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Blood & Roses

Chapter 1

For hundreds of thousands of years, the town of Witherthrope lived in fear under the Dark one's rule. His race, Nocturne Daemons, bestowed with the uncanny gift of immortality; were born of the darkness yet could die with substantial blood loss. Usually never seen in daylight, they preferred being active at night. In the beginning they kept themselves alienated, not caring to interact with inferior races. As time passed, their power and influence, developed by their trade in imports/exports, grew into the establishment of a noble class. One family, the Daratransenof's, decimated and surpassed all the rest, since then proclaimed themselves a royal family.

To the present day their Prince mostly stayed in his mountainous castle. Only coming out when his power was challenged by neighboring countries in the wars that plagued his properties. He was infamous for his cruelty and malice towards his enemies; he demanded nothing less than respect and loyalty and dealt harshly with anyone that opposed him. The Dark one's own kind revered and praised him with their highest exaltations. As long as the townspeople, which consisted of the human race, respected his will as well they would be continually rewarded with being left in peace. Unfortunately many hundreds of years later a revolt occurred against the Dark Prince's race and human rebel leaders, which no longer tolerated the subjection of their race. This escalated into the War of Gaia, immortal against mortal, which raged for five long years.

Alexandria was one of the townspeople who wanted to help the wounded and rebuild the devastation around her. So she created a trading company, which dealt with medicine and healing tools, called Black Star Enterprise, and she became very prosperous. Serenity, whom everyone called Serena, was her daughter whom she loved dearly; Serena's father had died earlier in the war. He was a great military leader which made his family very well respected. Sadly Alexandria came down with an illness, which would eventually kill her. So she made her last will and testament leaving everything to Serena. Serena had continued her mother's work until the war was over. The Prince had mercilessly slaughtered the last resistance leaving her town in ruins. He demanded that the towns repay their war debt or he would continue to attack until there was nothing left, which they had no choice but to do. So the town created a post war council, the Magistrate, which dealt with the war debt and restoration.

As Serena gained control of Black Star she continued to do what she could to help. She frequently assisted the Magistrates with funds to repair homes and build shelters, yet due to her lack of trust with them she controlled exactly where her funds went. So she was well known for her kindness and with her bright eyes and sweet nature she was considered one of her countries great beauties.

Serena would have already been married and settled down if the war hadn't ravished her town. Before the war, she had many offers of marriage from her love struck suitors. They all pledged their undying devotion to her, but she knew that most were just as eager to love the next pretty girl. Serenity wasn't affected by any of them, though they were sweet. She was becoming more and more withdrawn especially since both her parents were now dead and she had no other immediate family. Yet from her loss she gained the choice to pick her own husband, a choice that few women had and so she decided to hold off until she could meet the right man. Her decision, unfortunately, worked against her because as a single desirable woman she made many jealous enemies among the other girls in her town.

"Look at that whore, thinks she's the queen of the world with her nose stuck up in the air like that, humph!" Rose screeched. Rose was the daughter of the esteemed General Hardbrooke, which fought against the immortals.

"First she gets those pretty looks, which has all those bubble headed boys chasing after her and now she becomes rich after that ol' bat of hers dies, good riddance if you ask me." Charlotte swished her hair away.

"Papa will not stand for it, he'll see to it that she doesn't get a penny of that inheritance and it all goes to the council." Jamie nodded as she brushed Rose's hair.

"GOD! If I could kill only one person I would do her in, that's for sure!" The girls agreed.

"Let's see to it that she disappears, after that cow is gone the boys will be flapping to our doorsteps." They all agreed that something must be done.

And indeed Serenity's fortune was taken from her to help pay back the town's debt due to the reason that a woman could not handle funds of that nature. She was left with the last few possessions her mother had given her and a very small fund to barely get by. This of course infuriated her in the least, especially since she would have gladly given it to help the town if they had only asked. This made her resentful and disappeared behind the walls of her home, only a hand full of friends only ever saw her anymore.

