Would you dance with me?

Written by: Adriana –hikari-chan–

Date: August 24th, September 12th, 2004

Disclaimer: Shaman King doesn't belong to me, ok? But Keiji and Momo do!

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Word list:

::: aa - yes (masculine) ::: anou - uh ::: ara - oh (femenine) ::: arigatou - thank you ::: daijoubu - don't worry ::: dakedo - but ::: demo - but ::: eeto – well ::: gomen/gomen ne/gomen nasai – I'm sorry ::: hai - yes ::: iie – no ::: k'so / kuso - all purpose curse, "damn" ::: mou - goodness, "geez!" ::: nande? - what the...? ::: nani? – what? ::: ne – hey, say (at the beginning of a sentence) ::: ne? - right? no? isn't it? , okay? (at the end of a sentence) ::: onegai - please ::: sumimasen – excuse me ::: sou ka? – , right? is it like that ::: sou ka... can be used as "you're right", "right", or "it is" according to the context ::: watashi – I :::

"Welcome, Shamans, to the Shaman Fight Ball!" Silva had announced in a deep voice and bowed at them.

The astounding background behind him made a magnificent scene. Golden chandeliers with many crystals and lights, waiters running all around the place to attend the guests, round, greatly decorated tables and a dance floor. Soft music flooded their ears. It almost made them gape.

"Yo, Silva!" Yoh had greeted cheerfully, waving at the tall Patch officer.

"Uh, er... Yeah, hi, Yoh-kun."


Tamao was gazing at the people in the ball room quietly, her heart thumping so loud that she was afraid the group of friends around her would hear it.

"Daijoubu, Tamao-chan!" a voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked up to meet Horo Horo gazing at her with twinkling blue eyes. He sat in his chair as he grinned sheepishly at her, "Everything will be alright, remember?"

"Hai," she smiled uneasily. She wasn't nervous about being with Horo-kun, being with him was actually fun, but rather she was nervous about the ball itself. She had never been in one before, not once.

"Let' dance, Anna-chan!" she heard Yoh-sama yell cheerfully as he dragged his unusually quiet fiancée to the dance floor as soon as a first song was played.

The pink-haired prophetess grinned inwardly, something had happened between those two because Yoh-sama looked particularly joyful tonight. Faust and Eliza joined them too. She observed the two couples dancing close, a few other guest swayed around as well. She let out a dreamy sigh.

"Hmm," Horo seemed thoughtful, "Come on, Tamao-chan. Let's go too!" Horo invited her to dance eagerly.

Tamao looked at Horo with a startled expression and she could only nod shyly to his request. He held her hand reassuringly to show her there was nothing to worry about, but she was still anxious. It was a perfect first song, though. The melody and the lyrics filled the pink-haired girl's ears as she looked at the grinning Ainu boy holding her waist. She looked down, flushing, and it earned a chuckle from him. They moved awkwardly at first.

The Ainu raked his blue hair with his fingers, laughing heartily. "Ne, Tamao, I'm not gonna eat you."

"G-gomen, Horo Horo-san," she fumbled an apology.

The boy laughed again, "And please, lets drop the formalities, ok? We're friends!"

She smiled softly, "Hai, Horo-kun."

Horo beamed. "That's more like it."

Tamao nodded and allowed herself to grin at him. As they danced, Horo took the liberty to twirl her around, her fluttery dress swaying around her.


Tamao and Horo were sharing a second piece when the boy took a glance at his sister and frowned. First he'd seen Pilica with the shark, otherwise known as Tao Ren,at the table the group was sharing, sitting stiffly on her chair as though she was bored to tears. And, to be honest, he was quite content about it; but that was besides the point. Then, some guy he definitely did not approve of had come near her when she was standing near the drinks. This did not, by any means, seem funny to him. He was already thinking of what he'd say to Ren about this matter... Hey, he had trusted him enough to protect his sister!

So, anyway... he had his speech ready when suddenly he noticed that Pilica was with the shark again and... dancing? Nande...?

His frown darkened... maybe he liked the little blondie more.

"Daijoubu," he heard Tamao whisper to him shyly, trying to reassure him, "Pilica-chan will be fine if she is with Ren-san."

Horo gripped the girl's hand subconsciously. "Aa, sou ka," he smiled, though it was a little strained. 'That's what worries me.'

Tamao giggled softly at him and nodded. His blue eyes searched for her dark pink ones. "Gomen nasai, Tamao-chan."

The girl paused to stare at him for a moment then shook her head, "Let's dance for now, ne?"

