Enferécole (Hellschool)

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"Oh Ren!! Please!"



"I don't see why I should have to!"

"'Cos I don't wanna be alone in a strange place"

"Then you should have brought Amidamaru"

"Yeah, but then we wouldn't be alone. Please Ren, it'll be fun!"

"(Sigh) Fine, but if I don't like it I'm coming straight home"

"Yay! Thank you!"

Ren rolled his eyes as Yoh did his 'happy dance'. Finally the brown haired boy stopped moving and tilted his head, looking at Ren. Stepping forward he put his arms round the other boys waist, pulling him closer.

"It'll be great" Yoh promised, grinning "Come on, smile a little."

"I don't smile," Ren replied, narrowing his eyes, looking directly at Yoh who leaned forward and pressed is lips against Ren's. Caught of guard he had only a little time to close his eyes before Yoh pulled away.

Yoh grinned, bringing his arms back, letting his hand linger briefly on Ren's stomach before walking to the bathroom and shutting the door.

The purple haired teen licked his lips, frowning slightly, but then, hearing the shower start made his own way to the bathroom. He paused at the door, making sure Yoh was in. The door used to have a lock on it until Yoh got himself trapped in there one night and had to stay there until morning when Ren woke up. He wouldn't have noticed except for the part that he distinctly remembered falling asleep next to Yoh.

After breaking open the door both decided it was better not to put on a new one.

Ren looked at his reflection in the mirror, smoothing back a bit of stray hair. He was still pale and his face always held a stern expression. His stomach and chest were still toned and pale, save for the small tattoo around his navel. It was a piece of barbed wire made into the letters 'Yoh Asakura'. One night, after getting stupidly drunk, he just woke up with it and so far had not had it burnt off, nether did he plan to.

Before leaving he took a quick glance at the silhouette of Yoh who was hidden by the shower curtain.

Grinning he noticed Yoh had forgotten to put a towel out for himself again. Pulling one of the shelves he put it in easy reach for Yoh, whose hand darted out, grabbing Ren's wrist. Turning to look Ren realized too late that the teen was still in the shower.

"You can join me...if you want" Came Yoh's voice, slightly hesitant. Ren was looking at the floor, blushing badly.

"N-no, it's my turn to make breakfast" He got out, pulling himself from the boys grasp and stepping away. After calming himself he walked to the door, then added "Maybe later"


Ren looked out the window of their 5th floor flat. Before him he could see the Eiffel tower quite clearly and the endless roads, already filled with cars at 7 in the morning. He sighed, leaning on the counter, thinking how they had got here.

They had been going out, him and Yoh, for 6 months. In that time a lot had happened. Yoh had had to break it to Anna that their engagement was off. She took it quite well; she only got 3 years in prison. Manta had seemed to just drift away a bit, distancing himself from both Yoh and Ren. Horohoro seemed shocked but got over it quickly, and Ryu, he couldn't seem to care less. Amidamaru and Bason, however, seemed overjoyed and it quickly led Ren and Yoh to believe that something was going on between their spirits.

"But isn't it like...necrophilia?" Yoh had asked Ren, who had ignored the question completely "I guess not...'cos their both dead..." The subject was dropped quickly.

Eventually they got sick of everyone being around all the time and decided they needed to get away that was when Yoh suggested they move to Paris, which they did. During the school holidays they both packed their bags and found themselves a small flat in the city. Amidamaru and Bason were told to stay behind and when asked when they'd be back they both just shrugged.

They'd been here a month now, school term was about to start and Yoh, being a fool, had signed up for schooling. It wasn't until the morning when he had to leave that he begged Ren to come with him, this morning.

Ren looked up when Yoh entered. He was topless, a shirt in his hand. Uniform wasn't necessary in this school.

The purple haired teen dished up the simple breakfast quickly. Yoh eyed the food hungrily and when Ren turned back to get a glass of water he heard a clattering sound. Turning back he already knew what to expect.

"You ate all the food...again" He said, disappointed. Yoh grinned and licked his lips.

"You can always make more" Yoh said simply, before Ren turned back to the sink, growling.

"That's not the point," He hissed, bracing himself against the counter. Ren heard the scraping of chair legs against the floor and the padding of feet before Yoh ran a warm hand down the boys back, causing him to shiver slightly. He pushed himself against Ren, embracing him from behind, resting his chin on the other shaman's shoulder.

"I'm sorry" Yoh whispered, kissing Ren's neck "I'll make it up to you" he grinned, nipping at the teens jaw and then leaving a deep red mark on his collarbone.

Finally Ren seemed to relax, looking downwards he turned himself round, facing Yoh. He leaned back against the counter, sighing.

The brown hair shaman leaned forward steeply, placing his hands on the surface beside Ren's ribs. He was practically covering Ren with his body. Yoh placed his forehead against the other teens. "I'm sorry" He repeated, then captured Ren's mouth, opening it with his tongue and slipping inside. After a few heated moments Ren pulled back.

"Ok, move outta the way" He said, pushing lightly on Yoh's chest "I've got to get ready."

"You look fine to me" Yoh laughed, stepping back a bit. Ren gave a small smile.

"I hardly think turning up in your underwear will make a very good impression."


After Yoh ran back to the flat 5 times for things he'd forgotten, they were finally ready to leave.

"Are you sure you have everything?" Ren asked, gripping Yoh by the shoulders. The boy nodded and grinned, "Right, then we can go now." The teen stepped up to a black motorbike, pushing a helmet towards Yoh and climbing on. He watched Yoh climb up behind and wrap his arms tightly around his waist, leaning against his bike, letting his hands snake up under his shirt.

When they were both secure Ren started the bike and tried to remember the way to the school.


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