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After the Rain

For the first time, in a long time, the sun had stopped hiding from behind the clouds and covered Degrassi street brightly. It was such a beautiful day outside, kids from down all streets played in parks and yards, adults conversed with smiles on their paled faces.

One teenage boy walked through the iron gates of a graveyard, looking around once before emerging into the cleanly trimmed grass.

It had been a few weeks since the funeral and it was forgotten...some. But, there was still something's that Marco had to let go.

The sixteen-year-old wandered past pots of colorful flowers and statues of lost souls, to a certain engraved tombstone. He knelt on one knee in front of it and gave a half smile, saying aloud, "Hey. I've missed you Dyll, everyone has. I have something for you." Laying in his palm was a tiny necklace, a symbol of an angel spreading it's wings dangling from the chain.

"Yeah, it's the necklace you gave me after our first month anniversary. I have to let you go, so, I'm giving it to you."

Marco dug his fingers into the soft earth and planted the necklace into the hole, replacing the dirt over it well.

The boy whispered an I-love-you and kissed his fingertips, brushing them over Dylan's name. Marco stayed in this position for a few more seconds before getting up and leaving. Before he could exit the gates, Marco turned back to see a butterfly seating atop the grave marker, perched calmly.

Silently walking home, the teenager got home and went to bed soon after supper.

Over time; his parents had begun to treat him with more respect and openness, the kind he deserved. Ellie had stopped trying to protect him from everything and went back to her caring-once-in-a-while self, and everything had came back into perspective.

That night, Marco dreamed.

This place was familiar, although he had never seen it before. Marco was standing in a room, it had soft colored walls of peach, a bookcase, and a few leather chairs against the walls. It looked like a regular sort of living room.

Something filled the air. The sweet smell of shampoo.

He looked down at the gray carpeted rug, expecting someone to be behind him, "I'm not sad anymore." A deep voice stated, "You shouldn't have to be."

Strong arms encircled Marco's waist and he felt the person press him close, "You are so beautiful." The darker boy turned to scrunched blue eyes, curls of blonde, and a very wide grin. Marco murmured, reaching out to touch the face, "Tell me this isn't a dream." Dylan's voice seemed slightly detached as he whispered in his ear, "I'd be lying."

The shorter boy leaned his head on the broader chest in want, "Stay with me. Please."

"I always will Marco. I always be here."

The blonde raised the other boy's face up, "I never got the chance to tell you, but I love you Marco. I truly love you and I always did. I didn't tell you because I was afraid and I'm sorry."

Marco breathed, "No, if I had kept you in the car. . ." Dylan said tranquilly, "I don't hold any grudges. It won't change anything."

Marco whispered bitterly, almost reassuring to himself, "I always will....I always will..." Closing his eyes a moment then reopening them to blue eyes mellow. The elder laughed, "I can't think of anything corny or wisdom-like to tell you. Only that, life needs you."

Marco kissed him, wanting the joy and happiness he once craved for.

"Goodnight, my love," said the older boy.

"G....Goodbye," said the latter.

Marco was left alone in his dream.


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