grabbed a metal 2by4 and hit Gantu in the head. Gantu fell backwards onto a button. Stitch entered the ship just in time to see his bushi bu disappear in a flash.

"Angel!!!" Stitch cried to the empty container, "Bring bushi bu back!!" Stitch yelled at Gantu. Angel and Belleza appeared on the video screen.

"Gantu you have done well, you deserve a raize, but you didn't zend me experiment 447! You fizh faze you! You are fired!!" Hamstewheel said eyeing his two new experiments, "Damn these hairballs!"

"Stitch we have to save them." Trigger said eyeing the knife he had earlier. "I won't lose her again! Will you go with me?" Stitch nodded. Trigger grabbed the knife. "Stitch if you'll go into one of those transportation pods, I'll book us a flight." Trigger said pointing the knife at 625.

"Ih" Stitch said getting in the tube Angel was just in.

"Don't do anything drastic cousin." 625 said.

"Start the transportation 625." Trigger said thrusting the knife at his face.

"Okay Trigger you got it!" 625 said moving to the controls.

"Hey you can't do that!" Gantu said moving to Trigger. Trigger threw the knife at Gantu without even turning around and pinned Gantu's shirt to the wall.

"I can and I will" Trigger said grabbing another Knife from the kitchen. "Faster 625."

"I'm going as fast as I can I only have two hands and both of them are holding sandwiches!" Trigger got into the tube, still holding the knife just in case. 625 leaned forward to press the button, when the door opened to an exhausted Lilo.

"Stitch where's Angel and Belleza? Where are you going? I don't care, I'm going with you" Lilo said looking at Stitch.

"Naga Lilo stay!" Stitch said. 625 pressed the button and Trigger and Stitch were sent to rescue Angel and Belleza.

"625 why did you let them go?" Gantu asked him pulling the knife out of the wall.

"Hey he was going to throw that knife at my head and I didn't want to take one for the team!" 625 said sarcastically. "625 lets go!" Gantu said going to his small ship. Lilo left the ship without Stitch and without Trigger or Belleza.

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