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Catti-Brie caught Drizzt's attention by throwing an acorn at him, and when she nodded him towards the farthest edge of their camp from Entreri, he felt a wave of dread swirl around him. Oh gods, she's meddling. He had seen that look in her eyes before, and he now had a sense that he was doomed.

"Y' stubborn fool elf. What's he done for you to be treatin' him this way?" Her tone was sharp, and her blue eyes bright. Drizzt blinked at her, confused. This wasn't the conversation he had been anticipating. He opened his mouth to protest, to tell her that he was trying to do the right thing, to let Entreri get some needed rest, but she cut him off before he could make a sound.

"Don't ye see how he watches ye? Don't ye see how he was waitin' for ye?"

He tried to form a coherent protest. "No, but I..."

"If yer done with him ye need to be tellin' him so, not leavin' him wonderin' on the other side of the fire, and if ye aren't done with him, ye need to be talkin' to him anyways."

Drizzt growled his frustration. "But what if he's done with me?"

Her narrow fist popped him a solid little hit on his chest. "Do ye know, or are ye just talkin' yerself out of what ye want before yer askin'?"


"That is Artemis Entreri an' I'm sure he'll be tellin' ye if he wants you gone. Call me if he tries killin' ye or something."

She grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him back to face the camp. "I'll be keepin' watch from way over here, an' facin' away from the fire." There was something almost lewd in her voice. "You go to him, an' you talk to him, or I will." He was so distracted by the turmoil of thoughts racing around in his head that he stumbled when she shoved him towards Entreri's still form.

Regaining his grace, his stealth, and a hint of his composure, Drizzt made his way across the leafy ground to Entreri. He could tell that the man was not sleeping, though he didn't roll over, or move in any way. His shoulders were too tight for sleep, and his breaths too short.

Drizzt just stood there for long moments, gathering his thoughts, watching the play of the flickering firelight over the side of Artemis' face. I have taken so much... he thought, and swore to take no more, but to give and share, should the chance exist.

"May I...join you?" His voice sounded foreign, hoarse. Entreri's eyes opened, and the firelight reflected in the steel-grey eyes turned them to a color like molten lava. A small nod was all Drizzt needed and he sank to the ground behind him, stretching out against the warmth of the human's body, pressing his face against the softness of Entreri's dark hair.

The assassin sighed, and he felt some of the tension leave himself. A sense of rightness filled him. This was where he belonged. This was where Entreri could belong. They lay together in silence for a long time, listening to the pop and crackle of the fire, the whisper of the wind.

"Where will you go?" Drizzt asked, and felt the man tense in his arms.

"Calimport," Entreri replied without hesitation.

"Don't." Drizzt whispered. He wanted to struggle, to fight, but there was no target for him to strike against.

Entreri snorted. "Where should I go instead?"

Drizzt's answer came as quick as Entreri's. "Come with me."

Derision clung to the assassin's voice. "And live in a dwarf mine with the bearded hoards and a Halfling that I once tortured?"

Drizzt winced and closed his eyes, pressing close again to the dark hair. "Come with me," he whispered again, "We'll go somewhere new, somewhere neither of us has been..."

He could hear the sneer, even if he couldn't see it. "And you'll ally yourself with an assassin, a murderer, a man with no morals, and no honor? I doubt your conscience could survive."

"You don't have to be that anymore." Drizzt could hear the fear rising in his voice. "I...cannot judge the things you've done, Artemis. I cannot, I will not." He sighed and concentrated for a moment on the words he wanted to say, the emotions he tried to control. "Begin anew. Start over with me. We will find a way, we must."

He felt Entreri shiver. "It is not a small thing you ask of me, Drow. To risk all that I have worked my life to become. Should this effort fail, you will still be young, and have time to restart your life where you left it. My brightest days are fading, I would be left an old man with no time to prepare for my old age, and no reputation to protect me."

"I won't abandon you." And in that moment, Drizzt meant every word. "I won't leave you. I swear to you, come with me, live a new way, and I will be with you until your life is over, or mine has been ended."

"Damn you," Entreri whispered. "If you leave me I'll find you and I'll kill you."

In the flickering light of the fire, Drizzt smiled. The acceptance was more than he had hoped for.