Enferécole (Hellschool)

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Hao regained consciousness groggily, fuzzy memories flooding his senses. He opened his eyes and blinked a few times to clear the haze from his sight. Looking around the room with hooded eyes he gasped when he saw the damaged figure near the wall, still like a corpse, a pool of darkening blood gathered around his form.

"Oh…mon dieu…(1)" He muttered, shock overwhelming everything else his mind told him to do. With a start he jumped to his feet, "Au secours! Au Secours!(2)" He cried, hoping someone would hear him in the building. Rushing across to Ren, his hands covered his mouth as he almost retched. The pale body was completely broken, the cuts on his back reopened, bruises adorning his body like sickening tattoos and his hand, Hao winced, he could barely look at the mutilated extremity.

"Monsieur Tao" He whispered, stroking a piece of hair away from the teens face, revealing a completely placid expression, dull eyes open a fraction, a trail of deep red leading from his forehead. Only the shallow rise and fall of his back told the medical student that the body before him wasn't simply a corpse. "Au secours!(3)" He called again, his voice cracking slightly. He was afraid to move Ren, he didn't know what internal injuries or breaks he may have.

There was movement from the stairs and Hao quickly grabbed a blanket, pulling it over the teens bare form. No sooner had he covered the teen than there was a shrill exclamation from the broken doorway.

"Qu'est-il arrivé ici!(4)" It was the landlady, an elderly woman that rented the apartments. Her name was Ms Épée, and as far as anyone could figure she had no family, no husband, no children, and that was why she rented the rooms so cheaply, she just wanted company.

"Je ne sais pas, Mademoiselle Épée, Je… J'étais inconscient (5)" Hao looked to the woman, her face was pale and her wide eyes fixed to Ren.

"Mon dieu" She murmured under her breath, eyes then going steely and resigned " Tu idiot! Se lever et telephone pour un ambulance! (6)" She ordered, striding across the room with an authority that shocked Hao. She grabbed him by the arm and literally dragged him to his feet, pushing him towards the door. "Rapide! Tu peux usage le telephone dans ma appartement, monsieur Tao's a été cassé pour les semaines (7)"

"Oui, Mademoiselle, merci, merci" He said hurriedly, running from the room in a daze. He returned minutes later, flushed as the landlady's apartment was on the ground floor. "Il y a un ambulance en route" He gasped out breathlessly. Ms Épée was on her knees beside Ren, biting her lip, her wrinkled face creased in a worried frown. As Hao entered she turned to face him, a stern look in her eyes.

"Hao" she addressed him by his first name because he had been living there for almost 2 years " Je ne pense pas ceci est n'importe quel de mon business, mais vous devez le dire, dire les médecins, ou la police, ou n'importe qui, dire les qui ceci a fait à Monsieur Tao (10)" Her voice was urgent and Hao looked away.

"Je ne peux pas (11)" he replied simply. He looked to Ren, thankful he had pulled the blanket up over the teens shoulders, hiding his entire body, all the landlady could see was his face and the immense amount of blood on the floor.

The rest of the time until the hospital personnel arrived was spent in relative silence. Ms Épée tutted a few times, casting pitiful glances down at the still unconscious Ren, whereas Hao chewed his lip nervously, cursing under his breath as a coppery taste filled his mouth. After a moment the cut stopped bleeding and then there was a loud banging down stairs, followed by the door opening and various people rushing up the stairs.

They hurried passed Hao a stretcher folded under one ambulance drivers arm as his colleague crossed to the Shaman, kneeling down to take Ms Épée's place beside the prone form. She asked him all the usual questions – could she hear him? Did he know where he was? And so on. But there was no answer and she shook her head sadly, motioning for the stretcher to be brought forth with a wave of her hand. The teen was barely breathing and seemed to be slipping all the time.


Hao flat out refused to sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), shaking his head adamantly. "Non! Monseiur Tao n'aller pas mortir! (12)"

Ren had been in the hospital for 3 days without word of him getting better. They had treated his wounds and did what they could for his hand, although they were doubtful he would ever be able to use it again, and now they waited. Again and again the medics rushed in to revive him as he flat lined, as though his body was just giving up, only to fight for a bit longer.

All that time Hao had stayed either by his bedside or in the waiting room, bordering on insomnia as sleep failed to claim him, so worried was he that as soon as he slept someone would come in and announce the teen dead. Images of what he saw flashed in his eyes, and 'Vincent'; he wanted to hurt him so much, to make him feel even a fraction of what he'd put Ren through, but of course he didn't have the first idea of where to look or even what he could do. Vincent may have had no qualms over breaking the law, but Hao was against getting a criminal record, no matter how much he longed to get revenge.

Pacing like a caged animal he wondered if the doctors knew what had happened? They had said nothing to him about the teen's injuries, exterior and internal, but perhaps they were just protecting Ren's privacy.

It made him sick, though, to think who would stoop to doing such a thing, to injure and rape someone who had done nothing. There was no reason for it, just the sick fantasies of a crazed psycho.

The TV that always played in the waiting room flicked to an emergency news bulletin and the medical student found his eyes drawn to it. The reporter was saying something about a fire in which countless people had already lost their lives. The camera swivelled, panning across a local secondary school that was in flames, the deadly flames licking from every window and jumping from the room. It was as though hell had risen on earth and was trying to drag the building down into the depths.

Enferécole (A/N You all know what that means by now…)

The camera moved again to show a lone figure charging this way and that like a madman on the sidewalk, hands dug into thick locks of brown hair that looked so much like Hao's own. A black leather jacket was hanging from one of their arms and a knife was tucked into his belt.

Hao jumped forwards, boosting the volume up as he watched the reporter intently. She was explaining that the culprit, who hadn't even tried to hide himself had barred the exits and entrances to the school and even many of the classroom doors whilst teachers and pupils tried to escape in a panic, and then set the fire that had killed at least two thirds of the schools population already. Others were still inside and fire fighters rushed in to save who they could, but all hope was fading.

However the medical student heard little of this, a faint flicker of sadness crossing his face for the lost lived but attentions on the figure, it was Vincent…but it wasn't.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD? GET OUT GET OUT!" The person screamed in perfect English, a panicked tone evident but that was quickly cut off for a decidedly more demented quality.

"No, you are mine now!"

" NO! NO NO NO! STOP MAKING ME DO THESE THINGS!" tears ran down a pale face, hand literally ripping at the hair as though to cleave something from his very mind.

"You are my slave now! You will do as I tell you! YOU BELONG TO ME!"

"NO! Stop this…please stop this…I-"




(1) "Oh…my God"

(2) "Help! Help!"

(3) "Help!"

(4) "What has happened here!"

(5) "I don't know, Ms Épée, I…I was unconscious"

(6) "You idiot! Get up and phone for an ambulance!"

(7) "Quick! You can use the telephone in my apartment, Mr Tao's has been broken for weeks"

(8) "Yes, Ms, thank you, thank you"

(9) "There is an ambulance on the way"

(10) "I don't think this is any of my business, but you should tell someone, tell the doctors, or the police or anyone, tell them who did this to Mr. Tao

(11) "I can not"

(12) "No! Mr Tao is not going to die!"

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