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Never Trust A Dragon
Chapter 2 – Prince of Slytherin

He awoke to find himself lying on a bed in a very well furnished room. He shook his head and looked around. The first thing that caught his eye and caused him great panic was the blanket. Not only was it beautifully decorated but sewn into it was the Slytherin kingdom's symbol. He looked around the room and discovered that it was heavily covered with green and silver—Slytherin colors. Harry felt faint once again, but he wouldn't let himself take the comfort of sleep until he figured what had happened. He didn't get to think for right at the moment a servant girl burst through the door, seemingly extremely happy about somewhat.

"Oh! You're awake! I was wondering when you'll be. His Highness is getting quite impatient, you know."

Harry blinked, "His Highness?" was all he managed to get out.

"Oh, right! Silly me! You wouldn't know, would you?" the girl laughed.

"Know what?" Harry asked, narrowing his eyes at her suspiciously.

The girl let out another laugh, "That you were sold as a slave to His Highness, Prince Draco of Slytherin, just two days ago!"

Harry froze as he heard the words escape from the girl's mouth. Him? A slave?! That isn't possible! He was just running away from being a servant and discovering the world and he ends up as a slave?! And worse yet, he's back at the palace! Harry began to get angry and the girl noticed for she stopped talking.

"Tell your prince," spat Harry, "that I would rather die than be anyone's slave! Inform him, too, that I would work as a servant so I can pay him back the money he gave the person who sold me!"

He was about to go on, but the girl wasn't listening to him and he got even angrier but his anger turned into shock for a split second before turning back into anger. The person who just happened to enter the room is known other than the Prince of Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, himself.

"Why have someone else inform me when I'm standing right here?" Draco smirked.

Harry, who let his anger take over him, glared daggers at Draco.

"And so I would. Listen carefully, you giant prat! I. WILL. NOT. BE. ANYBODY'S. SLAVE!! And if you wish, I would work off what you paid that guy who sold me, but guess what? He didn't even own me in the first place!! So if you think that I will just stand by while you take advantage of me, think again!"

Harry was breathing hard after his outburst and his annoyance grew when he found that Draco was quite unfazed, but was rather smirking at him with interest. He didn't noticed that the girl had snuck out of the room, not wanting to get involved with anything of this.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" Draco asked.

"You... you..."

Harry decided to not even finish his sentence as he picked up whatever was closest to him and started throwing them at Draco. He didn't even care about the consequences of such actions. Smart boy. There goes the pillow, then the lamp, and then some weird thingamabob which Draco dodged all of them with ease.

"Are you about done?"

"Just about," Harry grinned as he picked up another pillow and threw it straight at Draco's face.

Harry was at first thrilled at the fact that the pillow connected, and the next second he was in hysterics at the look on Draco's face. It was a cute mix of confusion, twitchiness, and some signs of anger.

"Is that any way to treat a prince?" Draco inquired of Harry.

"No," Harry answered, calming down and started to finger the hems of another pillow, "but that is how I treat a git such as yourself."

"You know, throwing things at me, and calling me names could get you thrown in the dungeons, or worse killed."

Harry just shrugged as he threw that pillow aside and took another way to observe.

"Don't you care that your life is on the line?" Draco asked, quite confused now as to how anyone can't care about getting killed.

"You certainly do ask a lot of questions, don't you? I just believe that I'd rather take death than having to serve you for the rest of my life."

Draco grinned, "I'm not that bad, am I?"

Harry gave him a look that says, 'You-must-be-kidding-me.'

"Look, I'm refusing to serve you as a slave, but since I did work as a servant before, I'll be able to do that and pay you back. How does that sound?"

Draco started to ponder upon it. Harry looked up at him, hope shown bright in his eyes. The pillow laid on his lap as he gripped the sides tightly in anxiousness.

Come on. Come on, Harry thought. Just say yes!

"I have come to my decision."






Draco sighed, "As much as I love to repeat myself, it is getting quite boring. So let me spell it out for you. N-O. No."

"But why not?!"

"Because. You'd make a much better trophy slave than a lowly servant."

Harry twitched. He didn't trust himself to speak. The twitching, though, was getting on his nerves. So was Draco's constant, irksome smirking. Twitch. Smirk. Twitch. Smirk. Twitch. Smirk.

Harry couldn't take anymore of the twitch-smirk routine. You wouldn't be able either if you were twitching like mad while someone leaning on the doorway was smirking at you without stop.

"What is your problem?! Firstly, stop smirking at me! Secondly, how is being a servant worst than being a slave?!"

"A trophy slave," Draco corrected him.

Did I say he couldn't take anymore of this? I meant, he was ready to explode. Harry was positively fuming at Draco who, for some strange reason, doesn't seem to notice. Isn't it amazing at how sometimes you can block out what you don't want to see?

"Fine, a trophy slave. Tell me how being a trophy slave is better than being a servant."

"Why, that's easy! It's because you get to be with me day and night. Not a lot of servants have that kind of privilege, you know."

"Well, they must feel very lucky," Harry muttered loud enough for Draco to hear.

Draco, on the other hand, ignored his words. He watched as Harry took up to toying with the pillows.

"I have an important meeting to go to in the next ten minutes, so I'll just let you stay here to think it through. I'm sure you'll see it my way soon."

"Can you get any more arrogant?"

Draco looked at him and said, "Yes, I believe I can."

Harry watched as Draco locked the door behind him and murmured to himself, "I'd rather die than serve that ignorant prat."

To be continued...

Draco is such a git! A cute git, but still! I'm wondering why I'm making Harry suffer like this. I love him, I truly do!! I suppose the saying that you hurt the ones you love is true! Of course, I'd rather have Draco suffer than my dear Harry. Why? Because he already suffers enough in the book! So after Harry's suffering will come Draco's! Hehehe.

- Starflower Sakura