Miyu: The Vampire Hunter

Chapter 11: Missing

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Miyu and Kyroku were pitting themselves against each other in not-so-friendly argument when Larva returned in a brisk walk to the cavern. Without a word, he grabbed Kyroku's arms and dragged him a distance away from Miyu while they were still in mid-argument. Miyu was just about to follow them but she stepped back when Larva shot her a look that was all too clear. This was a private matter between him and the younger vampire.

When they were far enough away and behind a pillar sculpted out of rock, Larva drilled Kyroku. "When was the last time you went to the pools? The place we first rested when we came here."

Kyroku stared at him blankly for a bit. "That was a long time ago. I haven't been down there since we came to this part of the cavern." He shrugged. "I had no reason to go down there. Why?" Larva's hands clamped down on his shoulders and Kyroku yelped as his talons accidently pierced into his shoulders.

"He's missing!"

"Who?" Kyroku honestly had no clue what his friend was talking about.


"The dead guy?" Kyroku asked then tried to revise what he had said. "You mean your friend? What do you mean he's missing? It's not like he just got up and walked away." Kyroku winced at the pained expression on Larva's face. "Sorry, but I haven't been down there and I don't think any of the other vampires have either. Besides, why would they want with a body?"

"There were humans nearby while the hunting parties were out last night." Larva said. "And there was a human that had managed to make it to this cavern days ago."

"You think more humans managed to get in and someone got into that room and stole his body?" Kyroku asked. "Do you have any idea how farfetched that sounds?"

Larva peered around the pillar of stone and saw Miyu sitting next to her stone coffin. She turned towards them but Larva had quickly ducked back behind the pillar. "It doesn't sound very farfetched that we stumbled across that entrance years ago, does it? If we can do it, why can't they?"

"Because we're vampires," Kyroku huffed. "Who says it wasn't our external senses that lead us unconsciously to this cavern rather than coincidence?"

"Just because we're vampires doesn't mean we're immune to coincidences," Larva replied bitterly. "Even if the chances are slim of them getting pass the stone barrier that was placed there I want to keep an open mind."

Kyroku folded his arms in front of his chest and leaned up against the pillar. "We killed all those humans. I'm sure of it. There would have had to of been a group of them. One human couldn't have just run off with his body. That would be unrealistic."

"Then a vampire. . . . ."

"But what would a vampire want with the body?"

"Necrophilia, anyone?" Miyu asked as she rounded the pillar. Kyroku jumped away then recovered and stared Miyu down. "This doesn't involve you, vampire hunter," Kyroku growled.

"Sure, sure. Boys only, I get it," Miyu said but she leaned her side against the stone pillar. "So, what's the deal?"

"Didn't you hear what I just said?" Kyroku asked her.

"Hm, you said something?"

"Miyu, this is something that has ties to long ago," Larva began.

"So in other words?"

Larva smiled and patted her on the head. "This is adult business. I'll tell you when you're older."

"What the hell?" Miyu knocked his hand from her head only to have Larva clamp both hands on her shoulders and gently turn her around. "What are you doing?"

"Time for baby to go to bed," Larva joked as he pushed her towards her coffin.

"You better hope this baby sleeps through the night," Miyu growled as she allowed herself be led away. "Or you're going to regret that comment."

Larva laughed off her threat. "You're so cute when you're angry." He moved the lid off her coffin and lifted her up. "Now, down you go."

"Wait! You're going to get me all wet!" Miyu pulled her knees up to her chest to keep her feet from touching the water. "I get it. You don't want me around your man-to-man conversation. Now put me down so I can put myself to bed." Larva put her down but held on to her arms as he pressed the side of his face to her cheek. "Thank you, Miyu," he whispered. "Perhaps someday, I will tell you what this is all about."

Miyu rolled her eyes. "Remember the last time you said that. Maybe I'd be better off if you kept things to yourself. Now shoo. I'm not an exhibitionist." She waved her hands at him and he left her to undress. She waited, looking around to see if there was anyone around. Was she actually expected to undress in the open? She climbed into the water, which was a cold as ice but to her vampiric skin, it was just the right temperature. She shimmied her dress up higher as she lowered herself into the water until she was able to fling it up over her head and sink into the pool, pulling the lid close over her.

