A/N: Yes, this is a tragedy. Implied Marco/Dylan. That means SLASH. Don't like SLASH, don't read. I thought of this one day and decided I wanted to write it down, to channel my inner depression, or because I wanted to write a sad Degrassi story. Whatever. I revised this many times and this will be short, a few chapters. A character is dead, so Marco is going to a funeral. Yes, anguish, sadness galore. Lots of memories, which are in italics by the way, the present is normal. I have hankies for anyone who starts crying, like me! -cries- Please tell me how you felt when you read this, did it make an emotional impact? Or did it bore you to tears?

After the Rain


The sun was hidden, the streets below his window was slicked with wet. A dark van crunched swiftly into the driveway, rolling to a stop. A figure emerged and walked to the damp front mat. Voices drifted up from under the crack of his bedroom door.

The eleventh grader known as Marco Del Rossi turned away from window, closing the blinds and treading to his full length mirror. His reflection looked ghostly white, like a walking zombie.


The simple word tickled his mind with familiarity and his reflection's shoulders slumped downward. He was wearing a white shirt, black dress pants, and matching shoes. His dark hair laid tousled on his head, Marco didn't care to fix his hair. Was no use, it was just going to get messy again anyway. Hanging his head, his reflection looked dead.

Hey, dead.

A insane giggle escaped his lips and he covered his mouth to prevent anymore sounds. Someone was knocking on his bedroom door. Marco rasped, "Come in." The door opened and his best friend Ellie Nash entered, wearing a simple black dress, and looking very vulnerable without her usual black eyeliner. She looked at him with such careful concern and the first thing she asked, was the only thing he wished no one would, "How are you doing?" His face was emotionless, like a brick wall. "Good enough for some who wishes they could have gone with'em." Ellie looked like she wanted to retort but she must have decided not to because she changed the subject.

She murmured, setting her brown eyes on the bedside, "Oh, you left your jacket...on the bed...."

Ellie picked it up and placed it on his shoulders, he backed away immediately, a look in his eyes like he was a fearful caged animal, "I'm not a child El. I can put on my own jacket." She whispered, clasping her hands together, "Of course you can." Marco let the jacket slip off his shoulders and heard the boom of thunder off in the distance. Ellie walked over to him and gently held him by the elbow, "Come on, we're going to be late. It's going to start without us, I'll drive you down." He yanked himself away numbly, "What's it? Can't even bring yourself to say it, can you Ellie?" She saw that he was testing her and said comfortingly, "Marco, we're going to a funeral. I know that. We're going to Dylan's funeral."

He actually looked shocked that she had spoken so easily, without a trace of torture in her voice, or hint of hurt in her eyes. Marco's face looked disgusted at her and Ellie lost all pity for him at the moment, "Stop it Marco, stop looking at me like I've spat all over his grave or something. I'm sad, yeah, but it's not going to kill me. It's not going to kill you either. You'll get over it."

Marco couldn't believe her, she'd never understand. He shook his head, stepping away and she made a face. Marco said the next logical thing in his mind, "I hate you."

Three plain words.

He ran from his room, down the stairway, and out the front door. Marco didn't know how long he ran, or how far. He found himself sitting on a sidewalk somewhere, short winded. The sky above him matched his mood completely, gray and bleak. Minutes passed, and he felt strangely out of place. Marco wondered what any stranger would say if they saw a teenage boy sitting on a cold wet sidewalk in funeral clothes. Before he could consider that thought deeper, large round tires came into his view. A car door in front of him opened and Ellie was sitting in the drivers seat, she said, "Hop in." Marco was considering telling her off and just running again but instead he obeyed, sitting in the passenger seat and buckling up. She didn't look at him and she drove down several winding streets, her bright red hair was loose and flew freely around as a strong cool breeze blew through the open car window. Ellie spoke up, "I followed you."

He thought bitterly, Congratulations, you want a metal?

Marco closed his eyes, what was wrong with him? He never use to act like this, especially to his friends. She was only trying to help him and he was acting like an insensitive jackass. Marco looked at her slightly stony face and saw her hand resting nearby. He slipped his hand under hers and tightened his grip somewhat. Ellie glanced at him and saw the genuine apologetic smile on his face and turned away, saying softly, "You're forgiven."

Marco continued holding her hand and looked out his car window, rain droplets drizzled down the window pane in slow streams. Turning his dark brown eyes upward, a memory played in his head.

The sound of the final bell echoed in Degrassi Community School, and many students ran from the classroom and hallways, to outside freedom. The beginning of the new school year had started and everyone couldn't wait for the weekend. He had spun his combination around and got his locker open when a female voice materialized behind him, "Have a fun evening Lover Boy."

