Over Protected

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Ch 1: Heir to the throne

Draco Malfoy a handsome 17 year old boy with bottomless gray eyes and golden, silvery hair was in a dark room staring into two crimson slits that were the eyes of Lord Voldemort his father's master whom was now also his. Draco was clad in black as was everyone else in the room. In a way it was comforting to Draco, he found that they blended into their surroundings. Something Draco has always been intent on, blending into his surroundings. Becoming invisible was the only way to survive in his household during his training, now after his initiation it would be easier to live with his father. His father was the master's right hand, every plan was discussed with him, no one was initiated without Lucius Malfoy's consent.

Because the master was never able to marry because of secrecy reasons Draco was to be the next Dark Lord. He was the heir to the Dark throne, the one reason his father trained him so hard, the reason he had no fear of joining the Dark Lord's circle. He knew he was going to enjoy the experience of ruling the world. The only thing he was going to regret about his joining the Dark side was the arranged marriage, the Dark Lord and his father would pick the woman he was to love and wed.

The initiation ceremony was soon over and as Draco gently fingered the skull and serpent imprinted on his arm, the Dark Lord walked over to him.

"How is your arm feeling Mr.Malfoy?" Voldemort had always cautious around him. The only person he had ever really cared about.

"Master the numbing spell you placed has been very welcome and appreciated, I can feel nothing."

"Good, I'm very glad to hear that. Now Draco kindly follow me to my office, we have private matters to discuss about your first mission."

Draco followed the Dark Lord through the crowd of Death Eaters they were in the basement of the Riddle House where they were stationed. The two men climbed a small staircase leading up to a library, Voldemort loved libraries they were his sanctuary, the library was the Dark Lord's office.

"Now Draco, as you know, you will be having an arranged marriage. Your father and myself have chosen the woman you are to wed. The day you are to marry will be chosen by you, we saw no reason to go into the details. The only problem is that the woman you were supposed to marry disappeared when you were 9 months old, at this time she was a newborn baby. She was my daughter."

Draco was shocked, his whole life he had been told the reason he was heir to the Dark throne was because Voldemort had no children. Now this news surprised him.

"My Lord I am in shock, I have been always told you had no heir. That was always the reason I am your heir according to my father."

"Yes Draco, I am well aware of this but you were young. We found no reason to tell you about your bride or the fact that no one even knew if she was alive. But now I know that she is. This has to do with your mission. It is to find my dear Eliza, which is short for Elizabeth, and bring her back to me."

"My lord I will go on this mission faithfully, I will not fail you."

Draco stood to leave, however he had a lot of unanswered questions swimming around in his mind.

"We are not finished here Mr. Malfoy, if you would kindly remain seated."

"Yes my lord, I beg your pardon."

"Granted, now let us begin to discuss the details of this grave mission of yours."

"May I ask one question my lord?"

"Yes Draco."

"How do you know she is alive?"

"Ah your question will be answered as I finish my tale. Now let me tell you what happened to my dear daughter and how her disappearance came to occur."

"I would be grateful for knowledge on the subject."

"It begins with my romance with Anabelle Black. We were very much in love and we eloped. Soon after Anabelle became pregnant with Elizabeth, unfortunately our marriage was short lived. Ana died in child birth, after her death I promised to never fall in love again. Instead I decided cherish my daughter forever. It was the night of my downfall, I had set out to Godric's Hollow to kill Harry Potter. That night I left Eliza in the care of an injured Death Eater. I'll never forget his name, it was Giovanni De'Blanc. His family had originally been half French and half Italian. Then they had migrated to England. I never did like him, he always acted suspiciously. Turns out he was a spy, he was the one that took away my precious Eliza. I have never forgiven myself for leaving her with him. The good thing is that I gave her a silver locket with a tracing spell the day she was born."

" How does the tracing spell work?"

"Her presence is tracked on this map."

