Chapter 15: Death to the Daratransenofs'!

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Chapter 15: Death to the Daratransenofs'!

Shapes were moving before her. Colors were very hazy and diluted with the light. Her body shifted sending discomfort rippling through her entire system. She did not feel pain just a numb aching that sent her mind into its recess trying to block it out. Behind her lashes she peered out but her eyes were weak and unfocused. Her head started pounding as she strained to see in the darkness. Every movement of hers was slow and arduous like a snail.

She sighed heavily trying to release herself from the daze and bring fresh air into her lungs. The silk sheets felt cold and her sense of touch was amplified so much so that she could almost count the threads in it. Her neck was the only spot that was pounding with pressure as her heart pumped blood through there.

Lifting her hand slowly to feel her neck a hand reached out to touch her gently. This instantly made her whole psyche focus. Her eyes stretched open and the shapes solidified into Endy. He was diligently watching over her, his hand intertwined with hers.

Another intake of cold air brought more feelings back to her. Suddenly the full weight of her weakness hit her. So much so that it made her feel sick to her stomach and she winced in pain. Alarmed slammed into Endymion and he moved closer to comfort her. He placed his hand on her neck again; the bite mark was still red. Closing his eyes he focused his energy into calming her body and healing her neck.

The mark simply disappeared but he knew that he wouldn't be able to take away all her discomfort, only lessen it as much as possible.

"You mustn't move."

Her senses flared out, she was so sensitive at the moment that tears started streaming down her face. Not having enough energy to speak aloud she whispered in his mind how happy she was that he was safe.

He smiled back but it was stretched and it cracked a little. "I just want you to rest," he held her shoulders slowly stroking them with his thumb as his other hand helped to wipe away her cold tears, "You are everything to me Serenity".

'You are awake," she started crying, her sobs embed from her sending waves of sadness into the room.

Endymion reached out his hand cupping her neck for the moment in a gentle embrace and combed his fingers through her soft flowing hair, which was pooled about her.

'I can't take your tears.'

'I couldn't stand you dying. In the end I thought you were dead and I was hallucinating.'

He wanted to gather her up in his arms but he was afraid he would only harm her more.

'I feel so weak."

He looked away, 'I took too much blood, I had no choice but to feed you mine back.'

'Feed?' she drew in a labored breath, 'What did you feed me?'

Looking undoubting into her face, 'My blood?' he said.

Serena found it hard even to raise her eyebrows in shock and her face crinkled in a frown. She did feel a coppery taste in her mouth and surprised knowing it was his blood.

Endymion saw the distress in her face and interpreted that she was disgusted by him. He quickly knelt beside the bed taking her hand into his.

'I had no choice. It was not what I wanted but if I hadn't you would never have survived.'

'I'm not angry I'm just surprised.'

His side smile showed his pearly white teeth, 'Your blood in intoxicating. You are different now. I can sense it…smell it on you. My blood now runs in your veins,' and it appealed to his predatory side. He felt especially protective of her now, softly kissing her inner wrist sending her a wave of pleasure.

This time she did find enough willpower to smile and forced the words through her lips, "I love you Endymion."

He devilishly smiled back and slowly sent her back to sleep.

Endymion knew that he had to make a decision fast, he either had to watch over Serena until she was fully recovered, which would take a few weeks or leave her in someone else's care as he found whomever was responsible for their misery and make them pay. Leaving Serena alone and unprotected made him feel a strange sensation of fear. This was something that he didn't have any experience with so he walked around the room trying to formulate a plan.

'I have to be very careful,' he thought to himself as he watched his wife lay helpless on the bed in front of him, 'Serena is in no position to be left alone. She is completely vulnerable in this state but the Nocturnes can not last any longer without fresh supplies of blood. They can only hold out for so long until they attack the villagers.' A moan from Serena drew him over to her quickly. Making sure that she was sleeping comfortably he sent waves of relaxation into her body. He could feel every shard of pain that was tearing through her and he cursed himself for not being strong enough to fully heal her. He could have asked someone else to do it but he was still not up to his full strength and he still didn't trust anyone else near Serena yet.

