Well, as I was in the groove, I wanted to see what else I could do to poor Carroll, and "You Are Old, Father William" just seemed to stick! Here's Raoul and Erik in the communards' dungeon after Christine turns the scorpion. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

You are Ugly, Cruel Phantom

"You are ugly, cruel Phantom," the young man cried,
"And your temper is so frightening;
And yet you intend to make Christine your bride—
Do you think, with your tricks, she'll agree?"

"I do think," the strange, dark man replied to his foe,
"Her fear just might soon cease to be;
And now that I'm perfectly sure she won't go,
Why, I'll keep her forever with me."

"You are cruel," said the youth, "as I mentioned before,
And you still will most wickedly deceive;
Yet you think she could ever love you and more—
I find that quite hard to believe!"

"I tell you," said the ghost, as he shook his death's face,
"This is the fight you won't win.
In this dungeon you shall stay – It's a cheerful place—
Allow me to lock you right in?"

"You will lose," yelled Raoul, "when you see she is weak
From the torture you still put her through;
Yet you're blind to her pain at each word you speak—
Pray, is there even worse you could do?"

"You don't know," said his rival, "How blissful she'll be,
With me there to keep her amused;
I tell you, I have more than one trick up my sleeve,
She and I have nothing to lose."

"You're a fiend," sobbed the boy, "one would hardly suppose
To make sense of your twisted, mad brain;
Yet you will smell, if you can, though you have no nose,
She too will rot in shackle and chain."

"I am tired of your shouting, and will hear no more,"
Said the Phantom. "Each word risks your life!
Do you think I will listen? There, I've closed the door.
Goodbye, I go home to my wife."