She was glad that their influence didn't reach very far because everyone else was still so kind to her. They adored her for sacrificing so much for them. To her, it was her duty to help after her mother died and she continued to help in anyway she could, usually by volunteering herself at the hospital.

All the town's Magistrates accumulated and called a meeting to be held in a week. All the townspeople could come arrived on time, solemn and anxious.

"Come everyone, take a seat please," the head Magistrate shouted, "We must start now if we ever want to finish or we'll be here all night." Everyone quieted. Serena had taken her seat when her ex old friend Charles had sat next to her and put his hand on her thigh.

Ever since childhood Charles had always been her friend and played with her, until they had become older and he had asked to marry her. She had turned him down gently imploring that she only saw him as a friend; but he felt that he was completely humiliated in front of everyone, though no one was actually there when he proposed. His friends later did made fun of him because he always used to talk about Serena as his future trophy wife and after his rejection he was ridiculed by them. After that day he always belittled her and assaulted her when they were alone.

"Who do you think you are?! How dare you! No one turns me down; you'll live to regret it!" And ever since then he always plotted to get her.

"Hello Char," as she uneasily said to him, "um...everything alright." She edged further away but his hand tightened so hard that she had to hit him off. She hurriedly got up and walked to another chair with no empty seats around it.

One of the Magistrates walked up to the podium and started with a booming voice, "We have all come here tonight concerning our payment with the Prince. As you know we have not repaid him in full. We must resort to some other means of payment due to our funds being depleted or he will go through with his threats." Serena rolled her eyes knowing that her inheritance could have easily paid that, she did wonder where it was spent though. "I sent a letter asking him for his advice on the matter." Continued the Magistrate, "And he has returned with this." He pulled out a letter and read it.

"Your methods of payment are useless to me. I am not in need of your human trinkets but crave the absolute power of becoming King. To do this I require a bride, one that will ensure my power over the mortals through a truce of marriage. That is why I have decided to wed a human. The marriage will be in name only. She will be of my choice. Refusal is unacceptable."

Rose smiled inside. This was her chance to be revered and respected as the wife of their leader. Infinite money and power, he didn't even want an heir. The marriage would be in name only, which meant that he didn't want anything to do with her. Everything she ever wanted would be given to her.

"All ladies must be present and dressed in their best attire tonight," the Magistrate continued. Everyone looked around at each other baffled that the Prince would ever even consider marriage to a human. Most of the women in the room became very quiet, none had ever met him and only rumors of his pride and heartlessness towards his enemies were known. They all left the meeting hall and hurriedly got ready for the Prince to come knowing that anything less than what he had asked for would be suicide for them and their families.

Serenity ran home and bathed then changed into one of her only possessions she had left of her mothers a plain dress but which still elegant and hung off her shoulders and ended around her ankles. She knew that even though all the girls were terrified, her included, they could not run away from their duty to their beloved town. 'OH...you have taken too much time. Get moving,' she thought to herself as she rushed to the town square. No doubt 'he' would shortly arrive. The elder lined all the girls up.

The icy wind bit at Serena and she began shivering. Yet as an hour passed she was sure she would die of the cold and the Prince would only have a few corpses to choice from. Just standing around with the other girls, wide eyed with fear, made her start contemplating if he was just as horrible has she had heard. From a far off sound she finally picked her head up as she spotted two enormous carriages approach. She continued to warm herself with her hands as she saw a thin bony man step out of the first carriage. With no moon out she could only see his silhouette. All the girls drew themselves up and shuffled in a line.

"He's ancient," Rose's friend whispered. "I wonder what is in the other carriage."

"He looks like he is going to croak pretty soon,' she whispered back. He silently spoke to the Magistrates and after his nod he approached the girls.

"My master will be with you shortly." Sighs of relief went up and even Serena was glad that he wasn't the Prince. "Do not make any sudden movements as he inspects you," he whispered, which made Serena suspect that he didn't want his master to hear him. 'Good God,' Serena thought, 'would he actually bite or something. He's not crazy I hope.'

