"Theresa honey, I need you to push now, okay? "Dr. Russell adviced from the foot of Theresa's bed. Theresa screamed in agony as she felt her insides twisty and writhing inside of her, trying to force herself to push the child out of her and into the doctors arms. Her face was contorted in pain, eyebrows knitted together and forehead wrinkled. From her side, Fox watched in awe and squeezed Theresa's hand softly, rubbing the soft skin with his thumb and pushing the hair that was sticking to her sweaty face out of her eyes.

"Theresa! C'mon you can do this! "

"THAT'S EASY FOR YOU TO SAY! "Theresa bellowed as she prepared herself to push once again. "You're not the one popping out this god damn kids! "

Fox fought the urge to chuckle at her outburst and just watched and waited for these babies to be born, still marvelling at the fact that she had chosen him above all the other people waiting in the waiting room to help her with her birth. Neither Ethan nor Gwen, Whitney nor Chad.. no. She had chosen Fox to help her overcome the pain and to watch her give birth to two, hopefully healthy twins.

"Theresa, just one more okay? "Dr. Russell told Theresa. Theresa nodded and took a steadying breath, sucking it deep within her chest and pushing with all of her might, focusing every inch of her being on getting those kids out of her. Pain, inchomphrensible amounts of pain coursed throughout her limbs and she was momentarily reminded of her attempted suicide not long ago. She cried out, her voice loud and terryfing against the hustle and bustle of the hospital room and Fox stared down at her, frightened by the howl she had just released. And finally, through all the pain she had experinced, all the screams she had screamed, it was all worth it. She relaxed, slipping backwards onto the bed, her head resting finally against the soft linen of her pillow.

"Oh my.. "Theresa breathed, trying desperatley to catch her breath. " Oh god, I'm done right? "

"Yeah Theresa! "Fox said happily, dark brown eyes wide with wonder as Eve lifted one of the babies through the air and slowly placed into Theresa's awaiting arms. The nurse followed suit, but seeing as Theresa was already occupied, she motioned for Fox to open her arms so she could place the bundled up baby in the security of his muscular arms.

" Aw. "The nurse cooed at Fox with a warm smile. "She's Daddy's little girl already. "

Fox found himself a little startled by her words and wondered to himself exactly why he felt such a strong connection towards the little girl secure and safe within the folds of his embrace. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her as he shook his head softly in the form of protest.

"S-sh-... I'm not the father. "He stuttered. Theresa eyes slowly flitted up from her second son huddled in her arms and to Fox, hearing a twinge of sadness in his voice as he voiced the fact to the nurse. Her eyes went wide as she surveyed Fox, superemly surprised that Fox seemed to have such deep caring for a child that she knew couldn't be his. Theresa found herself wishing that these babies were Fox's, wishing she could take back those moments when she had been unfaithful to Fox and slept with Ethan in attempt to get her son back.

"Theresa... "Dr. Russell said sadly, pulling her thoughts away from her fantasies and back towards the doctor who had just delievered her babies. When her eyes hit the doctor, they automatically flitted to the left, where a smiling Ethan and Gwen stood in the doorway. "... It's time to give Gwen and Ethan their children. "

"N-no... Oh god. "Theresa moaned as her eyes set down upon the smiling forms of Gwen and Ethan. Smiling.. smiling because they had come to take her children from her arms. Smiling sick and contorted smiles; only smiling because they were causing her pain. Theresa tightened her grip on the baby boy cradled in her arms and gulped, shaking her head viciously. "No. "

"What do you mean no? "Gwen replied indignantly, taking a step forward. Ethan grabbed at her wrist but she shook him off and took another step forward. Theresa and Gwen locked gazes, two utter enemies in their final knock down, drag out battle. They'd infilicted so much pain on one another; both physical and emotional. But it had come down to the final fight; two mothers fighting for their children. " Theresa, give me my children! "

"I said no! "Theresa shouted with another shake of her head. " These children aren't yours. They are mine.. I've had them inside of me for nine months and twelve days! I've nutured them and I've cared for them. You haven't done any of that Gwen... it was all me! You can't take my children from me. "

" I haven't done any of that because you took that right away from me! "

"No! You took it away from yourself. You didn't care that you were carrying a child when you came after me... you wanted to kill me and you didn't care what the costs were. You killed Sarah, Gwen... not me. "

"Theresa, you're out of line. "Ethan attempted to interrupt.

" You bitch! "Gwen cried, flying at Theresa and wrapping her arms around Theresa's neck, oblivious to the fact that the baby in Theresa's arms was now wailing his heart out. Fox took a step forward and removed the baby from Theresa's arms handing it over to Eve and then handing the other baby he had been holding to the nurse. He struggled for a moment before prying a kicking and screaming Gwen from Theresa's now nearly limp body.

"Gwen! Get the hell off of her okay! "Fox yelled as he set Gwen on her feet and stepped inbetween her and Theresa. Gwen heaved a great gasping sigh and nodded, whirling around on her heel and grabbing the baby from Eve's arms. Ethan followed suit, a little reluctantly taking the baby from the outstretched arms of the nurse.

"You stay the hell away from me and my children you bitch. "Gwen seethed as she opened the door of the hospital room and stepped out into the hallway. Theresa cried out, ripping the covers off of her and stumbling out of her bed, pushing past Fox. She teetered towards the door and pressed her head against the glass, watching Gwen walk triumphantly away with her children. Agony ripped through her heart, a pain unknown to any phsyical or emotional pain she had ever known before. She was a mother in mourning for the loss of children she had never known.

"NO! "Theresa bellowed as she banged her fist hard against the glass of her hospital room door. Under the force of her hand the fragile glass shattered, tearing the skin on Theresa's hands into pieces of jagged flesh. She cried out again and turned around to face those still assembled in the hospital room.

"My babies. "She whispered. "Fox.. She took my babies! "

Her body slackened and she slid down the door like a piece of undercooked spaghetti, coming to rest in a heap on the floor. After the initial shock of her reaction wore off, Fox dropped to his knees beside her and lay her head in his lap, softly stroking her hair.

"Don't worry Theresa. "Fox whispered, bending close and speaking into Theresa's ear as she sobbed into his pant leg. "I'll make them pay. It'll all be over soon. "


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