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Authors Note: This story takes place after Season 7 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, after Season 5 of Angel The Series and sometime around book 5 of Harry Potter. It is a direct followup to my stories

"Judge, Jury..."

"The Key, The Smurf, and the Boy who what?"

References are also made to my Angel series finale stories all posted on this site.

"The Slayer and the Smurf"

"Sans Shoes In LA"

"The Lawyer, The Slayers, The Smurf, The Key, The Witch, and Neon Green Canvas Sneakers."

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Judge, Jury, Executioner.

Chapter 1.


By OldScout

Flight. It felt like flying. A smile would have crept to her face if it wasn't for the pain. Air rushed by; she could sense the roof top approaching. Something warned her, new but familiar, she dodged to right just as her feet hit the asphalt roof. A flash of red flicked to her left.

"This is Tonks." Miss Summers said. No Buffy. They all called her Buffy.

The woman Buffy was introducing was in her mid twenties but dressed a like a street kid. Tonks had short pink spiked hair, a gold stud in her nose and dangling earrings. She wore vintage seventies style bell bottomed jeans and a white t-shirt with the collar, sleeves and bottom hem ripped off. The words "Peek-A-Boo" in exactly the same color as her hair were scrawled across the front printed as if drawn with a child's marker.

"Tonks is a witch." Buffy announced causing the woman to blush.

"Like Willow?" One of the students asked. The gathered students were all young women ranging in age from eleven to seventeen.

"No," Buffy responded. "Tonks is a different kind of witch; she focuses most of her magic through a wand." Buffy nodded to Tonks who held up a thin stick of wood.

"Wow, like a mini-stake." One of the younger girls observed.

"Tonks is here to teach us about Witches and Wizards like her." Buffy said. "They live in a protected society and rarely have any contact with normal people."

"Hey." Tonks interrupted. "We're just as normal as anybody else."

"That's not saying much." One of the girls said. Causing laughs of agreement from the group.

"Okay," Buffy corrected. "They rarely have contact with non-magical people, like those we protect. When I learned about this Wizarding world, I also found out there are those in it who hate anybody not part of their little clique. They would be extremely dangerous to us if they ever find out who and what we are. Therefore, the Ministry of Magic's office of Magical Law Enforcement has sent Tonks to help teach us to protect ourselves from their kind of magic."

"I really don't know what I can teach you." Tonks finally said. "I know wand self defense, but you need a wand to do it with."

"Crucio." Miss Rosenberg, ah Willow, suggested quietly from her spot on a bench along the wall behind Tonks.

"What?" Tonks had gone pale as she turned toward Willow.

"Start with the Crucio curse."

"But without a wand they can't deflect it."

"Not supposed to." Willow was reading an old volume of a demonology book and hadn't looked up.

"Tonks," Buffy said getting her attention back from Willow. "We don't want you to teach us how to deflect or avoid the curses, we want you teach us what they feel like."

"What?!" Tonks had gone extremely pale as she held up her hands. "No way! I can't, it's an unforgivable I could go to prison or worse."

"Don't worry." Buffy said. "They sent you here to help us. This is what I want you to do. It's my responsibility. Besides, Willow put up a baffle they won't be able to detect the activity."

"But they read my wand whenever I report back." Tonks defended. "They'll know if I used an unauthorized curse, I have to file reports, what do I tell them?"

"Tell them The Chosen One directed you to." Buffy smiled. She was learning the politics of the Wizarding world weren't much different than the demon world and she was at the top of food chain in both. "Now start with me I'm going to want everyone to learn what it feels like and how to function under it."

She could feel her ankle twist. Let it twist she thought, don't fight it or it'll break. She fell and rolled to the right, pain surged up her leg, but nothing snapped. More pain to ignore. She rolled a couple of more times before finding her feet.


She had quickly learned what that sound meant and started to run again. Pain in her leg joined the general pain of the first cruico curse to be ignored. One stake and her knife were all that were left.


Another had arrived; there were at least three more.

"Crack! Crack!"

Something was said behind her and green light flash just as she leaped over a skylight. She landed and rolled again this time she changed directions as she stood and flung her stake at the closest robed shadow.


That was the fifth somewhere to her right. She headed for the edge of roof putting all of her remaining strength in the run; just as she leapt she heard the word.


Her arms were bound to her body just she launched. She lost power from her leap; she knew she wasn't going to make it. She was helpless for the first time in a long time.

"You're Sarah?"

"Who wants to know?" The teenaged girl shot back. She was maybe fifteen, probably younger. Her shoulder length black hair was highlighted with streaks of blue and pink and had several thin braids woven in. She wore an old army fatigue jacket, ripped and stained blue jeans, several t-shirts, a plaid over shirt and heavy military style boots.

The woman accosting the street kid had long wavy brown hair, wore expensive tight black leather pants and a brown canvas duster pulled snug against the chilly London Fall. "I'm Faith." She held out her hand.


"They tell me your name is Sarah, is that right?"

"Hey, I done noth' wrong." The girl said. "You can go ask me foster mum, I'm almost always back by curfew."

Faith held her hands up in front of her and took a step back. "Hey, we're five by five here, I, just wanted to talk to you."

Sarah squinted at Faith. "You an American?"

