'Do Tell'

by Keph

(in which kurama contemplates telling his mother he is a demon and hiei deals with his growing kitsune addiction)

Author's Note #1: CONTAINS (lots of) SHOUNEN-AI! DON'T LIKE DON'T READ!

Author's Note #2: Continues where my other story "The Waiting Time" left off-Kurama broke a seal Koenma had used on Hiei's jagan during his arrest. However, the way he broke the seal was force-feeding Hiei (by mouth) some of his blood , youko blood, a substance most demons know for two reasons: it is highly intoxicating and highly addicting.

Author's Note #3: Don't own Yu-Yu Hakusho....sigh.

Author's Note #4: This story occurs right after the boys return home from their fight at Maze Castle and before Hiei knows that his sister has been kidnapped by the humans.

Author's Note #6: I need to give credit for the "intoxicating youko blood" to a very good kuramaXhiei writer who goes by "arigatomina". I don't know if she's on , but she has a story called "Bloodlust" that is very, very awesome. :)

Author's Note #5: Thank you to everyone who reviewed "The Waiting Time" (a bit arigatou to you all for your really nice words!:):

Dragon's Emerald


Kurama's Oni

Su da 'mazin banna eater

Shadow Priestess

Kurama was doing his homework.

"The human body is..." Kurama read and paused. Outside the window to his room he heard a faint rustling. He waited a moment and the sound subsided. He returned to the page. "The human body is..." The rustle again. A human would have discarded the sound as the wind, a bird, their imagination, but Kurama was not human and the sound didn't fool him.

He closed the biology book with a sigh. He stood and walked to the window and leaned out.

"Hiei, come in already. I know you're here." he said with a small smile.

Silence, a moment of hesitation and then the red-eyed demon stood beside him, scowling.

To Kurama's raised eyebrow, Hiei answered, "My jagan saw a lot of youki around here." Then he added, "Not that it matters."

"Youki?" Kurama said. "I didn't feel anything."

"Hn." Hiei sneered and his eyes leveled on Kurama's stomach. Reflexively Kurama curled an arm around the injury there. "Perhaps you're weaker than you realize."

Kurama just laughed. It was true. He had nearly been gutted twice in such a short amount of time. Although Hiei had healed the wound he himself had given him, it was a superficial fix. Even so, he had thought something was watching him lately. His eye fell on Hiei and the Jiganshi snarled and turned away from his smile. He stalked to the desk Kurama had been sitting at and perched himself there, arms crossed over his chest, eyes turned away and out the window.

It was sunset now. The light coming through the window made his face less sevier, softer. It was a strange sight.

"Kurama." Hiei now said.

Kurama had taken back his seat and had begun to read the same line in the biology book for the third time when the fire demon spoke.

"What do you know about a jagan?"

Kurama tapped his pencil on the desk. "Less than you, I imagine." he answered then sighed at the glare Hiei cast him. "A jagan, a third eye for the spirit. It boosts spirit energy, grants telepathy, allows the bearer to see what is unseen."

"Or what is far away." Hiei added, gazing out the window again.

Kurama tilted his head. "Yes. That's right." he said. "And you, I know, use that feature quite often. Yukina..."

At the mention of her name, Hiei turned his way. His face was perfectly blank.

"Hiei?" Kurama said. "Has something happened to Yukina?"

Hiei smiled ironically. "I don't know." he said. "I haven't been able to find her."

"And you believe it is a malfunction of the jagan?"

Hiei just looked at him.

Kurama sighed. "I'm sorry, Hiei. I will do everything I can to help. Just ask it of me, but about jagans I simply do not know very much."

The little demon said. "Hn."

He fell silent again and Kurama turned back to his biology. "The human body is an amazing machine." he read. At least he would read one sentance tonight. He sighed, closing the book.

"Hiei. Wouldn't it be easier to tell Yukina the truth-then perhaps when she is in trouble she would be able to call to you?"

"Don't be stupid, Fox."

"Am I?" Kurama leaned back in his chair, his hair falling blood red over his shoulders. "I do believe others would call it a remarkable insight and some would say I was simply being logical."

"Hn." Hiei said then as Kurama suddenly heard the sound of his mother's footsteps coming up the sidewalk. The Jiganshi followed his eyes out the window and he sniffed the air and laughed. He knew she was there, too. "Don't talk like you're the truth-telling kind, Fox."

Kurama just blinked at him.

"How much of you does your human mother know? What do you call yourself," he pointed at Kurama, "Like this?"


"Shuiichi." Hiei spat. "Why do YOU not tell your human mother the truth about yourself, 'Shuiichi'?"

Kurama's eyes narrowed.

From outside he heard his mother opening her purse, searching for her keys. Faint and soft came the smell of her perfume.

Hiei laughed. "Perhaps because you, too, know your past well enough and understand that you can never be more than you are."

