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The Pride of a Snake

As the students filed in the Great Hall once more for another year, Severus in took a deep breath. Always a problem with stress, and a craving for nicotine, he found this to help. He had recently quit smoking, and was having a hell of a time with it. As well, the werewolf beside him trying to strike up any conversation possible, didn't help. Lupin seemed starving for human contact. He had been locked away, searching over Grimmauld Place, looking for some sort of will his tail-wagging friend could have left. After some time, Lupin would get the hint, and speak with MaGonnagull or something.

He watched as his Godson walked in, or whether, glided in on his ego. He glanced over at his Godfather, gave a nod of acknowledgement, and continued his way to the Slytherin table. Severus knew what his summer consisted of; growth spurts in body and magic. Lucius had proudly announced this at the Death Eater meetings. As well as that, Draco had been, with the aid of Lucius becoming an Animagi. He rememebered how thrilled the Dark Lord was to hear the news. He would scornfully glance at Severus, as if to say, Where's your son?

With a sharp breath, he felt someone leaning on him. Lupin, no doubt. Lupin muttered, "Look, its Harry, Ron and Hermione!" He, of course, would be excited about this, but Severus couldn't care in the slightest. With a glare at the greying man, he turned his glance to the Golden Trio.

Granger and Weasley were arguing, as Potter looked just happy to be there. Summer had effected them all as well. Granger had started looking more the woman she was, Weasley had built himself a toned body, and as for Potter, summer granted him a growth spurt, and a tan. Now, compared to Weasley's height, they were matched.

Of announcements and sorting, the evening passed seemingly uneventful. The Potions Master ate silently, yet quickly, and rose before any of the other professors; slithering out before even the students left.

Hermione asked slowly in a half whisper, "What do you suppose that was all about?"

Ron spat as he spoke, "Prob'ly whuz called," Spitting up pieces of his third helping of pudding onto Hermione's disgusted face. With a quick whip of a napkin, and a mutter of manners, the trio rose to leave.

Harry had been surprisingly silent, up until when the three left and Professor Lupin cornered them. With greetings, he looked down at the quiet boy, "Harry," Harry muttered a hello.

"I was going through Sir- Snuffles's things," He said, lowering his voice as some second years passed nervously. "Professor Dumbledore's orders to find any will he may have left. In turn, we found some interesting things you might like to give a gander. If you're interested.." His voice trailed.

Harry's eyes brightened at the thought, yet it hurt to think of Sirius; it would be nice to speak with someone about him, so at least he could remember him better. "I'd love to, Professor."

The werewolf gave a slight smile, "All right, Harry, how's tomorrow after classes? Of course, we'd have to bring another member from the Order for protection, but-"

Harry nodded, "Tomorrow will be fine." With that, the four parted, and headed to their separate rooms.

Pacing in his rooms, the Potions Master found himself interrupted by a knock on the door. Snarling, he pulled the door open. Lupin. Greeaat. Lupin said apologetically, "My apologies, Severus, but I have a favor to request of you.."

I said firmly, "Whatever it is, Lupin, the answer is no."

He started to close the door in the werewolf's face, but he said, "Do it for the Order, Severus."

With a scowl, Severus said, "What do you need?"

Lupin stepped in to the lit room of green and silver, making his tattered robes clash. "Tomorrow after classes, I need you to come with Harry and I to Grimmauld Place."

Snape hissed, "What makes you think I'd do this? Ask MaGonnagull, she'll do anything for the wretched boy."

Lupin replied, "Don't you think that it's time you got over your hatred for James? Harry is not James!"

"You should have told 'Snuffles' that." Snape said, feeling his arm tingle. "I have better things to do, Lupin, such as make your next monthly dosage of Wolfsbane." A stinging sensation, satisfying, yet completely painful finally took full force of his arm.

"Severus, please." Lupin said, as he walked to his bedroom.

He took out a dark cloak, his Death Eater uniform. Walking out holding the mask, and buttoning up his cloak. Looking at Lupin, "You're still here?" He said with a sneer. He exhaled, "Fine, fine, I'll do it. Just get out of my rooms." He nodded, thanked Severus, and left with that. Severus went to the fireplace, and said 'Shrieking Shack', then entered. From there, he apparated to the Dark Lord's side.

Harry went to bed early, not wanting to hear the arguing anymore. He just wished that they'd just admit they like each other and get it over with. It would save Harry the headache. He rolled over. Seeing the two-sided mirror Sirius gave him, he felt more relaxed. He'd have something more of Sirius now than just a useless piece of glass. He smiled to himself, yes, he could finally move on.