'I have to protect Serena but I can not leave my people without aid,' he sighed with a heavy heart and dragged his hand through his uncombed hair. He had to rest but he wouldn't allow himself to as long as Serena was still sleeping. Sitting beside his wife he closed his eyes offering himself a respite, he drew in breath once more before his body gave out and he fell into a deep sleep.

Antoinette wanted to scream for help, she had given up on trying to reach Lucien and hoped that anyone within earshot would feel sorry enough to help them. Wrath wasn't recovering well and she couldn't give him anymore of her blood without replenishing herself. She had also lost track of time, their sleeping cycles had been off for a few days now and she didn't know whether it was day or night.

She slouched against the wall, her eyes drawn half shut and her body limp against the cold. Her sallow skin drawn tight against her face and tears dried half-way down her face.

"Wrath," she croaked to the shadowed figure against the corner. No answer came, it had not come for 24 hours and she too terrified to check if he was even alive. She couldn't be left alone, not now, not when she was so far from home and in the enemy camp. Noises pulled her attention away from the cell and towards the door at the end of the hallway.

Two guards dragged in a hysterical man. "Get off of me. I'm not a Nocturne! Help!! No not in there!! They opened Antoinette's cell door and thrust the man in. Antoinette could sense his fear but also that he was very weak, a Nocturne had recently fed off of him.

"Feed yourself!" the guards cackled to the hopeless face of Antoinette. She wished they were within her reach, she would show them just how weak she was after she ripped their throats out. They left them alone slamming the cell door shut again. The loud noises reverberated against the cool brick walls stirring Wrath to life. With a heavy gait Antoinette when to check on him and calm him, she looked back at the lonely figure across from them wondering what he had done to be put in jail.

The man had dirty blond hair coated with dirt; his bright green eyes were full of terror, for a moment Antoinette hiccupped with emotion over being remind of Lucien. She shook his image out of her head reminding herself that she needs to focus to survive. Her eyes went highlighted in the dark and she considered killing him. His wounds were still raw and opened, and the sweet smell of blood temporarily made Antoinette lose control. They had exhausted all the rats around the cell, starving had been especially hard on Wrath. With her loss in blood she wasn't strong enough to put him in a trace if he mentally fought back. In the end she couldn't do it, she couldn't hurt an innocent.

She wanted to close his wound, if not for his sake at least to stop tempting her. "Get away! Don't come closer!" this exorbitant display was obviously a bluff to Antoinette. His burst of energy pulled her back and she decided not to waste her precious energy trying to help him. She was already having trouble focusing her eye and in her dizzying state she crawled back to her original spot in the cell and slept next to Wrath.

Exe was sweating even though it was freezing in the cell. After getting attacked in the woods with his friends he didn't know what to think. He remembered no details only waking up and getting dragged back to camp. His friends were weak but not dead, the same soldiers, that he was so proud to just become a part of, was given the order to kill his friends. He watched in horror, helpless, as his friends were slaughtered and their bodies burned.

He was sure that he was next, but the commander ordered him to be feed to the jailed occupants. They kept saying he was going to turn Nocturne along with his friends and nothing he said would change their minds. He could hear them spreading the word that another Nocturne attack had commenced and now he was here, in this darkened cell waiting to be drunk dry of his blood. He had to figure out some way of escaping but if the Nocturne's, known for their power and strength, could not then he was lost. His eyes had trouble seeing in such darkness and he considered wilding attacking them to be his only chance but surprisingly they had just ignored him.

Antoinette saw him tirelessly struggle to stay awake before he slumped over, she took the chance to approach him and heal his wounds. The scent drew her back, she reared in again to make sure that she wasn't mistaken, but this time she was sure, it was the King. His scent was all over this man's wounds and a spark of hope was reignited in her. She finished healing him and went over to Wrath.

