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Chapter 38 Transitions

Kara flew through the air heading towards the Kent farm, her talk with Crichton and his subsequent offer to join them, at the forefront of her mind. She wanted to talk things over with Ma and Pa Kent before she took any decisions, they had helped her with so many decisions since that fateful day that Kal had revived her from stasis and saved her from frozen dead Argos.

She maintained her speed at subsonic speeds, she didn't want to alert or scare any of the residents especially as she was wearing her old Supergirl costume. She traced the curve of the bold stylised S brazenly displayed across her chest, with her finger. The sigil of the Kryptonian House of El. Because of what Kal and the others had done, what had once been a noble symbol of hope had been transformed into one of tyranny and oppression, but Kara hoped one day she'd turn it back into what it once was.

Eventually, she reached the farm and she slowly descended from the air to land in the back yard where Ma and Pa Kent were.

"Hey Ma, Pop, it's been a while," Kara said with a sad smile. "I know its been a while but things have really changed." She paused and pursed her lips, "recently I've been given a new option. It's something new that's just opened up for me...it's a drastic option mind you, and you know I don't think there's any going back after I take it."

She stopped and looked away, gazing at the green Kansas landscape that surrounded her, she pursued her lips, "it might not be better, it's probably going to be more dangerous-its a whole new adventure though, and I think that's what I need now. There would be a lot of travelling, going to strange new places, and the chance to see things most people would never dream to see in ten lifetimes."

She paused, pursing her lips, before continuing, "I've tried everything here, but...after Kal and the others...it's not a question of too hard, it's that I wield too much power. It's been five years and they're all still afraid of me, afraid of what happens if I get pushed over the edge just like Kal."

She took a deep breath and shook her head mournfully, "I need this, I need a new start. And I guess...this is it." she took a deep breath, "I think I've already made the decision. Even before I came to talk to you, but, I had to come talk to you. You both were like a second set of parents, you took me in and treated me as your own without a seconds hesitation. So I guess...I came here today to say goodbye."

She took a shuddering deep breath as a silent tear slowly rolled down her cheek, and gazed down at the two silent graves that she stood over.



John Crichton waited patiently with an impatient and disgruntled Russ as Aeryn gently brought one of the Farscape 3's shuttles in for a landing.

The shuttle came to complete stop and the ramp slowly descended, and out floated Kara wearing a bloated backpack and holding a massive suitcase in each hand. She saw Crichton and smiled at him, totally ignoring the angry towering Primarch, and floated towards them before landing in front of them.

"Is there a reason that I had to send a shuttle to get you?" asked Crichton inquisitively, "Couldn't you have just flown up or something?"

Kara nodded, "Sure," she held aloft her suitcases, "But I don't know about you but I don't have vacuum proof suitcases. I prefer it when my underwear isn't frozen solid. Do you know how long it takes for clothes unfreeze after being in absolute zero?"

Crichton snorted, "Good Reason."

"I know. So which way to my room?" she retorted tartly.

"Just follow the blinking lights," cut in Farrie before Crichton could answer.

"Ok, get settled and then I'll introduce you to the rest of the crew," Crichton added.

Kara smiled and started to float away from them.

Before she got too far, Russ growled gruffly, "I will keep an eye on you Xeno."

Kara's only response to this was to turn her head towards him and blow a raspberry at him without stopping.

Russ's eyes flickered dangerously, "Foul Xeno," he turned and stamped off in the other direction muttering acidly under his breath, leaving Crichton standing alone in the docking bay.

Crichton clapped his hands together and rubbed them mock merrily, "Oooh, fun times are ahead." he said in a deadpan.


Later, in the main mess hall

Martin Jess dug into the meal in front of with a gusto that he hadn't felt for a long time, sure the meat was something alien called nerf, some sort of space cow from Vos's dimension, but it didn't matter.

For the first time in long time Jess felt...free. More than that he felt energized and alive. As a young boy he hadn't had many aspirations other than surviving especially after a bullet had taken his eight year old away from him. It had just been the first true act of violence that had started down his damned path of senseless violence that eventually led to wrathful murder and then to a Xenomorph HK team.

But ever since they been rescued from the jaws of death, he'd felt renewed, this was the universe giving him a second chance at life and he wasn't going to squander it.

"I don't think I've ever seen anybody so enthusiastic when eating reconstituted nerf steak," mused a dry female voice from behind him.

Jess stopped, his fork halfway to his mouth and turned to face the speaker. He found the Crichton's attractive human nanny, Drae standing behind him with a tray of food in her hands. A small part of Jess mind noted that she was wearing a very nice simplistic chocolaty brown dress that contrasted her skin.

"Hey Drae, you want some?" he asked waving his fork with a pierced bit of nerf of steak on it at her.

Drae shuddered, "No thank you," she said as she placed her tray next to him and took the seat next to him at the tale. "Our time in the Hapan Royal household spoiled me, their chef made an exquisite nerf steak there, each bite would melt in your mouth and well...I simply can't make myself call that nerf steak!" she explained with another shudder.

Jess laughed, "Well than more for me!" he said before stuffing more of the steak into his mouth.

