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Farscape/Everybody I can think of crossover.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything here and am not making any money.

Timing: Farscape after season 4 after Aeryn and John have been put back together again

Summary: While testing out new modifications to Crichton's module, John & Aeryn are sucked into a wormhole and thrown into a Parallel Dimension. It's now up to John Crichton to get them back to their own dimension and Moya.

Author's Note: The 1st chapter will be them getting sucked into the wormhole while then each subsequent chapters will set in a different dimension. All subsequent will be from a Farscape perspective.

Chapter One: The Accident

John had been meaning to upgrade the systems on his module for quite some time, but some emergency had always come up; getting back together with Aeryn, rescuing Aeryn from the Scarrens, rescuing Scorpius from the Scarrens, closing the wormhole to Earth, and becoming crystalline and waiting for someone to put him back together.

Becoming crystalline had been new and… interesting experience.

"I'll never look at crystals the same way again," muttered John

"What?" asked Aeryn.

"Nothing, just talking to myself again"

"Is Harvey acting up again?"

"No just me, at least for now."

"Okay, just pay attention to what you're doing," and with that she turned back to the new sensor package she was installing in the cockpit.

"Sure, whatever, back to business," he said as he continued to remove the external sensors.

4 arns later…

"Okay that's done it, tomorrow, Test Flight; and you're coming with me."

"Why me?" Aeryn asked.

"'Cause you hooked up the internal segments and if anything goes wrong…"

"You mean as usual?" she remarked sarcastically.

John glared at her then continued, "You get to be stuck with me 'till Dargo gets his ship and fetches us."

Aeryn didn't answer him. She just eyed him testily.

"Look at this way, if anything goes wrong we get to spend some time together, alone, and you can talk to me about whatever you've wanted to talk to me about, okay?"

"Deal, so what are we going to do for the rest of the night?"

John just smiled huskily at her, "What do you think?"

"Thought so."

The Next day

"You okay back there, Aeryn?" asked John.

"Yes, let's get this over with quickly with no problems," Aeryn replied from behind Crichton.

"Here's hoping," muttered Crichton, "All systems checked, yo Pilot, open the bay doors."

"Of course Commander, doors…are opening now," answered Pilot.

Even as Pilot spoke the hanger bay door gently, but quickly, opened. Crichton then gently eased the module out of Moya and sped along to their destination. This morning Crichton had picked out a nice deserted system that Moya had picked up on sensors last night. It would take them 40 microts to get there at maximum Hetch. When they got there, John intended first to scan the system from the orbit of the furthest plant to try out the Farscape 1's new sensor range and modes. They would then go into the system and scan the inner planets from orbit. Then they would try out some new maneuvers to test the new inertial dampers of the module. Hopefully, if all went well, they would be finished and back on Moya in a few arns, just in time for lunch.

Not that my plans always work out as I plan them, John sarcastically thought.

Oh John, stop deluding yourself, your plans NEVER work as you intend them to, not that is necessarily a bad thing, remarked Harvey thoughtfully. A Harvey that was dressed in a blue Hawaiian shirt and drinking a pin colia.

Go away Harvey, go back to whatever party you were at, I don't have time to mess around with you now, John retorted gruffly

Harvey just shrugged apathetically and said, As you wish John but I must say I find this earth concept of spring break most intriguing…and most enjoyable, and with an evil, all knowing smile, dissolved back into the deep recesses of John Crichton's mind.

"Frelling neural clones," John complained.

"What?" inquired Aeryn.

"Nothing Sunshine, just our friendly neighborhood neural clone"

"What did he want this time?"

"Nothing, just messing with me, that's all"

"Okay," and with a shake of her head Aeryn continued, "Anyway, pay attention; we're coming up on the outer planet now"

"Sure let's fire up those sensors and start a testing…" John enthusiastically remarked.

Meanwhile on Moya

"Pilot, did John and Aeryn say when they would be back?" asked Dargo

"Neither Officer Sun nor Commander Crichton specified how long they would be gone beyond saying they would be back for lunch," answered Pilot

"Keep an eye out for any other ships in the area Pilot and notify me immediately if Moya spots any in the surrounding systems; and make sure to keep a special eye on John and Aeryn," ordered Dargo.

"Of course captain," replied Pilot.

"Relax Dargo, they know how to take care of themselves," remarked Chiana.

"It's not them I'm worried about, it's John. If there's any trouble to be found in a deserted system, then IT will find John all by itself," complained Dargo.

"Of course it will, that's John Crichton out there," replied Chiana with an innocent smile.

Dargo just glared at her.

1 arn later, in orbit of the third planet

After completing the first round of tests, John and Aeryn traveled to the third planet of the solar system. They had just completed the sensor analysis of the planet and were almost finished with the atmospheric tests. The Farscape 1 was slowly orbiting the third planet.

"Okay Sunshine how about we try the 'ole farscape maneuver?"

Her silence was the only answer he needed.

"Come on Aeryn…"


"Pretty please with honey on top,"


"I promise nothing is going to happen," he pleaded as he turned to face her.

She was just sitting there eyeing him as she would eye potential enemies, looking for signs of weakness and deception. Then she rolled her eyes and sighed, "I know if I don't let you try it I'll never hear the end of it, and if I do let you you'll frell it up some way."

John just smiled his know-it-all smile.

Aeryn finally relented, "Okay, but if anything happens then just remember I warned you!" she said as she poked him in the chest.

"Ouch, what was that for?"

"What do you think?"

"Sure, whatever," he said as he rubbed his chest and turned back to the controls.

Gently the Farscape 1 started to accelerate as its orbit decayed. As they reached the curve of the planet the exterior of the module started to heat up more and more until you could it see it glowing red in the darkness of space. They were moving away from the planet at one half lightspeed when it happened.

Opening up in front of them was a gigantic green tunnel.

They had no time to react.

By the time they saw it they had already entered it.

At the same time on Moya

"Captain Dargo, They've DISAPPEARED off scanners and Moya has detected some type of anomaly," reported a severely distressed Pilot.

"WHAT TYPE OF ANOMALY, is it a wormhole?" demanded a screaming Dargo

"No! We don't know what it is, we've never encountered anything like it… it's disappeared itself now!" said Pilot becoming more and more distressed with each piece of information.

Chiana, had been listening to their conversation piped in and grimly said, "See I told you trouble would find them all by itself."

Author's Notes: Feedback is appreciated. Suggestions as to which dimension they should visit first are also appreciated, really really appreciated