'Wrath, I'm sure, it's our king. I sense him over the man. He has awoken!'

Wrath stirred, 'If he has been healed then we till have a chance. Rothbone will be found out and they will be able to follow his trail here. Our waiting has paid off, we will be saved soon.'

Antoinette started crying unsure of how true his words were. Being completely disconnected from Lucien like this made her feel such loneliness and sorrow, but it was not knowing whether her friends were still safe was slowly eating away at her. With the king alive she knew that all was not lost, if he was alive then so was Serena and if she was untouched then maybe Lucien was also safe. A little of the weight she was bearing was lifted as she fell back asleep.

Serenity came awake with a start from a nightmare. Endymion was instantly at her side helping her relax.

"You seemed to be healing fast, how is that possible?" she whispered.

"I needed blood; I had no choice but to feed off of humans."

Her eyes widened, "You didn't kill them, did you?" her voice wavered with fear.

"No, but you never need to fear me. I will never harm you."

"Sometimes it's hard, to be human, while you're…well not."

Endymion did not want to worry her about their blood exchanges. No doubt she would feel pulled in between their worlds; he wouldn't give her that final blood exchange in her fragile state. He didn't believe her body could handle it and he didn't believe his heart could either.

Serena knew that he had done that in order to survive but he had broken their marriage contract and if he was found out their marriage would be null and void.

"What will happen with us?"

"You need not worry; I will not let anyone take you from me. This is your home now and our marriage contract will stand no matter what happens to us. Let them try to come for you, I protect my own Serena, the only worry I want you to think over is getting better."

Her eyes started tearing up, "I was more worried of you giving me back."

He stood up shocked, "I would never send you back. Do you not know how important you are to me?"

"I just never thought you would feel that way for me. I truly do not know what to think of our relationship. It seems that no matter how hard we try we are always going to be fighting to be together."

Her mouth when then silenced by his. He was careful not to crush her soft lips beneath his as his hunger for her took over. She weakly raised her had to frame his face as he bent lower to cover her body with his. The kiss sent shock waves through his body and he pulled away gasping, ashamed that he had forced himself on his ill wife but she only smiled back and pulled him back down for another lengthy kiss.

"No matter if you are human or Nocturne we are meant to be together and I will always watch over you. My blood is in you now; I will always be connected with you from now on," Endymion spoke it as fact.

Serena's mind started reeling with that new piece of information, she also just noticed that she could easily see him, yet there were no candles or other sources of light except the moon, which illuminated the room as if a thousand candles were alit.

"I can see in the dark," she said asking for a confirmation from him.

"That is not what I am worried about," he helped her sit up and put a glass of water to her lips, which she happily drank…until she choked and sit it out coughing, "Oh my god!" she said gagging, "that was horrible!"

A sense of dread came over Endymion but he didn't show it, he cut a small slit in his wrist and a few drops of blood fell and diluted in the water. She looked hesitant when he lifted the glass back up but she trusted him and drank it, this time it was easier to drink, it almost tasted sweet.

Endymion hung his head in silence, his hands on his waist; he then got up and started pacing across the room trying to sort out his thoughts.

"If I am responsible for your suffering I will never forgive myself."

"I am not in pain, I just need to rest some more and I will be fine. Don't be hard on yourself love, I feel the most safe with you."

Everything in him was screaming to finish her transformation and finalize the exchange of blood and bind her to him for all eternity. He had to make sure that only his blood was used in this act or she would also be bound to another, and he had to make her his.

'She is too weak,' he kept thinking to himself but his protective nature was fighting this. 'I must keep my distance from her until she is fully recovered enough to begin the transformation.' He had no doubt that in his weakened state and with sensing Serena suffer that he was more animal than man but he could not find the strength to leave her. This would be an opportune time to go help Dimitri while she heals.