Voldemort handed Draco a long piece of yellowing parchment. It showed a small dot labeled Elizabeth, next to the dot was the address 8 Collins Road, Surrey England.

"Please just find her Draco. You might want to leave now that she is probably sleeping."

"As you wish master."

"Oh and another thing De'Blanc was good at changing appearances, he might of changed hers. Just say alterus façade and if you don't see a raven haired beauty with pale skin and violet eyes you have the wrong girl."

"Thank you master. I will now be on my way."

Draco walked briskly out of the room remembering the spell that would show Elizabeth's true face. He knew he would have to collect a couple of things before he could go on this mission. He would need his broom, a Flame Starter 2005, his invisibility cloak, his wand, and money. He figured it would be better to explain why he was kidnapping her over a cup of coffee instead of just telling her to shut up and taking her to her father. Apparating to his own room in the Malfoy Mansion, Draco collected his supplies and set off into the night on his broom.

Hermione Granger sat on her bed facing the wall, she had always known she was adopted her parents wasted no time in telling her when she was very young. The dream she had just had was very confusing though. It depicted her father kidnapping her, except his name was not William Granger. The people around him were all Death Eaters and they called him De'Blanc. She also saw a lady with black hair looking at her lovingly then fainted, next to her a man in a black cloak started crying and took Hermione in his arms. Hermione could not figure out this dream so she continued to stare at the wall next to her bed pensively. Behind her she heard the windows slam open and the room became breezy, as Hermione turned around to step of bed and close the window she saw a dark figure behind her.

"Who is there?" Hermione called out softly, she was scared out of her mind.

"Alterus Façade"

That was the only respond she got and with it a flash of light. Hermione quickly reached for her wand.

"Lumos." She muttered underneath her breath.

Hermione let out an audible gasp at what she saw. Standing before her was a drenched Draco Malfoy with his wand outstretched. Even more to her horror behind him was the only mirror in her room and as she looked into it the person with bushy hair and brown eyes she knew so well was not looking back at her.

"Oh My God! What did you do to me Malfoy?" Hermione was mad at him for all of this. She knew he hated her, but to sneak into her room in the middle of the night was extremely low.

"Elizabeth your father is waiting your arrival."

Hermione was confused. Why was he calling her Elizabeth? Sure that was her middle name but to refer to her as that was utterly preposterous.

"Malfoy that's not my name and you know that very well."

"What is your name Elizabeth?"

Hermione could hear that the question was asked hesitantly by the sound of his voice. She could not understand why he was acting so strangely, perhaps he was drunk.

"Hermione, Hermione Granger. Remember the mudblood."

"F! No fing way!"

Suddenly he ran over to her covered her mouth and dragged her into the bathroom connected to her room and secured the door. As he switched on the light she saw once more the girl with raven black hair, a pale complexion, and those frightening violet eyes. 'What exactly has he done to me.' After a couple of seconds she heard her mother walk into the room.

"Hermione are you in the bathroom?"

"Just act normally." Malfoy whispered into her ear.

"Yes mother I'm using the bathroom. Nothing to worry about, why are you in my room anyway?"

"Oh okay. Well no reason I just heard some strange noise."

"Okay well I'm fine so you can go back to bed."

"You sure sweetheart?"

"Yes mother I'm sure."


"Yes mother."

"Just one more question."


Her mother's voice was coming nearer and nearer to the bathroom door.

"Since when do you sleep with the window open and why is there a wet Flame Starter 2005 in the corner of your bedroom?"

Suddenly the door opened and Hermione found her mother standing in the doorway with a wand in her hand. Malfoy was quick to react, his arm slipped around her waist and his wand was pointing at her mother.

"Now, that really is two questions isn't it?" he replied slyly.

Her mother was about to disarm him with a spell when they apparated to Voldemort's office.

Hermione's head was spinning one second her mother had a wand, the next second she was standing in Voldemort's office. Due to the sudden stress and the two red eyes examining her Hermione fainted, only to be caught by two strong arms.