Still Needing You

By Riyukku Sayuri

Author's Note: Um, this fanfiction will really be strange because Syaoran is no longer the "good boy" that Sakura used to know him as, and Tomoyo will soon be changing as well. I did not add anything about the currency because I'm not very familiar with it. Anyways, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I in no way own Kinomoto Sakura, Li Syaoran, or Cardcaptor Sakura in any way possible. Except I wish I did! Someone buy them for me! (I especially want to own Syaoran!! )

While Sakura Kinomoto rollerbladed down the street in her stylish pink rollerblades with Tomoyo walking beside her. She could just see the ever-popular Syaoran Li walking down the street with his new girlfriend.

Syaoran and Sakura had both gone bad and their young love had separated and they had changed dramatically. Syaoran's reason – to be cool – and Sakura's reason – because Syaoran had left her. Sakura left only a bit of her cheery exterior and kept her interior the same. Syaoran, however, changed his look and his personality. He now ignored Sakura even though she tried to get his attention. He called her bossy and cursed a lot. Sakura followed. She only wanted to be his love again and missed his personality from before.

Sakura could only wish that he didn't go into dating and acting cool. Now that there were no more uniforms, he wore the new 'stylish' clothes in his genre and no longer wore green or even enjoyed that color. He called it 'okay' and called dark, gloomy colors 'perfect' for him. And now Sakura was left with a heavy heart and Meiling tried to talk him out of it, but it never worked. Syaoran was in the in group with stunning grades and had forgotten everything he once loved – even Sakura.

"Look at him with Asahi Raku. She just total adores him and look at me with nothing," Sakura huffed painfully.

"Oh there, there. Don't worry. It's okay," Tomoyo said in a cherry voice.

"Gomen, Tomoyo, but I just... it's too hard. I don't know how to tell you this. I don't even think I can. Well, actually, there isn't much to say except that I can't. Gomen but my mind is not clear this day. I'm so... alone," Sakura sighed. She looked at Asahi Raku and longed for Syaoran to hold her and embrace her, yet she knew he'd only embrace Raku – she was trash to him.

"Do you think Raku is using him?" Tomoyo asked.

"I... I don't know," Sakura replied.

As Sakura's day progressed, she couldn't help but groan whenever she saw Syaoran and Raku together. It was killing her and she knew it. She wasn't doubting it and she knew it was happening. She longed to tell him how much she loved him. She went through classes thinking of him and wailing at every moment she shared with him knowing he didn't love her. She could only sit there and stare. Stare hurtfully at the one she so loved.

Why did he leave me? I still love him... and I always will. Doesn't he see that? Can't he understand my true feelings for him? I guess I should just... give up. Not like he cares. He loves his girlfriends and I'm just nothing.

Sakura sighed as she strapped on her rollerblades and pads, not knowing what to do. She saw Syaoran clutching Raku close to him. What was she to do? She was so lonely and felt unloved. She was obsessed with her sadness and longed for him to notice her. It was just... devastating for her.

"Sakura!" Touya hollered.

"Gomen, what was it that you wanted?" Sakura apologized.

"Tomoyo called," he growled.

"Oh, okay," Sakura replied.

She shuffled up to her room, thinking nonstop about why Tomoyo called and why she longed for Syaoran – Syaoran the jerk. She couldn't help but think what if she changed her cold look into some slutty look; one like Raku's.

This is ice cold love and no girl is going unlock his heart before me – and I mean no girl!

a/n: Oh my! Sakura's determined, isn't she! Well, the next chapter isn't completed yet since I was focusing so hard on Always With You! So get ready for a pounding experience right after! And there will be no mentioning of the Clow Cards this time. ;;