The cold wind picked up again as a figure immerged from the first huge dark carriage. He stood a head taller than any other man. He made his way over, and started to walk down the line of girls. Even from her distance she could see him frowning. He looked closely at Charlotte for a moment, and then as he leaned down to look at her in the eyes she promptly fainted away.

"Too weak," he whispered in a deep voice, which made Serena almost want to smile inside instead of shaking with trepidation. He continued on sometimes stopping to comment.

"Too young."

"Unsatisfactory," he starred at Rose as she smiled up at him. He turned to walk to Serena but Rose threw herself at him.

"You'll not find another woman like me." She tried to push her body against him but he moved away quick enough for her to lose her stepping and fall in the dirt.

He looked down at her filthy in the dirt and his eyes narrowed more. He moved away and finally approached Serena. As he stood in front of her she was sure that he must think her weak as well since her wide eyes and shaking had only intensified, not from fear but from the biting cold. She was just waiting for him to move on muttering another comment under his breath or tossing another emotionless glace towards her.

He stared at her for what seemed an eternity. Serena lowered her eyes and started to stare at other people who were now staring at her too. Building enough courage to stand straight up and stare into his eyes again it seemed like he was almost debating within himself whether or not to do something.

He leaned close enough for her to feel him breathing on her. 'Don't faint,' she thought, ' damn him for making me stand out her in the cold and just stare at me like he is considering buying me as a toy.' When she could no longer take his stare, she spoke.

"Well?" she whispered out loud drawing his surprise, which sounded like a croak to her.

"Well?" he whispered back and raised an eyebrow.

"Well...Ill-mannered and entirely too tall, two traits I despise," she said loudly and crossed her arms in front of her, looking away. Inside her head she was screaming at herself, what had come over her, she was sure to be buried alive after this. Everyone gasped at her and a few elders made the sign of the cross. Her head just barely reached his shoulder so she couldn't glare at him without breaking her neck. He put his icy hand on her uncovered shoulder. She quickly looked up, making eye contact with him. She shivered once more. And that's when the corner of his mouth slightly lifted, his fangs showed. 'I think he's laughing at me, Prince or no Prince he is entirely unsuitable.' He leaned closer and whispered in her ear.

"Don't faint."

"Humph..."she was terrified but would die before she passed out now, which was probably going to happen anyway since she had actually spoken up against him.

He stepped back and said out louder than his previous comments, "Too ugly." She was actually surprised at her own courage actually thinking about stepping on his face. 'He's doesn't even care that I am freezing,' she screamed inside her head as she was now holding herself just like most of the girls around her.

He turned back, "But then I am not a vain man," he said with no feeling in his deep voice which was almost mesmerizing to her. He looked down the line, "It seems you are pick of the litter." She gasped at his audacity, he almost actually sighed with disappointment.

"But-but you haven't..." she signaled to the other girls as her fear increased ten fold. He lifted his hand to silence her not even looking in her direction; "My decision is made." Serena was wide-eyed in disbelief. "You will await me in your room after the ceremony."

"Are you mad!? Absolutely not, this is crazy!" Serena shouted when he had left knowing now was the only safe time she could actually say it aloud, though she more like screamed it to herself.

'What is going on here? I can't believe I have to marry that insolent man.'

Serena wasn't given much time as suddenly the door to the second carriage opened and these random women all dressed in beautiful black gowns, obviously also Nocturne Daemons, pulled her into the massive carriage, and started to undress her. 'What the…what is going on here' Serena was so confused but she just went along with it figuring that the Prince had of course planned this. The Demon Lord inspected his surroundings after what seemed a telepathic communication to his servant, his servant announced that the royal couple would marry outside.

"Did you hear? His Grace demands to be married outside. He won't think of stepping inside the church." One of the elder women told Serena as she was standing ready outside the carriage.

"It's proof that he's a demon alright." Another said.

"Stop it! You're scaring her. Serena don't worry we'll all be there."

"Here," the elderly woman gave her some flowers that were in a vase from the nearest house, "Hurry."

