SUMMARY: The sequel to "A Final Farewell". The reasons behind Elrohir's decision, and how each twin deals with the revelation.

DISCLAIMER: You know the drill...I play with the characters, but they aren't mine. I just borrowed them.

The Choices We Make: Wish Upon A Star

By Tiger

He lay on his bed, softly weeping with grief. He was at the end of his long-lived life and he knew it. But his death was not what he wept about. He mourned for the death and passing of his friends and family, he was alone in the world now, alone because of the cruel passage of time. He had never been alone before, the feeling was alien to him. He looked through the window, into the forest that was his childhood home. It was no longer the neat, orderly place it had been, for after the last of the Imaldris elves sailed, neither he nor Arwen had the heart to return and keep the former Elven haven a haven. He found that even though he longed for his old home to be what it was before, he was glad that it was not. Had it been, being alone would have been much harder than it already was.

He looked at the sunset, Arien's brilliant light splashing here and there, allowing him to see Arda's beauty in all of its glory one final time. He closed his eyes, waiting for what was to come. He closed his eyes waiting for what was to come. What would it be like to die? Was it freedom for his fea after being trapped for so long, or would he simply be taken to Valinor? He knew nothing at all.

"Namo," he whispered into the encroaching darkness. :I am ready, please, take me." A burst of light made him open his eyes.

"Elrohir Perehdel," the beautiful being spoke. He was tall and lithe. His features were delicate yet firm. He had an unearthly air to him. Elrohir recognized him. Namo himself had come for his fea.

"So we meet again," Namo continued, looking at Elrohir. Elrohir looked back with a level gaze of his own.

"Yes, we do," replied Elrohir. He struggled to maintain his composure in front of the Valar. If Namo himself came for his fea, then it meant that he would never see his Elven kin again.

"Fear not, Elrohir," Name reassured him. "You will be closer to your brother than you think."

Elrohir looked up at Namo with hope shining in his eyes. "How? Please tell me, I wish so much to know!"

But Namo would only smile at him. "You are an elf, and yet, you chose the fate of man. You gave your grace for a noble cause. You are being rewarded with your heart's desire." He paused for a moment before continuing. "But come and take my hand, you will see."

Elrohir nodded, but looked around him before hesitatingly placing his hand in the Valar's outstretched one. Could he let his past go now, could he begin a new journey without the heaviness in his heart? Namo seemed to sense his thoughts.

"Take my hand," he softly urged. "Let not the memories of the past become a heavy anchor. Set yourself free from your own wearied heart."

"I can do no more than what you ask," Elrohir declared. It was true, his heart was wearied from his years of orc fighting, from years of avenging his nana's cruel treatment at the hands of the orcs. He grasped the Valar's hand with a renewed strength of heart. He felt energy course through his veins and he stood face to face with Namo, the tired lines on his face disappearing. Namo gave Elrohir a small smile as he watched Elrohir lose his jaded mask.

"Look behind you, Elrohir," Namo instructed. "Your fea has been freed." Elrohir did as he was told and turned to look where he had been lying only a few minutes before. He gasped for before him lay his own lifeless body. He had seen something like this once before on a battlefield. It was a sight that had forever altered his life. An increasing brightness interrupted his thoughts. It became so bright that for a moment, Elrohir thought that he would be blinded, but only for a moment.

"You chose the fate of man for a noble reason," Namo said. They were no longer in the cheerful disorder of Imaldris. Instead, they now stood in a dark room, lit only by a few lamps and a roaring fire. It was a large and well furnished room, but darkened with an air of melancholy. Elrohir realized that he had arrived at the Halls of Waiting. His heart sank again at the uncertainty before him.

"I chose this fate so that my brother didn't have to," Elrohir clarified.

"That is a noble reason. The bond you shared with Elladan was the strongest and most different of brotherly bonds that the Valar has ever seen. Not many would still feel each other's presence in the in their mind after one sailed to Valinor." Namo continued. "Because you chose to give him life at the cost of your own, the Valar have decided to allow you to choose between two different fates."

Elrohir stood in front of the being, still with shock at what had transpired. "A-a choice?" He stammered.

"Yes. Your fea can go where your choice intends it to go: to the great unknown with Illuvatar," Elrohir nodded. He knew that fate already. "Or, we will grant your fea the fate of an Elven star." A star? Elrohir thought for a moment, but it didn't take him long to make his choice.

"I chose the life of a star," Elrohir softly said. "I will always be able to watch over Elladan then." Namo smiled a wide smile, touched that even when Elrohir had been presented with the option of being with Illuvatar, he had thought of his brother first Namo closed his eyes and nodded his head.

"It is done, your fate has been chosen." He grasped Elrohir's shoulders as a sign of good will. "The Valar will always be with your fea, just as you will now always be with Elladan." Elrohir smiled and took the being's hands into his own.

"I am ready," he declared.

"Then your fea shall soar into the sky until it rests over Valinor."

"I will watch over him forever," Elrohir happily whispered.

"Yes," Namo smiled. "You will."

"Will you promise me this one last thing?" Elrohir hesitatingly asked. At Namo's nod, he continued. "Please, can you show Elladan why I made the choice I did? He deserves no less. I do not wish for him to be so grieved in a place where he should be happy."

"He will understand," promised Namo. "For I will show him." He stepped away from Elrohir, his task almost finished. Softly, he whispered to the elf. "Now close your eyes, and let your heart soar into the sky."