"I need to take care of some business. Dimitri has called for help and I need to answer that. I do not want to leave you but my emotions are too powerful now and with space I will be able to give you the time to heal properly."

"Don't go," her eyes closed in fear.

"I will place someone I trust to watch over you, you will be save here in the house until I return and then I will make you my wife as I should have done after our marriage."

She started crying, more for worry of him leaving again, "I just got you back and now I have to say goodbye again. What if I lose you? I will never recover."

"You are now tied to me, if I go you will follow and I know this. Do you not think that I would protect you with my very life if I knew that you would not be affected? I will take every precaution but I still have responsibilities I need to take care of. You are my top priority but without defeating the rebels and staying by your side I still am condemning you to death. It will only be a matter of time before they come for us and we need to be ready. You need to regain your strength, I have no doubt that you are as strong as I am, my blood is now in your body and you will match me in power, maybe not physically but mentally. I will always be in your mind and you will know that you are safe."

She nodded, "I understand, I just wish you didn't have to go so soon after I just got you back. I will be waiting for you, please send word of your health when you reach Dimitri."

He smiled but it did not reach his eyes and with a heavy heart he sent a call to his family members to come to him.

Rothbone was sitting with Drake and Megumi when Endymion's call came into them. They couldn't help but look at each other, Rothbone kept his face motionless. Lucien burst through the doors, "You have gotten it, he has called us, the king is awake!"

Megumi grasped for Drake's hand and they all three ran to the bedroom. Rothbone's eyes circled the room and he started sweating blood outside he could hear the loud calls, "Long live the King!"

"Impossible," he whispered to himself. 'He should have been dead; there is no way that he could out live the poison. It was that girl, it had to be, she had ruined him. God damn it Serenity, you have meddled with the wrong man. You will kneel before me before I kill you myself."

Valice ran in, 'He is awake, we will be found out,' she screamed in his head.

'Shut up and let me think!' he stood up and closed his eyes silently for a moment. Then he called to her, "We need to leave now, head toward the town, meet me at the rebel camp. Go now!"

She ran out of the room and took off outside. He followed down the mountains and careful staying away from the roads. He needed to come up with a new plan and fast. The king would come after him and he needed the safety of the rebel camp behind him. At least Valice was with him now, she couldn't turn back. For the first time in his life he felt a very human chill crawl up his spine…fear.

Megumi broke away from her husband and tore threw the doors racing into Endymion's embrace.

"Son, you're alive!" Endymion had never seen such a display from his mother before as he had never before been so close to death. Unsure of what to do he allowed his father to take her back in his arms to comfort her in her sobs. Dragomiroff and Hildegarde entered after them in tears.

Drake looked at his son with a side-way smile, "About time, I though we were actually going to lose you." Lucien was happy but no such expression showed on his face, his thoughts were still focused on his lost love.

'What is that feeling?' Megumi asked silently.

Endymion moved to the side and they saw Serena asleep. "She is weak since she gave me her blood, she needs to recover."

Megumi was speechless and flew to Serena's side checking on her. Lucien would have gone over too, to make sure she was fine, but he felt the barrier that Endymion had put up around her, no male figure was able to cross that boundary as long as the King was there.

"She must have given you an enormous amount for you to awake," spoke Drake. He, like his wife, did have doubts about Serena's loyalty but now she had shown her true qualities, she was a Daratransenof till the end.

Endymion spoke directly to his mother, 'She isn't keeping much down. She only can drink water diluted with blood. I'm worried about her, she's in a limbo between our worlds. I don't know how to help her without finishing the transformation.'

'Do not worry son, she has given everything for you and I will not rest until she is healed again.'

Megumi wiped away her tears from her pale face and bent lower toward Serena, "Forgive me for questioning you and thank you for saving my son's life," she choked that last word out in a sob.

