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Chapter 41 Quality over Quantity Part 3

The Uruk-hai army approached, a sea of flesh and metal filled the valley. Steadily and relentlessly, they came the sound of ten thousand marching bodies echoing in the dusk and speaking of impending doom for the protectors of Helm's Deep.

Saruman's army came on, assured of their invincibility and that none could oppose them. The Rohirrm were locked away in their fortress, the Horse Lords deprived of their greatest advantage.

Their cavalry.

There would be no charges here. Their numbers were too few and the very walls that protected the Rohirrm, chained them there and banished their greatest advantage.

Gorzic, leader of the Uruk Vanguard, strode forth at the forefront, assured of his prowess and his chances of breaking the walls of the Hornberg. He cursed promises of blood and death at his warriors, urging them deeper and deeper into a battle frenzy.

The walls of the fortress grew nearer and nearer with every moment. He could see the indistinct shapes of the humans arrayed on the battlements waiting for battle to be joined. Bowmen stood with their bows lax but ready, waiting for the Uruk-hai to come into their range.

He grinned in anticipation, his lips curling into a cruel smile over sharpened teeth and black gums.

They marched on, closer and closer to the walls of the Hornberg, their bloodlust rising with every step.

With a raised arm, Gorzic brought the vanguard to a stop. He frowned up at the Rohirrm. They were in range of their bows but they had not started their attack.

A noise drew his attention towards the gates of the Hornberg. He frowned in surprise and suspicion as the gate opened.

Were they going to sully out in one grand cavalry charge? He snorted in eagerness, and smiled, exposing his crooked and blackened sharp teeth. Let them come it would be over quicker that way.

A figure appeared in the gateway, filling it. Gorzic's eyes widened in surprise as the figure moved forward showing that the stature of the figure was not a trick of Gorzic's eyes.

It was a giant armoured man. He was the size of a Troll!

Gorzic watched in silence as the strange armoured giant leisurely walked down the ramp leading up to the gates of the Hornberg.

As the giant came closer, the features of the giant resolved themselves.

It was very strange, grey and blue armour, it covered the giant completely from head to toe. Even the joints of the armour looked metal and yet they bent as if leather. The helmet covered the whole head, even the mouth and eyes. Instead of eyes there was two red glowing orbs, that seemed to take everything in and glared with ferocity at all it surveyed.

The armour was engraved with strange markings, a giant wolf's head on one shoulder and a human skull on the other. A strange two headed eagle motif dominated the chest. Over the giant's head two linked metal boxes with holes in the front made it look even taller than it actually was. A long elongated shape was attached to the underside of its right arm...was that some sort of lance?

Gorzic gulped as he took in the size of the sword hilt that was poking out over the giant's shoulder. Definitely something that would be used by a Troll. A large Troll.

With an indomitable pace the giant kept moving towards the Uruk-hai horde. It left the ramp behind him and now Gorzic kept feel the resounding boom of its footsteps echoing through the ground, he could feel the resonance of each step in his feet.

The giant came to a stop a distance away from the front line of the Uruk-hai army. It's head slowly turned left and then right, surveying the army assembled before it. The red eyes seemed to see everything.

It suddenly gave out a large booming mocking laugh.

Gorzic flinched at the harsh metallic sound.

The laughter ended and it raised up it's right arm, the long elongated lance attached there coming to point towards Gorzic and the vanguard and with a terrible voice it cried, "Ave Imperator!"


Russ laughed silently at the weakness of the forces arrayed before him as his Assault canon boomed cutting through these Uruk-hai as a hot knife through butter.

He watched as the front lines panicked and fell turning into offal and meat as his fire eviscerated and ripped apart the lightly armoured xenos. It had been only moments and already the bodies were beginning to pile up. The ones behind them didn't understand what was happening and they were trying to charge forward and face the enemy that was attacking them.

He let out a booming laugh, the xenos looked like the dreaded greenskins but were like a pathetic copy. On and on they came as his Assault cannon sang, the barrel glowing red as he fired a continuous stream of bullets.

He blinked activating his Cyclone missile launcher. He set the target to the furthest range of the missiles and fired without hesitation. The missiles flew out in a barrage of fire and reached their target in an instant.

An entire row of earth disappeared as the Frag missiles impacted killing an uncountable number of xenos. The roars of anger and rage coming from the army was suddenly interspersed with cries of fear and howls of pain.