"Born and raised." Faith flashed a confident smile. "Bet you no Americans are working for your London social services."

"What ya' want?"

"Just wanted to talk to you."


"Have you been having strange dreams?"

Sarah glared at Faith.

"Never had them much myself." Faith said. "B. tells me they get pretty freaky."

"What about the dreams?" Sarah had taken a step back getting ready to bolt from this strange woman.

"How about the strength?" Faith asked. "You notice you're quite a bit stronger then you used to be?"

The girl nodded almost imperceptibly.

"Now the strength that part I got." Faith grinned. "Make you top dog if you wanted it to, huh?"

"Didn't come soon enough for me stop me da when he was drunk one night." Sarah whispered.

"What happened?" Faith stepped closer to the girl.

"He got drunk started hittin' me ma. The next morning when she wouldn't wake up he hung hisself. I hid in the basement, found them both." Sarah's eyes flew open. "Why am I tellin' you this? I don't know you."

"Because we're sisters now." Faith said. "You can feel it."

"Aint got no real family left." Sarah replied belligerently.

"You do now. We can teach you. You see us in your dreams." Faith said. "You see us and the monsters."

"They're just dreams."

"No, they're real. Real memories of your sisters."

"What are you goin' ta teach me?"

Faith grinned. "To be a superhero."

Sarah struggled against the curse as her leap propelled her across the alley. There hadn't been enough strength left to make the next building, but she should have been able to grab something on the side. She was just getting free as she fell toward the side of the building. With a loud, echoing clang she crashed into the fire escape. The old iron railing buckled from the impact but and she was sure her shoulder dislocated. She didn't scream. She was beyond that. The lingering pain from the crucio curse still over shadowed the pain of her injuries.

"This is going to hurt in the morning." She thought as she bounced off the railing and headed for the pavement below.

The loud metal crash of a buckling dumpster marked the end of the girls fall. Blackness gave way to stink and pain as Sarah regained her senses. One hand still worked. She reached up and pulled herself up in the container. She looked over the edge at the street seemed just meters away. Safety of the public street; they wouldn't follow her there, would they? She pulled herself out of the dumpster and fell to the ground. Using the side of the dumpster, she pulled herself up. Just a few meters.


A cloaked figure stood between her and the street.

"Crack! Crack!" Two more appeared.

She limped toward them, no place else to go.

"Crack! Crack!"

She didn't see them. They were behind her and of no concern. She cradled her broken arm and shattered shoulder with her uninjured arm. She grasped the hilt of her knife in its sheath under the injured arm.

"What do we do with her?" One of her pursuers, a young male voice asked.

"We need to find out what she saw." An older female voice said from beneath a black hood and white mask.

"We also need to find out who she is." A husky male voice added. "No muggle can jump like that or withstand the curses. Bring her."

"Crack!" The last speaker was gone.

Sarah looked at the two still standing in front of her. They held wands pointed at her. She started walking directly at them. She wouldn't pull her knife until she was right on top of them. Hopefully they wouldn't think her a threat, just desperately trying to escape.


A curse jumped at her and she didn't have time to dodge it. The compulsion to stop moving was overwhelming. She stopped and waited. This was a familiar curse. Tonks had cursed everybody with it that afternoon until they could break it with ease. Sarah waited and reveled in the pain.

The larger of the remaining wizards approached. He was the one who issued the imperious curse. "My, my, little muggle, you sure are durable. Just what exactly are you."

She said something but he couldn't hear her weakened voice barely escaping her lips.

He leaned over and repeated his question. "Speak up, Muggle, what are you?"

"A.." Sarah said very quietly.

He leaned closer. "A what? Come on, I command you, you little street whore. Speak up. What are you?" He didn't even feel it at first, just suddenly felt weak, like his knees didn't have the strength to hold his body up any more, like his wand was too heavy for his hand.

"A superhero." The girl said and pushed him away so hard he slammed against the near by brick wall. In the shadows of the alley, nobody saw the now blood covered knife she held against her chest as she trotted and limped toward the witch still standing between her and the street. With their attention on the girl, they didn't notice the wizard wasn't getting up.

"Immobulus." Came a voice from behind her.

The binding curse made her stumble but not fall.

"Immobulus!" The witch cursed as Sarah collided with her. The two women fell to the ground as the two wizards behind them came running up to help. Sarah rolled cleared and continued down the alley.

The witch groaned and held up a blood covered hand to the wizards as they approached. "She killed me."

Sarah was half way to the street. She could make out people now. She could see herself making it to The Tube, limping home, getting Buffy or one of the other girls to snap her shoulder back into place, taking a long hot soak in the Jacuzzi. She could smell the pizza they always had on Friday nights

"Avada Kedavra."

The pavement rushed up and slammed Sarah in the face. She bit something and felt dampness running down her chin. She rolled onto her side and heard her knife clang to ground. When did it become so heavy? She struggled to her knees and tried to stand.

"By Merlin, she's still alive." An astonished voice said behind her.

"Not for long." The other said. "Avada Kedavra. Avada Kedavra."

"Avada Kedavra. Avada Kedavra." The first added for good measure.



The two remaining Wizards were gone taking the bodies of their two companions and leaving the body of a sixteen year old superhero.

To be continued......