Serena could hear it in her head but she could not awaken, Endymion had forcefully put her in to a deep sleep in order for her to heal faster. She did send a slight mental touch to Megumi.

"She spoke to me, she's strong."

"Yes, we have exchanged blood twice. If you are right then one more time should change her but with her so weak I am hesitant to try."

"Of course, you must wait until she is better. We haven't seen a transformation in our lifetime like this."

"I need to see to Dimitri, what is the status of the castle guard," Endymion sounded as if he had never been ill, he was all kingly presence now.

"They are ready to fight, Rothbone wanted to send them to help Dimitri but we held them here as long as we could in order to protect the castle. We are sending a contingent over to the supply road but with Antoinette missing I was focused elsewhere," he spoke with guilt.

"No need to feel sorry my friend but we need to take control now. I will take that contingent and meet up with Dimitri. Dragomiroff and Megumi was watch over Serena and the castle while a portion of the army is left to protect them. Lucien will take help and search for Antoinette and Wrath. Father, you must find out about what is happening with Hardbrooke, I need to deal with him once and for all. Who has been taking care of the kingdom in my stead?"

"Rothbone," Lucien said, waiting to see if Endymion really did choose him.

"Did you not open my will?"

"We did, it said that you wanted him to rule."

A look of fury ran across his face, "He has tampered with it and someone has helped him, find them!" This betrayal cut so deeply into him that he swore he would take care of Rothbone himself but now was not the time to show his pain, especially when his family was already so worried about him.

Lucien sent an order for the guards to find Rothbone. Endymion closed his eyes to check, "He has fled, to the rebel camp no doubt, no one else could save him."

"If he was behind all of this than that would mean Antoinette's and Wrath's disappearance is connected," Lucien interjected, "we must follow him."

Endymion nodded, "Lucien follow his trail but do not enter the camp without my approval that is an order. I do not need anymore of us dying."

Lucien wasn't sure that he could follow that order but for the time being he nodded. They all agreed to the plan before dispersing.

Endymion walked back to Serena's side while Megumi gave them some privacy pretending to be busy in the corner.

'My love I must leave now. You are in very capable hands, all the Dragomiroff ladies are here to take care of you.'

Serena joked back, 'Are you sure that I won't need protecting from them?'

He smiled in her head, 'It will be fine. I will go reclaim the road and return on your side.'

'I do not know how I should be feeling. I love you so much and I don't want to lose you.'

'You will not lose me, with your sacrifice I have regained my strength. I will conquer this threat in your name and return to live out the rest of our lives in happiness.' He could feel her smile inside.

'I would love that, return with haste and be safe.'

He kissed her forehead and felt the sexual tensions building up inside of him but he swallowed his hunger and strode out of the bedroom.

Daisy caught him on the way down, "Your majesty. It is such a relief to see you. Serena must be very happy, she was so heart broken over you."

"Serena has given me her blood and is recovering, do not worry, so far she is fine but I have to leave to aid Dimitri. It would be wise to be careful when I am gone. Keep an eye out for Rothbone and his spies. Do not allow anyone to gain your trust."

Daisy was reeling with all the information but nodded to him, she had to go relay this message to both Rerius and Silius. She reached behind her and pulled a ribbon from her hair, "Would you give this to Dimitri for me? Tell him it is from someone who wants to see him again." The king nodded to her, placing the ribbon in his pocket before exiting the castle.

Exe had been awake for at least two hours, or so he thought. The two figures across from him had not moved since. He reached up and felt his sore neck. The puncture wounds were gone and he was already feeling stronger. There was no other explanation that them healing him. The lady must have healed him when he was asleep. Could it really be that simple, why would she heal him, Nocturne's are nothing but evil. She must have attacked him in his sleep, that's it, it had to be.

The guards came in drunk. They stumbled across the cobble stone floor until they reached Antoinette's cell.

"There she is, she I told you she was pretty," said the dark haired one.