Serena was rushed outside in the dark with some of the most beautiful clothes she had ever seen. 'Of course out of all the colors to pick for a wedding it had to be black, how weird' she thought as she looked down at herself. Though she did admit it was extremely gorgeous and those women had adorned her with the most extravagant silver jewelry she had every seen. She approached the servant too scared to even consider speaking with the Prince yet.

"I must be married in the church. I refuse to do it anywhere else."

"You refuse." Serena knew that she had to convince him somehow.

"Please, please ask him if he will make it my wedding gift."

"Very well, I will ask his highness, princess"

Unused to being called such a name she almost forgot to say, "Thank you." She looked around and noticed everyone was rushing to get things done. The priest, another Nocturne Daemon, emerged from the second carriage wearing long black robes. 'He must really not want anything to do with us…He really planned this down to a t, he knows we have priests here. I suppose he really dislikes all things human' Serena contemplated. The ceremony commenced, those Nocturne ladies had decided that they would be her maids and stood around her in an almost protective stance. However the Dark Prince walked right passed them and stood closest to Serena, he was still outside the church with his priest though. So to see the couple everyone else had to stand in the church, because it would have been ridiculous to sit and look back. 'I can't believe my marriage had to happen like this' Serena almost shook her head, 'but at least I am in a church, thank goodness'.

'I can't believe this. He just had to be outside,' she thought as she started shivering again from the cold. He signaled his priest to hurry noticing that she was cold, which was a surprise to Serena. 'Did he really just do that? I can't believe he actually cares he must just want this over with.' As the tall priest began his liturgy Serena could have sworn that the wind picked up even more causing a shower of rain to blow straight into the church. This caused everyone in the church to huddle together. Everyone was obviously scared stiff believing that such an ill sigh was 'his' doing and made the sign of the cross several times during the ceremony.

"Does anyone object to this marriage?" :Cricket chirping:

"I do!"

Char shouted after a moment of silence. The Dark Prince didn't even turn his head only his eyes moved across the room to gave him a menacing look. "Sorry your highness but Serena is my fiancée," he choked out as Serena's mouth dropped and others stared shocked. His mother quickly stood up, walked over, and gave him a sound slap on the back of his head. He quietly sat down.

The Dark Prince again signaled his priest with a nod, and he continued.

"Do you Serenity Til Alexandros take His Majesty, the Prince, as your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health till death do you part?" The wind whipped at her and the windows smashed against the walls. She was terrified. 'He' put his arm around her which made her more scared yet did chase most of the cold away.

She was too scared to say anything. She had just met him and was scared that he would hurt anyone if she refused. He seemed to sense her confusion and lent down. She quickly moved her eyes to the floor.

"I'm scared," she wanted to scream at him but when he put his arm around her trying to break her out of her trance in order to answer the priest.

Though she did not trust him she knew she had no choice. Whispering "I do," as she turned back to the priest and was almost going to repeat thinking it was too quiet but the priest picked up again.

"And do you..."

"I do." Lightning cracked and it started to pour now. The priest presented the Dark Prince with a crown of silver and diamonds which he placed over Serena's head. He then presented another crown made of black metal and placed it over the Prince's head. "Now as these two souls are joined as one may they have a long reign of glory. I present King and Queen Daratransenof the 5th." Everyone bowed deeply but were too scared to clap or give cries of joy.

"You are now husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." 'He' turned toward her and leaned down. Serena held her breath as his icy yet soft lips touched hers. As he was kissing her they were looking into each other's eyes. Serena was clutching her flowers so tight that only the stems were left in her hand, she was so petrified she didn't move for the entire kiss. Everyone else was deadly silent as he pulled away. He turned to escort her to his carriage but the rain had muddied up the streets. He lifted her in his arms and ignored her gasp as he carried her toward the carriage. She pushed her crown back on her head and even though she didn't want to put her arms around his neck she had to in order to not fall backwards into slushy mud.

The carriage was gorgeous inside. All black velvet. She engrossed herself into staring at the intricate designs so she didn't have to look at him. He sat across from her and seemed to be thinking to himself. "Your house?" he asked, to which she raised her finger to point in the correct direction. The driver seemed to see through the carriage walls because it started to move and she leaned back more trying to look anywhere but toward the cold man that she had just married.

