Raining Recipes on My Coat: Chapter 8

"We should have a song."

He squinted at her. "What?"

"A song! We should have a song."

"We have a song," Jess slurred out groggily.

"No we don't."

"Yeah we do."

"Okay, what's the song."

"Guns of Brixton," he replied.

She stared at him, slightly shocked. "You remember that?"

He nodded.

"I remember, too," she told him.

He smirked and blinked. "Obviously."

She ran her fingers down his cheek and watched him drift off a little.

"So much for that walk," he muttered sleepily.

Rory smiled and cuddled closer to him under the covers. Jess wrapped his arms around her and kissed her shoulder lightly. They stayed in the silence for a long moment before both spoke up at once.

"You don't have to stay."

"I'm staying."

She turned to him, confused. "What?"

He sighed. "I'm staying."

"You are?"

Jess nodded.

Rory stared still. "I thought you... you said..."

"Luke's right," he mumbled, closing his eyes. "I've got nothing in New York... you're here... he's here... everything's..."

She didn't have a chance to reply. He was already asleep.

Lorelai had set herself up on the floor of Luke's room with a blanket and a pillow.

Luke had waited until she'd fallen asleep, and then picked her up and gently placed her in the bed. He got in on the other side and tried to get some sleep.

A few minutes later, Lorelai shot up out of her sleep and looked around. "I'm on the bed..." she looked over at Luke's sleeping form. "I'm on the bed!" She smacked him in the arm.

"Ow! Hey!" Luke cried, waking up.

"I told you I was sleeping on the floor!"

"I didn't want you to sleep on the floor," Luke snapped. "Go to sleep."

Lorelai pouted. "I was going to sleep on the floor..."

Luke groaned. "So go sleep on the floor. I'll probably just wind up putting you back in the bed."

Lorelai snickered. "Dirty."

Luke turned to her, giving her a confused look.

"Cut my some slack!" she cried. "It's late!"

"So go to sleep," Luke ordered.

Lorelai slid down under the covers and rested her head on the pillow. "Fine. God."


Lorelai blinked. "Why are we acting like this?"

"Acting like what?"

"Like this... like nothing's changed?" she asked, sitting up.

Luke sighed. "Shoulda known I wouldn't get any sleep."

"We kissed," Lorelai went on. "Technically, going to Liz's wedding together was a date... why are we acting so..."


Lorelai nodded.

"Because that's what we do," Luke reasoned. "We drive each other crazy."

"But what if we drive each other so crazy that we-"

He cut her off with a kiss. "Goodnight, Lorelai." With that, he turned over to get some sleep.

She did as well.

Three hours later, Rory glanced at the clock on the night stand.

It read three in the morning.

She looked to Jess, who was still fast asleep.


He said he was staying.

He was half-asleep when he'd said it, but he'd said it.

She leaned over and kissed the corner of his mouth before getting up and throwing some clothes on.

Lorelai sighed and turned over. Luke had rolled over in his sleep and was facing her.

He looked so cute when he was asleep...

...And when he was awake.

She smiled a little, and glanced at the clock, which read three. She wondered if Rory would wake up for their ice cream date.

Lorelai smiled suddenly. Of course she would. Post-virginity Rory was no different from pre-loss-of-virginity Rory. She'd be up.

Lorelai woke up and grabbed her skirt and hopped into it, glancing in the mirror as she did. She looked ridiculous in Luke's over-sized t-shirt and her skirt, with her hair mussed from sleep.

It didn't matter one bit, though. It was only Rory, after all.

Rory had taken the ice cream and toppings they'd horded in Dragonfly's large kitchen out and set them up neatly. She smoothed out Jess's thin t-shirt that she'd slid into before leaving the room. She hoped he wouldn't miss it... or his boxer shorts, which she'd also borrowed. And the leather jacket; can't forget that.

She waited patiently for her mother to walk in.

"Rooooorrrryyyyy," a whisper came.

She grinned.

"Come, little girl," Lorelai said, poking her head into the room, trying to make her voice sound scary. "We all float down here."

Rory shook her head. "Never again are we watching 'It' after one in the morning."

Lorelai pouted. "Party pooper." She smiled suddenly, looking at the ice cream and its' fixin's. "Mmmmm. That looks so good."

Rory nodded. "You're lucky I waited for you. I'm starving."

"Ah the post-coital munchies," Lorelai smirked.

Rory rolled her eyes and blushed.

"Hungry enough to eat a horse?" Lorelai asked.

"Maybe," Rory muttered.

Lorelai snickered. "It does work up an appetite." She walked over and opened up a carton of ice cream and began to dig in.

Rory gave her an odd look. "Are you sure you weren't the one having sex?"

Lorelai glared playfully. "Take some ice cream."

An hour later, Jess woke from a sound sleep, cracking his eyes open slightly.

He felt cold, and reached his arm to pull Rory close, but found that she wasn't there.

She wasn't there.

He sat up and looked around. The room was dark and uninhabited, and all was silent.

She was gone.

He sighed heavily and shook his head. He should have known better than to think that this would work out. He had been planning to stay this time.

He was about to get up and get dressed to leave, when he realized most of his clothes from that day were missing.

Including his leather jacket.

He eased himself back against the pillow and looked at the wall across from him.

He really had to stop jumping the gun. It wasn't doing him any good. He told her he was going to stay, and he meant it. He could figure out his life in Stars Hollow... couldn't he?

Rory watched him from the doorway. The thin sheet covered his bottom half, leaving his chest and stomach bare. His eyes stayed fixed on the wall ahead of him, his expression serious.

She frowned a little and walked over, crawling on the bed to sit directly in front of him. "I thought you were sleeping," he whispered.

He nodded. "I was. You look ridiculous in my boxers."

She grinned a little, but it faded quickly. "What's wrong?"

He shook his head. "Nothing." He brushed some of her hair from her face. "Nothing's wrong."

She nodded a little and kissed him softly. "We should get some sleep."

He smirked a little, a glint in his eyes, visible even in the dark. "I've got a better idea." He pulled her closer and kissed her passionately.

She smiled against his lips and wrapped her arms around him.

Lorelai quietly walked back into the room, where Luke was still sleeping.

She stood in the room, looking at the floor, and then the bed. Floor; bed. Floor; bed.

She sighed, and slid into the bed, curling up against Luke to drift off to sleep.


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