"Hai, hai!!" he yelled enthusiastically. Almost too enthusiastically, "But first, could we got eat something? I'm starving..." And as if to confirm his words, his stomach let out a soft growl.

Tamao sweatdropped, she had seen this coming. "Anou, let's go then..."



"This is gooooood!!" Horo sang as he swallowed down a second plate of smashed potatoes, bread, and turkey.

Tamao laughed awkwardly, taking a bite from her meal.

"Ahh, you should try this!" he exclaimed, almost shoving at her a piece of strawberry shortcake. She didn't even have time to wonder how he had passed to dessert already.

"Anou... Um, I... no thanks," she rejected his offer politely.

The blue-haired youngster gulped down a piece of bread and smiled sheepishly while scratching the back of his head. "Gomen, it's just that I eating food very, very much." He added an apologetic grin.

"Daijoubu, I understand," she smiled, "I love cooking very much too."

Horo's grin, if possible, got wider. "That's why I like you so much! And you're also very kind and pretty and..." he stopped dead in his tracks, his widened eyes mirroring hers. He had too much this time. Kuso! Damn him and his BIG mouth.

"Eeto... eh... hehehehe... I... I'm out of drink," he stood up almost mechanically, "Do you... need anything?"

"Wa-watashi... Iie, I'm fine," she looked away, her face turning a bright pink that rivaled her hair.

"Alright, then," he said and walked away, still moving along his shock.

Why did his beautiful and extremely hot person, he thought, had to have such a big mouth!? Okay, so maybe he had noticed that Tamao was cute, a little... Fine! She was really cute. But she was three years younger than him, practically a kid! Correction, A kid. And, and she had a crush on his friend, didn't she? Wait, why did that matter anyway?

He had met her only a few months ago, when Yoh, him, and their friends met up with Anna and the rest just before arriving at the Patch Village. And it had been just now, that she befriended his sister, that he had noticed her. Maybe he did noticed her before, because who wouldn't notice such a gentle and sweet girl?

...Good Lord, he was rambling now!

He finally reached the table of drinks. The Ainu found what he wanted and then, automatically drank three full glasses of soda, taking one more in his hand to drink at his table.

Who wouldn't notice Tamao? If he did, many others would...

Horo Horo paused. What the hell was he thinking!? Something was waaaay wrong with him...!


Tamao squirmed in her seat uncomfortably, wriggling her fingers around her pinkish, flowing skirt. Her hand trailed upwards and she carefully fingered the blue flower adorning her hair. It was a very rare, strange, and beautiful present from Horo Horo-kun. To celebrate her first official ball, he had said. She had been baffled when he gave it to her at her hotel door, with Pilica-chan and Ren-san as witnesses. But a carefree grin from the Ainu had made her forget about her embarrassment.

As she remembered the scene, she smiled again...

It was weird actually, how Horo Horo could make her flush so easily and yet not make her feel uncomfortable... It was the exact opposite to what happened when she was around Yoh-sama. Around the Asakura heir she would just start stuttering, and it would upset her greatly. Surprisingly enough, realizing that fact didn't upset her as much tonight. Perhaps it had something to with seeing Yoh-sama and Anna-sama looking so happy together (as happy as Anna-sama could look), or maybe because she didn't feel so sad when she saw them. Or maybe, just maybe... because she was really enjoying the night with Horo-kun.

The pink-haired girl smiled inwardly as she stopped caressing the soft petal of the bloom. Her eyes scanned the ball room in search for the Ainu, she wanted to thank him properly for the flower... for everything.

Her ruby, innocent eyes widened as she found him, though.

A girl clad in an overly revealing, red dress was looming predatorily over the flustered Ainu boy. Horo Horo seemed to catch Tamao's gaze as he backed away from the girl in utmost... fear? The prophetess gulped. The looked in Horo's eyes asked for help? But... but... why? A girl was after him and he was... afraid!?

Either way, she gathered courage and swallowed the knot in her throat.


One minute he was thinking how to apologize to Tamao for saying those things and ease her up a little, the other he's trying to escape from a madwoman. Had Hell break loose?

"Horo-chan, was it?" the girl practically purred in his ear.

"H-hai. Usui Horo Horo..." He was scared alright, but he wasn't about to rude with her.

"I like you, Horo-chan," she told him squarely, licking her red lips. "My name is Minaya Yui."

"Ahhh, er... hi?" he said, a bit rushed.

"Su-sumimasen," they both heard a meek voice, but the dark-haired girl took no notice. Horo's heart froze on the other hand.

"Sumimasen." Again, a soft voice called. The girl hastily turned around to meet a shorter, frail looking, pink-headed girl.