Drae gave him a small smile and started in on her meal.

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Jess said, "So Hapan Royal household? Sounds very fancy and formal?"

Drae nodded, "Exceedingly so at times, we were guests of the Hapan Queen Mother Teneniel Djo for several years while Crichton helped develop and build this ship and other like it for the Hapans."

She paused before answering, "Some parts of it were," she mused quietly.

Jess gave her a sideways looked and decided that maybe he should switch to a different and hopefully happier subject.

"Where'd Crichton pick you up?" he asked. "Don't tell me he got your résumé from a transdimensional nanny service that caters to families lost in the multiverse, right?"

Drae laughed, "Actually I was imprisoned by my god and Crichton saved me."

"Ah...oook," Jess managed to say in response.

Silence descended on them as Jess's mind cartwheeled around looking for more fun subject to talk about.

This time Drae broke the silence between them, "Have you heard about our new shipmate?"

Jess perked up excitedly, "The alien? Farrie told me about her. She's a real life superhero!"

"That I what Farrie and Crichton called her, is this a concept that all Earth humans understand?" Drae asked in confusion.

"Hell yeah, I've always loved superheroes!" beamed Jess.

"Well that's always good to hear, because her comes our newest arrival," cut in Drae pointing out the young blonde woman who had just entered the mess hall.

Jess raised his fork and waved it the young woman, "Yo New Girl come join us!" he called out with a smile.

The woman raised her hand in acknowledgement and gave them a careful tentative smile, before moving to grab a tray of food that had been prepared by the mess hall droids.

She walked towards Drae and Jess's table and took a place opposite them.

"Hey, so you're the new girl?" Asked Jess with an appraising look.

"New Girl? Really? What are we in high school or something?" Kara snorted in disbelief.

"Hey, hey just being friendly, I haven't actually been here that long either," Jess admitted raising his hands in a mollifying gesture.

"Sorry, not used to people being so friendly to me these days." She shook herself and then gave them wide welcoming smile, "let's try this again. Hi I'm Kara In-Ze, and yes I'm the new girl."

Jess nodded, "I'm Martin Jess, this is Drae." he jerked his fork at Drae.

"Greeting, I hope you will be happy here among our group of misfits," Drae said warmly.

"Thanks, I hope I will...though I don't think everyone will be as welcoming as you two here," she replied.

"Oh yeah, Farrie made sure we all heard about that!" Jess exclaimed between mouthfuls of steak. "That would have been something to see! Fucking-a!"

"Language!" Drae glared at him.

"Sorry, anyway, I saw what he did to the Xenomorphs and Hunters all by his lonesome and I thought, damn this is the meanest baddest SOB that I'm ever going to run into! Candyman would have loved to meet him!" he paused remembering his dead friend mournfully before continuing, "Then bam! There you making him your little bi-uh, I mean making him your...well you know what I mean." he finished casting a slightly flustered look at Drae.

Kara laughed, "I get the picture, he's a force of nature isn't he? At least to other people."

"The Primarch comes from a very unforgiving and brutal universe, one I am thankful we did not have to spend much time in," Drae admitted, "He is a product of his surrounding and his creation."

"Yeah, Farrie told me a little about that, he's somebody's successful science experiment," Kara said with unease as she started eating. "I've met a lot of scientists that tried to make something like him, most were spectacularly unsuccessful."

"I'll bet you have some truly awesome stories," Jess commented excitedly.

Kara nodded and started talking about a few of the mad scientists she had encountered in her tenure as Supergirl, as Drae and Jess listened in rapt attention.

Time passed and their meals very finished but they still sat and talked as Kara's story continued. So engrossed were they that did not at first notice when Russ entered the mess hall.

They finally noticed when a shadow fell over the group, as the towering three metre tall demigod slowly passed by their table and specificity behind Kara's chair.

His feral golden eyes stared down at her as he passed by their table. Without a word he passed by letting his menacing eyes do all the talking for him.

Kara ignored him and continued with her story without even sparing Russ a glance.

The story started to wind down but Jess wasn't paying much attention now. Even though he was not the recipient of the hateful stare, Jess squirmed as he watched the Primarch stomp past with wide eyes, "This could get uncomfortable..." he said under his breath.


For a second time, Count Iblis fumed as he watched the Farscape 3 escape into an interdimensional wormhole and into a new dimension before he could spring his trap. He snorted angrily and turned his attentions back to Earth, Darkseid's forces would be attacking soon.

He didn't have to wait long for the fireworks to start. Boom tubes started opening all across the globe, London, Tokyo, Gotham, Metropolis, Star City, Cairo, Sydney, no city was safe as Parademons, floating tanks and the full might of Darkseid's armies spewed forth from Apokolips.

Pandemonium spread as the senseless carnage continued nearly unopposed. Here and there, police and military forces would try to push back, Lord Batman rallied the few remaining superheroes still around while Cadmus unleashed their Ultimen.

All tried to turn the tide but the all were too few and too weak.

All were overwhelmed and beaten.

At least this wasn't a complete waste of time and effort, Count Iblis mused idly as he sat back and watched Earth burn.

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