"That one, she looks half dead."

"That's just because she's been down here but up close she's really fine to look at. We should have a go with her."

"You made her flinch," the blond one laughed.

"No one's going to care, let's just have some fun." They both couldn't stop laughing as one kept having trouble bringing the liquor bottle to his lips. The other fumbled for the keys to open cell.

Antoinette slowly stood up ready to defend herself. Wrath knew what was happening but he was too weak to move. Exe saw what was going on and he thought this would be the best time to escape. He could easily push his way out while they were having their way with the woman. They would be too drunk with liquor and passion to care about him.

The soldiers came in and closed the jail door behind them. The dark haired one put the keys in his pockets while the other lunged for Antoinette. He caught a hold of her dress and dragged her down as she wilding fought him. She thought she was strong enough to take him but with her lack of substance she was far weaker than she imagined. He easily overpowered her and tore her dress off.

Exe crawled behind the standing soldier, he grabbed and punched for his life. Apparently the one on top of Antoinette didn't seem to care much as he continued his assault. Exe reached for the fallen liquor bottle and knocked him out hard before he shuffled for the keys. He almost tore the pocket off the soldier's pants trying to get them fast enough, he pushed himself toward the wall huffing for breath.

Antoinette was screaming as she fought her attacker. She cried for Lucien even though she knew he could not hear her. Wrath had pushed himself up and tried to help her but the blond man just back handed him away. He ripped through her undergarments and used her long hair to hold her in place. She had never felt so helpless in her life and she cursed herself for not being able to push him off.

Exe finally found the right key, the whole time hearing the screams ripping out through the lady. He couldn't care, he had to escape, this was his life he was trying to save he ran past the door and to the jail opening but he couldn't go any further. Nocturne or human, no woman deserved to be used like that. He cursed himself for going back but he knew he would regret it if he didn't. He picked up the same bottle he hit the other guard with and he broke it on the bars of the jail cell. Then with as much force as he could muster he stabbed the soldier holding the lady down.

He shrieked with pain before doubling over and holding his side wound tight. The woman, clothes barely hanging on her, backed up to escape and moved closer to her fallen comrade. The smell of blood then overpowered her shock and she lunged for the soldier tearing into his soft flesh at the base of his neck. Exe saw the Nocturne man try to sit up again, his movements brittle and his face yellow with hunger. He went back and dragged the first guard over to him so he could reach.

Watching these two starving figures literally drink the blood of his once human friends was surreal; Exe was temporarily stunned at what he had done. He would be hunted down now by his family, he had helped in the killing of two men and then purposefully gave the bodies up to the Nocturne's but this was as far as he was willing to go and ran back out of the cell. He was so relieved to get out until he was captured by a few guards at the entrance of the cell who came down to inspect the screaming. They were going to fight with Exe but were so disgusted at the sight of the other soldiers being killed that they dragged him back in the cell.

The new soldiers wanted to get the bodies out but they feared going in and decided that leaving was the safest course of action. Exe didn't know whether he was lucky not to get cut down trying to escape or his troubles were just starting being thrown back in with these two. For the moment he was just happy to still be alive and backed into the shadows trying to seem inconspicuous.

Lucien knew instinctively that something was happening to Antoinette and he threw back his head and shouted to the sky so frustrated that he couldn't do anything about it. He decided to start the new search back at the castle but this time following Rothbone's scent. This had to be the right trail, he felt it deep within his gut and when he found Antoinette he would take her in his arms and never let her go. He would show her just how much he loved her, that he had always loved her and couldn't take being without her.

Drake was in the search party for the moment until he would later break off to investigate Hardbrooke. He was marveling at Lucien's strength, he was so focused and determined. Drake was very proud of his family, which included Lucien and Antoinette, they had powerful blood running in their veins; they could trace their ancestry thousands of years before he was ever born. As long as any member of the Daratransenof line was still alive no renegade force would ever win.