'Should I say something? I guess he would talk if he wanted to speak to me. I don't think he even wanted a wife, let alone a human one. Just calm down Serena it's going to be ok. Everything is ok and you need to keep your wits straight. You're his wife now and there is no going back,' she started to bite her lip and wring her empty flower stems, still not noticing that the flowers had all fallen off. He noticed though and flashed his teeth amused, noticing this she cocked her head to the side wondering if she had actually seen a grin or hallucinating. The rest of carriage trip to her house was in silence as the resigned new bride kept an eye on her husband.

When they arrived 'he' stepped out first, helped her out, and lifted her into his arms again. He walked in her house and put her down. She mumbled a "thank you" looking down at her feet. 'He' stayed down in the living room as her supposed maids, the same ones that had helped her dress, went upstairs to ready her again. She was in a daze as they took off her wedding dress and presented her with another such gown of such beauty that she almost wondered whether it truly was hers to wear. She was about to help take off the crown but they shook their heads at her silently. 'I wish they would speak because this isn't helping my nerves'. Everything was happening so fast, she felt sure she would wake up and laugh about all of this in the morning. Just then one of her old friends, Ian burst in and hugged her.

"What if he kills me? No one will know," she whispered to him. It was calming to finally see a familiar friendly face.

"I am sure that all will be well Serena 'he' doesn't seem very eager at doing anything right now. Listen I will be here for you if you need anything or are scared just send word to me ok. I promise that your friends will always be there for you," Ian said patting her hand.

"This is ridiculous." Serena whispered to him while shaking her head. "I should escape," she nodded as if talking to herself.

"He has his guards positioned around your house and you as well as I know that you wouldn't get far. His punishment would probably be more severe against you, as his wife, than most especially if he wanted to make an example of you. Just be cautious."

"I can't believe that I am married…to him."

"Are you going to be alright?" He looked really concerned.

"I was married...he kissed me...a priest was there... it had to be official." Serena started mumbling to herself.

"Serena...should I get you something to drink?" He tried to comfort her. And that's when 'he' came in.

'He didn't even knock, this is my wedding night and I am about to faint from fear of my husband.'

"Do not touch her," he said with such deadly menace that Ian jumped. He scurried out the door turning to give one last sympathetic look to Serena. 'What! That's all...give me a gun or a knife...or my last rites. Please someone save me!' she cried desperately in her head thinking she was having a panic attack.

He shrugged off his overcoat, 'He better not do what I think he's doing.' Serena thought she would rather jump out of the window then to do her 'wifely duties'.

"Come" he signaled to the door.

"We are leaving already." At her confused look he said, "Of course" She turned, about to leave with him, when she started getting angry.

"I refuse." She crossed her arms to make sure he understood. "I am not leaving my home."

"You belong to me now."

She shook her head, "You got what you wanted, a wife, you are now King, you no longer need me." He progressed towards her and she instinctively backed up against the wall. He cornered her with one hand strongly holding the wall, with no place to go she could only stare at him.

"You are my wife and as such you will live with me. I will not leave you behind for my enemies to use you against me. I would not like to repeat such a tedious thing again, I am married for a reason and it shall stay that way."

He moved closer, "Or would like it if we stayed here." Reached around her back he pressed his hard palm against her neck. She shuddered with shock as he trailed his fingers down her back, a slow smile growing on his face. Panic overtook her.

"Okay okay." He turned away and silently leaned against the wall as she hurridly started packing, looking back at his fiercely dominant stare, "I won't always do things your way."

"You will."

She shook her head.

He nodded.

Well the first chapter is done...is it too long? I don't mind shortening it if you (the readers) get tired of reading so much in one chapter. If you have not already guessed, the Prince is Darrien but I'll probably call him Endymion, because I like that name better -. In the next chapter Serena is having trouble adjusting to her new surroundings and Darrien isn't helping much with his domineering attitude.

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