"What am I, Hiei?"

The answer was simple. "A theif. A demon." he paused. "A killer."

Kurama said nothing, his eyes were wide now, his mouth slightly opened.

"Hn. Where is your logic now?"


Suddenly the red-eyed demon reached up and pulled the bandana from his jagan. The third eye slipped open, plump and purple, it gazed wide and seemingly blind from his forehead. Hiei stood.

"Hiei-what are you doing?" Kurama said as Hiei jumped from the desk and began to make his way to the door to Kurama's room.

Kurama heard his mother. The keys were in the door. The lock clicked once, twice and opened. She was removing her shoes.

"Hiei!" He hissed.

"What if your mother saw just what you really are, Kurama? What if she saw me? Why are you looking at me like that? They're very logical questions."

"Hiei! Wait!"

"Hn." Hiei smiled and reached towards the door. For a moment Kurama didn't move. Perhaps Hiei's words were true. He had lived so long behind the mask of this life he didn't try to justify it any more. But be that as it may....

"Shuiichi! Tadaima!"

It was his mother's voice.

His heart started to pound and a voice in his head cried loud, "No!"

"Hiei!" The little demon heard from behind him. He was on the verge of disapearing at an impossible speed when he felt something knock into his back and down he went.

"Get off of me, Fox!" He growled as he flipped himself over beneath the wide-eyed human. Kurama grabbed his arms and entwined their legs. Perhaps he was weak from the fight at Maze Castle, but panic proved a very effective cure. "Hn." Hiei said as Kurama's eyes settled on the doorway. He could see the human woman better than the Fox. She had heard something. She was climbing the stairs. "What if I yell now, Kurama?" Kurama's eyes were too wide. His chest was heaving. It made Hiei pause. Did he fear discovery that much? "She will come running, you know. You may be very clever, but even you can't keep me down much longer." From the tightness in Kurama's mouth, the way his eyes swept across his face, the shaking in his arms as he fought to keep Hiei down, he knew it was the truth. Hiei laughed. Had the Fox thought himself so much better than him? Hiei opened his mouth to shout, felt the air build in his lungs, the tightening of the muscles in his throat, but no sound ever escaped.

Not one peep.

The cry was there, but Kurama did the only thing he could do with his hands pinning Hiei's arms, his legs Hiei's legs. He brought his mouth down upon the unexpecting mouth of the demon and held on for all he was worth.

Hiei convulsed around him, the sound swollowed by the move and Kurama winced inwardly.

Once he had done this little trick to help the fire demon remove a seal Koenma had placed on his jagan and after that he was surprised Hiei hadn't murdered him in his sleep, amazed he had actually thanked him by healing the sword-wound in his gut. Now...

Kurama slowly moved his mouth away. The phone had started to ring. He heard his mother turn and start back down the stars.

Saved by the bell as it were.

"Hiei." Kurama breathed, his mouth hovering above the little demon's. There was no reply. Kurama pulled away, and as he did so he saw that Hiei's eyes were closed, although the jagan peered up just as it always did, sightless and piercing. "Hiei?" The fire demon said nothing, just lay there with his eyes closed. Then, as Kurama was reaching out to him, confused, his neck arched up and he caught the Fox's mouth with his own. "Hiei! Umph!" Kurama cried as he felt an arm snake around his neck and pulled him closer to that little mouth.

Suddenly, he felt a tongue in his mouth, wrapping around his own tongue and tugging it. He was too suprised to do anything about it and by the time a belated protest came to his brain, he felt Hiei's sharp teeth bearing down on him.

Kurama hissed in pain as he felt Hiei begin to press against his mouth almost desperatly.

"Hiei!" Kurama managed and touched the smaller demon's chest.

Immediatly Hiei went still and although Kurama's mouth still touched his own, there was no pressure. Hiei shivered and pulled away.

Kurama stood and touched his mouth, wiping away at the blood that was on his lips.

"Hiei?" he said.

Hiei stayed where he was, on his knees, and only slowly did his eyes open, languid and hungry only to widen to an almost impossible size. With a shaking hand, Hiei brought a hand to his own mouth, his eyes on Kurama.

That look he was giving Kurama was too wide, too scared. Kurama took a step toward him, a hand outreached. "Hiei..." he began, but Hiei gave him one more lingering glance, too confused and dazed to belong to the fire demon, then there was a shift in the air, like a sudden gust of wind and Kurama was alone.

There was a knock at his door.

Kurama answered it.

"Are you OK, Shuiichi, I heard..." She caught a good look at him and his bleeding lips. "Shuiichi!" she cried and touched his cheek.

"It's nothing mother...." he said and made some excuse that he forgot as soon as he said it, but the entire time his eyes were on the window and the tree there moving slightly to the left, slightly to the right as some new breeze disturbed its perfect equilibrium.

...to be continued...