Kyroku was tapping his foot impatiently when Larva returned. "I'm waiting for you to regret the day you turned that vampire hunter into one of us," he said.

"Then you will be waiting for all eternity," Larva murmured as he watched Miyu work out having to undress in an open room. "I regret nothing."

"Hm . . .except perhaps leaving your friend's body unattended," Kyroku mumbled but Larva didn't seem to hear him. "What do you wish to do about this? In essence, we can't rule out the vandals being human or inhuman. If we ask around, we'll be calling attention to ourselves if the one who stole him was another vampire. And I still don't believe it was a human or a group of them, for that matter."

"I will have to search for him myself then." Larva said.

"But that would take to long!" Kyroku protested. "In all honesty, Larva, the body is gone and your friend has been gone even longer." Larva closed his eyes. "But he still lives on, inside you."

"That's quite romantic, even for you to say," Larva commented with his eyes still closed.

Kyroku shrugged. "Bianca has me hooked," he admitted. "But really. Why do you still want that body? It's nothing but an empty shell?"

Larva opened his eyes and the red irises darkened richly against the black pupils. "It's something, I'm afraid, that even you wouldn't understand."

Kyroku sighed. "Fair enough, I guess." He held out his arms. "Then I will help you search for him, if it's all the same to you."

Larva smiled. "Of course. Like you said, this cavern is quite large."

"And Miyu?"

Larva peered at the coffin where the former vampire hunter slept. "I will only tell her what she needs to know."


While she slept, she had a dream that she was in a room filled with moving bodies. They were all standing upright and marching in two single file lines, one line moving forward the other moving in the opposite direction. She watched them from an alcove where she was out of sight although it didn't seem to matter since their eyes seemed to be fixated to the head of the person in front of them.

The light in the room was dim and red in color and came from some unseen light source near the cavern ceiling. It made it hard to tell whether these bodies were human or vampire and she watched intently for a familiar face she might recognize.

There was suddenly a break in the line that was passing by where she was hidden and she quickly filled the space, moving fluidly so as not to be noticed by the other line that moved pass. She moved with the line, careful not to walk on the heels of the body ahead of her. She didn't know why but she had a strong feeling that she was unwanted here.

The line started to curve and naturally turned the bodies to face the opposite direction. She realized that there weren't two lines moving in opposite directions but that it was one line that was moving in an oval shaped path.

"How strange," she thought to herself. "Why are these people just walking around in a circle? What are they doing here?" As she was walking the curved portion of the path she noticed someone sitting against the wall out of the corner of her eye. She slipped away from her rank and stood directly in front of this individual. A red ray of light shone down upon his body but his head was pulled back and in cased in shadows. No matter how hard she tried to focus, she couldn't make out what his face looked like. The red light seemed to screw with her vision and she blinked her eyes to assess the situation. Was that cloak black or red?

There were tubes that came down from the ceiling and were inserted into various parts of the body. Something was flowing through them but she couldn't tell what. She moved towards it when someone suddenly grabbed her from behind. A searing pain went into her back and another set of arms wrapped around her legs as she tried to struggle to escape. The grip on her body was too strong and despite her efforts she couldn't break free. As the hands pulled her away she glimpsed the faceless person shift as a pale hand emerged from the red light.

But then everything went black.


Miyu woke up gasping for air. A mouthful of the water had seeped into her mouth somehow and she struggled to spit it out. What the hell had that been all about? She struggled to keep a hold of the dream that was threatening to leave her with nothing but a shadow of a memory that it had been there. She moved the lid of her coffin and sat up. There was no one out and about in the cavern so she slipped out of the coffin completely naked and tip-toed over to the coffin next to hers.

She didn't know exactly how she knew but she slid the lid back expecting to find Larva and did, complete in the same condition she was in but still asleep. She made sure not to lose grip of the lid, not ready to expose herself to his godliness. She sighed, more in relief than at his beauty and closed the lid. She quickly climbed back into her coffin and pulled the lid over her head. For some odd reason, that dream had given her the urgent need to make sure that he was still there. She didn't know why and didn't give it a second thought as she drifted back to sleep.

To Be Continued . . . .

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