Far to the north the king rode hard on his horse toward the battle. Dimitri had called for help weeks ago, for all he knew Dimitri had already lost the battle. Entering onto the open field he could clearly see the two war parties on either end, in between them lay a multitude of dead from both sides. It looked like there was going to be another charge, he spurred his horse hard riding to the front of the line to meet Dimitri.

Back at the house Serena was having trouble drinking her supplement. She horribly started to vomit which alarmed Megumi. She had never taken care of a human before and didn't know the first thing about what was best for a human, especially one transcending into a Nocturne. Megumi had to call upon her son to calm Serena.

Endymion was in the thick of the battle, swinging his heavy sword down upon anyone who dared to come close enough to him but hearing his mother calling him he jumped back onto his horse and galloped back onto his parties side. He took the time to call to Serena and relax her, sending her warmth and love before he turned his horse back around and called for another contingent to follow him into the next wave of offense.

Rothbone was cringing behind the doors to Hardbrooke's office. He was found out and now would have to deal with the king himself. Valice had arrived as well but he wouldn't see her just yet, he had to think of the next game plan. A knock on the door broke his concentration, "I said no one to enter!"

But the door opened anyway and it was Valice following with Hardbrooke behind her. "This is the time to strike, the King is away from the castle," urged Hardbrooke.

Valice laughed at him, "Are you mad, he left the majority of the army there, it would be a blood bath if you tried to take the castle."

Rothbone said nothing but watched them both closely.

"There has to be a way, you two were close to the royal family, is there no secret way in? I have a man that would be able to kidnap the family left there and then the king would be helpless."

"None that they showed me, only the royal family themselves are told about such things."

Rothbone's eyebrow rose, "Who is this man?"

"He has proved himself to me time and again, he wants nothing more than to see the King hang. If we can get him in he will be able to get them out without a problem."

"One human against the Nocturne's you are mad!"

"At least it's better than doing nothing!"

"Silence! Both of you should be fighting together against them not against yourselves. Let me meet this man that you trust so much, if I can find a way to get him in will you guarantee that he can kidnap the queen."

"He has already planned it out, he is ready to die for our cause."

"Then bring him in."

Hardbrooke left to get him while Valice angrily fought with Rothbone. "You can not be encouraging this; we would be losing too many men in this rash attack on the castle, even if the King isn't there."

"Hardbrooke can do whatever he wants. He has turned mad ever since Rose's death. If he wants to go on a stupid suicide attack then let him, we can use that distraction to get what we want. Endymion is well now but now that he has given his blood to Serena they are connected, if we kill one…"

"The other dies...," finished Valice with a slow smile.


"But how will we get someone in. Do you know away to do it?"

"I have a way."

Hardbrooke entered with a tall man, his body was weathered down by fighting over the long weeks. His smell crinkled Valice's nose as her sensitive ability to pick up miniscule scents made him reek to her. He smiled a crooked smile and introduced himself.

"My name is Char, and I am your man."

I hoped you like this chapter. I wanted to write a lot more but then I would have to wait to put it out and I have already kept you waiting long enough. I have been using the time to think about where the story should go and I feel like I have a path to ending it. Don't worry it's still a ways away. I wanted to ask a question though because I've given some thought to becoming a writer on the side and I would like to know what kind of audience I'm targeting. So you don't have to give an exact age if you don't want to but just a range of ages like 13-17 or 18-25 and so on, it would help me in my writing because I would know who I'm writing for, which would of course, change the way I write things. That would be really helpful, but I also want to say thanks for sticking around, you guys keep inspiring me to write and without you I would have given it up a long time ago.

On the next…Blood and Roses: Will Char actually go through his plan to kidnap and kill the woman that he's always loved? Can Endymion help Dimitri win the battle in time and return home to save his family? And what is Char going to think when he finds out that Serena is not longer a human? This chapter will definitely test Serena.