His autosensors focused on a new threat as a group of the xenos showed some cunning and tried to outflank him and come at him from behind.

As they approached a blurring of air moved and a then a small disk appeared from thin air. The disk flew through the air and decimated the small group cutting through flesh and armour as if it wasn't even there. Only one xeno survived long enough to reach Russ.

Russ didn't even draw his blade, with a blur of movement he crushed the xeno trying to strike at him with a back hand that sent the corpse flying. The corpse came to a landing ten meters away as he continued to fire relentlessly moving down more and more of the xenos. The corpses were piled over a metre high now.

Explosives detected appeared on his HUD.

He focused for a second there before smiling. A targeting circle appeared on several carts that was carrying a primitive form of explosive powder and with a quick movement he drew his plasma pistol and fired at them.

The glowing orbs of plasma energy flew through the air and impacted each cart, igniting the primitive explosives with a predictable result.

The boom thundered and decimated all that stood within range of the explosive. The sound of the explosions reverberated though the night and sparked panic in the xenos as he saw some start to flee in terror.


The fleeing Uruk-hai didn't get far.

They ran and ran fleeing the unstoppable giant and his magic weapons.

A golden light descended and touched the fleeing Uruks. The Uruks seemed to glow for a second before completely disappearing...

The ones behind them screeched to a stop, snarling and screaming searching for the enemy. Their confusion lasted only for a moment as the light descended upon them wiping them away like dust on the wind.

Farrie mentally smiled as the phaser on the cloaked assault shuttle swept away the last of the fleeing Uruk-hai.

One way or another there was no escape for these creatures.


It took a long time to go through ten thousand xenos, even xenos that were as pathetically armed and armoured as these ones.

Every time his missile launcher signalled ready he fired, each barrage killing an absurdly high number of the xenos. The missiles more than anything sowed terror and chaos in the attacking xenos.

His Assault cannon finally clicked dry and he quickly disengaged the weapon from his armour, dropping it to the ground as he drew his blade with a single fluid movement. He howled into the night and his wolf brothers' howls answered him. He bounded forward with a speed that drove terror into the xenos, to see something that large move that fast.

His blade sang through he air, slicing apart xenos with contemptuous ease. With ear splitting howls, his wolf brothers joined him, tearing and shredding apart the enemy.

Behind him, Noguchi appeared as she fired her plasma weapon sowing more chaos amongst the distant xenos. Every now and then she would stop and throw her flying disk.

The corpses piled up higher and higher.

The night continued on as up on the battlements of the Hornberg, Aragon stood with Theoden king. They watched with disbelief and amazement as the giant ripped apart the Uruk-hai army as a man would spat a fly. Him and the girl, Noguchi; Outnumbered ten thousand to two and the two were winning!

Helm's Deep stood untouched. The men of Rohan unbloodied by what was supposed to have been an unstoppable horde of Uruk-hai.

The night continued on and the slaughter continued...


Gandalf picked his way through the battlefield, though battlefield was a misnomer. The area in front of the Hornberg looked more like a butcher's yard than a battlefield. Dead and dismembered Uruk-hai lay were they had fallen, and that was where the bodies were recognizable as Uruk-hai. Most places he looked, he saw meat and offal, in many other places pieces were charred beyond recognition. Great craters were scattered around the valley, he couldn't explain those craters. He knew of nothing that could cause such a thing.

He had come with great haste, dragging along Èomer and his èored at a dangerous speed all thought he night all in the hopes of saving the Hornberg, King Theoden and the people of Rohan...and instead of finding a pitched battle they'd found the remains of a massacre.

And it was a massacre, it couldn't be named anything else but that, for all he could see were dead Uruk-hai. He could find no corpse that was not an Uruk-hai.

What great force could have done this? And in such a small amount of time?

Not even the ancient Elven forces of the First Age could have routed such a force of Uruk-hai without taking any causalities!

He turned to Aragon, who had was silently watching. Aragon had met him at the dawn, with a disturbed expression on his face explaining that the Uruk-hai army had been annihilated early in the previous night.

"How has this happened? What great force has done this?" he asked in bewildered tone. He shuddered at the possibility of these forces joining with Sauron.

Aragon shrugged, his expression betrayed his own disbelief as he managed to say with a disbelieving tone, "It's a long story..."

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