The day melted into night on a tall stone mansion in Balinor. The lights on the bottom floor in the ballroom leaked through the windows and onto the earth. Laughter could be heard through the panes, the joyful women voices and the low chuckles of the men. Those passing peered with small curiosity at the tiny mansion then their attention was averted. But more than just the presence of humans were in the area.

Instead of the normal wood stable, this one was stone as the mansion nearby. Inside was the smell of fresh straw and dung. Every now and then a snort could be heard. Five monsterous Uunicorns stood in the dark. Their coats were midnight black, eyes demon red and horns of steel. Their hooves were metalic looking and teeth vampire-like.

They were mounts of terror, beasts that many other unicorns despised. These five were about to make a wonderous tale, that no unicorn would forget. Yes, the demon ones of good, the killers of the darkness. You never know what forms heros will take of....

Karlo stood in the endless plains, brown coat sparkling. He may be look of an ordinary Unicorn, yet he was acually a Celestial unicorn. Yet not in the Celestial Vally where he should be. He wasn't on the right side of the Gap becaue he was a retired warrior, wanting solitude. His greatest tale was that of his battle with Carhi.

In a dark time he was sent to save the unicorns by battling the evil Carhi. Carhi's mate had given birth to a young colt three days before the battle. It was bloody. But Karlo came on top, killing Carhi, leaving the young colt, Yolise, fatherless.

But Karlo's battles had stopped for now and he stood happily in the endless plains, free of trouble or pain. The sun set and night seeped in when a black form slowly was stroding towards Karlo. He stared interested, wondering what wanderer was coming through. Maybe he would bring news.

The strangers features came in. He was one of them! A demon unicorn. The other stopped and both locked eyes and stood stock still. The breeze seemed to stop and time to freeze. Karlo felt fear clutch his heart like a cold hand. This stranger was not a nice one; not at all. all exploded.

The demon one charged, his horn coming closer. 3 inches of the horn was purple. Karlo deflected with his horn, making the others head turn and stumbled. Karlo struck, his horn making a gash on the demon ones hip. The red goo gushed deep red and ozzed like puss. The demon unicorn bellowed. He swung his head and the horn went 2 inches in Karlo's stomech.

Karlo would have laughed, this stranger was a horriable fighter. Yet he had a feeling the demon unicorn was holding back. He leaped forward and the two began to spare, horns like swords. The hard iron horn and bone like one were hard to size up, each hard enough to crush the other. But then Karlo felt weaker and light-headed. The two pulled apart.

Karlo examined the others horn from a distance and with horror realized that purple bit of the others iron horn was poisen. That was why the demon was holding back, it just wanted an easy job of killing him. Karlo felt weaker and fell on his fore-knee's, rump in air. Then his rear came down too.

Sorrow filled the Celestial unicorn as his eyes began to glaze. Laughter rang in his ears. "Who are...who sent you here" Karlo whispered. The stranger replyed. "I am Jestin, dark commander, sent to kill you as you can see. Your death will send meesage that our leader, Yolise, will rein supream!" he bellowed.

Karlo felt horror as he reckonized the name. His eyes completely glazed over as the poisen entered his heart and layed down his head. Then the blackness took over. Karlo, warrior legend, was dead.

Two days later the Unicorn gossip reached the little stone mansion. One of the black mounts, a fae called Leelo, went out with the miss of the mansion for a joy ride when they stopped next to gossiping two year old fillies speaking of Karlo's death of poisen and the dark commander. Leelo, shocked by the legends downfall, almost forgot to go when the miss commaned.

After going through what seemed a trot forever in the little feilds beyond the village, Leelo returned and told this to her fellow black friends. All the others were amazed as well. "Itz horriable" stated Lest, a demon mount from France. "Of course" said Leelo. Then silence. All were thinking the same thing. 'We must do something'.

When the dark fell and all was silence. The miss and master of the cozy mansion fell asleep around 9:00 p.m. and when the clock chime 11:00 p.m there was a crashing in the stable, and the wooden doors broke down and the beating of five sets of metalic hooves rang out. The black ring of unicorns didn't know where to go. They went through the village and the little feilds.

At midnight they were far east from their cozy home. "Its not too late to turn back" said the frightened fae Geogin, who was the smallest and only of 4 years. "We can't. Haven't you heard the rumers? The other unicorns will come, try to destroy us. They say it was a demon unicorn..." said Leelo. No more arguement from the other four, knowing the it was truth. By morning, the five demons were gone.