In the endless plains, herds of demons lived. They were free, free of slavery. For the time being, at least. They stood on the fields of green and the wind blew through thier mane, and smiles were exchanged all around around.

"..And that is how Celesty and friends save all the unicorns" finished an old, grey demon, coughing harshly with it. The foals gathered around his did not mind, however, for they loved thier story teller. Chattering and gossiping, one shrill voice stood out from them all. It was a filly, one with a rather high voice and spindely legs longer than all the others.

"Tell another on Grandpa Kort!"

"Oh no. It's getting late, Lilith. You should be getting back to your mother and to bed!"

A loud 'Awwww' was emitted from all the children, and soon the cornecorpia was dispersed as they all returned to thier respective places. Kort rose and escorted young Lilith to her mother, Celesty. Indeed, Kort and Geogin had named thier first daughter after the lost unicorn whom had so helped them all. The herds of black unicorns were frequent across the lands, and a few went to human homes as well, happily excelling the lives of many people on both sides of the Gap.

Kort sighed after dropping off his grand-daughter and lay under a willow, gazing at a red sunset. "Oh Lest. If only you were here to see him" the stallion murmered, smiling at his grave marker and closing his tired eyes.

For there, standing proudly, was thier son, one by the name of Karlo, bold and brave, and a great leader for the herd in place of his father. Legends lived on, and all passed away into the next world with great peace.

For, though many tales of the humans and thier unicorn companions saving this side of the Gap, there are few of the unicorns by themselves, let alone demons. But they did, and thier story might never of reached your ears, had not those who still pass between the sides still exsist and managed to coax the tale of passion out of a very old, and very wise Kort.

The End