His red head friend grinned a wide grin at him and Marco had the urge to shove her, playfully of course. She walked away, her braids flying behind her as she picked up speed. He threw his books into his locker and Paige Michalchuk whistled in the distance, her boyfriend and one of his best friends Spinner Mason waved him over frantically. Her sugary sweet voice shouted, "Marco, get a move on! Dylan isn't going to wait much longer!"

At the sound of his boyfriend's name, a spurt of energy charged through him and he dashed over to them in no time. The blonde girl smiled arrogantly at Spin, "I told you if I said my brother's name, he'd go faster."

Marco and Spinner frowned at her, they began walking out. In the distance was a flash of bright light. Marco's eyes squinted a moment, it had been the sun reflecting off Dylan's convertible. His heart sped up, the sight of that particular boy did that to him. Dylan was no longer a senior but a college freshman at the 2 year Degrassi College Centre, a star hockey player and now the official boyfriend of Marco Del Rossi. Despite being a few years older, it didn't break their relationship. Marco's parents knew about it, and they didn't bother to learn more about it. More like, pretending it was never happening.

Marco found himself staring at the golden blonde curls shining around the older boy's smiling face, and the clear blue eyes that was sparkling with excitement. He almost reminded him of a beaconing angel.

Spin shook his shoulder, snapping him out of a merry daze, "Dude, are you coming or what?"

Paige and Dylan laughed good-naturedly and he blushed, sitting shotgun beside the driver. Spinner and Paige managed to squeeze themselves in the back, which suited them well as they made out the entire trip. They stopped in front of the college hockey stadium, for Dylan's first game of the season. As the two lovebirds left the car, Dylan kept Marco back. The younger boy stared into the blue eyes, that had a furtive glint shining in them.

Dylan asked inquisitively, "Marco, do you consider me as....a boyfriend?" Marco began flushing, he couldn't help it, "Yes...if you do....." He did, they had been going out for five months.

Dylan stated warily, "Well, there's something I've wanted to tell you, for a while now. . . ." Red crept up onto his face. Marco had never really seen him blush like this before. The blonde rubbed the back of his neck, eyes darting around a moment, "I guess, what I'm trying to say...is....."

He let out a deep sigh and shook his head, grinning, "You know what, I'm just going to have to tell you later tonight, on our date after the game." Marco spoke up, "But, we don't-" He grinned, catching on, "Oh. Well, I can't wait." Dylan grinned back and they shared a kiss, it had started out normal but grew very passionate. It was the first time in a while that they had a moment to share a kiss alone and undisturbed. Marco could smell the light shampoo in Dylan's hair and wondered what he looked like, soaking wet from head to toe, fully unadorned. The thought turned him on, they eagerly tongue wrestled for several instants before Dylan went to nipping the younger boy's neck. They were so deliriously in the moment, pressing against the leather seats that they almost lost track of time.

They sprinted outside the ice rink and stopped in front of the boy's changing room doors. Marco handed him his bag of things and Dylan slipped his arms around the Italian boy's small thin waist, kissing his mouth a moment before promising, "You won't be disappointed tonight Marco." The darker boy saw that bent smile and he was gone behind the locker doors.

Marco shoved his hands into his jean pockets, thinking how life couldn't be much sweeter then this.

He met up with everyone else in the stands, Craig and Jimmy greeted him, they had gotten rides of their own. Mr. and Mrs. Michalchuk was introduced by Paige to Marco and they seemed very friendly to him, it put him at great ease. The hockey game began and it was the Degrassi Panthers against the new school Moon South Tigers. They seemed to know what they were doing, but Degrassi was beating their butts way ahead in the match.

Marco, Paige, and Mrs. Michalchuk cheered loudly as Dylan scored for his team. One of the Tiger's kept illegally checking Dylan and his teammates, but Degrassi kept winning and the other team kept getting angrier.

The women and Marco booed as the one guy checked Dylan, the younger boy thought desperately; 'Jeez, leave him alone, will you?'

The boys joined in with them after a while, with more enthusiasm. Near the end of the game, Dylan and Paige's parents disappeared along with Craig and Jimmy, supposedly heading home or waiting for the game to end. Marco was left alone with Spin and Paige. The Tiger's lead player got out of the penalty box. Marco yelled gleefully as Dylan got the puck from him and raced down the other end of the rink, scoring, and ending the game with the Degrassi Panthers winning the game.

The crowd was on it's feet.

Marco was screaming so loud with joy that his throat was sore.

The aggressive Tiger player came out of nowhere and bashed his stick in till Dylan's helmet furiously.

The crowd grew silent. And Dylan fell to the ground unmoving.

He remained that way.