"Tamao-chan!" Horo yelled, almost in surprise and happiness as he recognized her. The girl presently clung at his shirt gave her an exasperated expression.

"What do you want?" she scoffed, annoyed, "Don't you see we're trying to have some fun here?"

"We're not..." The pale-faced girl raised a single finger to silence Horo's mouth. It felt cold against his lips, and he gulped down nervously.

"Hush, dear," she told him, then turned again to look pointedly at Tamao. "So?"

"I need to speak with Horo Horo-kun," she explained simply, somewhat squirming under the older girl's scrutinizing gaze.

"Ahh, sou ka? That won't be possible though. Horo-chan here and I are a little busy," her ice blue eyes glinted with obvious mischievousness.

"Hey!" Horo was about to protest when Yui, as she called herself, stomped her foot lightly on his own. Lightly as high-heeled shoes can get anyway.

"Demo..." Tamao fidgeted, oblivious to strained expression in the northerner's face. "Onegai..."

"Pshh.. Girl, you can talk to you brother later!" she said, smiling through gritted teeth.

"She's not my sister," the Ainu managed to escape the girl's grip. She staggered backwards a little. "Now leave me alone!" he said, placing himself slightly in front of Tamao, a frown gracing his features.

Yui pouted childishly. "Mou! I thought you liked me too, Horo-chan," she sniffed, "Am I that ugly?"

"Urk... I don't... er..."

"C'mon, Horo-chan," she slipped her arms around his shoulders, once again clinging unto him, as he laughed nervously. "Come with me!"

"Excuse me, miss," Tamao's voice was heard, louder and firmer than before. Both of them looked at her as she unclenched her fists and smiled warmly. "Horo-kun is my boyfriend," she explained in an even voice, "So leave him alone, NOW!!!"

The whole ball seemed to freeze for a split second as most of the guests and the Patch hosts turned their gazes at the pink-haired girl, who had said her last sentence loud enough for everyone to hear. Yui looked at her wide-eyed, as so did Horo, and her arms fell from the boy's neck. She fixed her dress as movement seemed to return to the place.

"Alright," she said, already walking away, "I'm not those kind of girls to mess up with taken men."

"Erm, I..."

"Arigatou!" Horo yelled suddenly, giving her a swift hug.

"Huh?" Tamao flushed, looking up at him with wide eyes.

"I was scared," he admitted, a bit ashamed, as he scratched the back of his head. A gesture, Tamao noticed, he did every time he was nervous.

"N-nani?" She blurted out the question. He was... scared? So, it hadn't been just her imagination?

"Ehehehehehehe," he scratched his head lazily, yet again. "I, um, you see, I am... er, really scared of girls," he finished quietly.

Tamao felt her eyes had fell from her shock.


Yui stopped in mid-stride and her blue gaze glazed over for a second.

"Ahh?" The dark-headed looked around confusedly after she had shook her head to clear her thoughts, "wasn't I at the bathroom?" She shrugged it off, grinning happily as she saw one of her friends in a nearby table.

"Kouji-kun!" she waved at a particular green-eyed blonde.


"Dakedo... and... what about Pilica-chan?" she questioned.

"She's my sister... and I am afraid of her..." He said, laughing.

"Anou, Horo-kun, before... weren't you always saying that you wanted a girlfriend? Anna-sama said..."

"Why do you think I don't have one?" he cut her as he grinned, "In my town, I always ran away from them. And believe me, they were a lot." Then he added as an afterthought, "I am a very sexy and cute person after all."

"Ahahahaha," she laughed awkwardly, sweat-dropping again. "Demo," she began again, "Horo-kun, with me...?" she trailed off.

He looked at her and laughed as she blushed. "I feel comfortable around you!" he stated simply, circling her shoulders with his right arm.

"You're funny, Horo-kun!" she said, in lack of something else to say.

"Now, Tamao-chan. Let's dance one more time, ne?"

"Ara!" she paused, then looked up at him while smiling, "Hai!"


"Nice work, Momo-chan!" her partner congratulated her, "You did a good job with the pink-girl!"

Momo blushed slightly as she flapped her wings. "And what about you, Keiji-kun? Two in a row!"

The blue fairy grinned, puffing his chest proudly. "I'm having a loooooot of fun!" he told her excitedly as Momo eyed new targets.

"Look!" she pointed out at a girl among the crowd, "That nun-girl!"

Keiji's eyes narrowed and tried to focus where she was pointing and laughed happily. He gave her a nod of agreement. Oh, they'd have a lot fun tonight.


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