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The next time that Elrond woke it was to the sound of a loud commotion. Somehow, Estel was still sleeping and seemed oblivious to all the noise.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Elrond yelled over everyone else in order to be heard.

At once, all attention was focused on a very much awake Elrond. "Ada, it's Estel! I was supposed to watch him but I fell asleep and now he is gone!" Elladan said motioning to the empty bed.

For a moment Elrond looked at his eldest in confusion and then started to chuckle as realization set it. "It is all right everyone. Sit down and relax, you particularly young prince. Estel is fine, he was sleeping with me.

All eyes turned to the bed that Elrond had previously occupied and saw that Estel was indeed sleeping soundly.

"How in the name of the Valar did he get over there? He is far to ill to have gotten out of bed," Himband complained.

"Oh, I quite agree, but then that's my Estel. He is very much like Legolas in that respect," Elrond said, shooting Legolas a slight glare.

"Apparently," Himband said dryly. "Valar save us all."

"YOU! Do not think that I have not forgotten about you Himband. Oh no, you will get your recompense. I just do not wish to have witnesses and I am loathe to wake Estel," Elrond said glaring at Himband fiercely.

"To late for that Ada," Elladan said wryly as he saw Estel attempting to sit up and blinking blearily at his surroundings.

Seeing that Estel was awake, Elrond hurried over to him and pulled him into a tight embrace. "Don't you do that again Estel! Not only did you scare me and your brothers halfway to Mandos, but that of our Woodland kin as well!"

"I'm sorry Ada, I didn't mean to scare you," Estel whispered into Elrond's robes.

"Oh I know that child! What happened to you and Legolas was in no way your fault. Legolas certainly is not to blame and you most assuredly are not. It was just an unfortunate occurrence that is now in the past," Elrond said holding Estel tightly as he cried.

"How do you feel Estel?" Elladan asked as he rubbed Estel's back soothingly.

"Not too good," he whimpered.

Elrond nodded in understanding. "Perfectly understandable. My poor child, you have been through so much. Go on back to sleep Estel, we shall all be here when you wake. Then I promise that you'll get to meet all of Legolas's family."

Estel nodded tiredly and rested his head against Elrond's shoulder only to fall asleep seconds later.

"Poor little guy. He's all tuckered out," Iaurdil said watching with awe as Elrond put Estel back down on the bed.

"Aye, but then look at all he has gone through. He will grow to be a fine man Elrond, that I am sure of," Thranduil said.

Elrond nodded solemnly. "A fine man indeed, although I am in no hurry for that time to be upon us. For now, I am just enjoying his childhood."

Thranduil nodded in understanding. "Come, let us all get some more rest. I do believe that we all need it."

This time, nobody protested know that they knew everything would be fine. Wearily, they all made their way back to their beds despite the fact that the sun was shining. They were all dead on their feet and it was far past time for a good rest.

Within minutes, everyone was fast asleep, save for Elrond who watched with a light heart as his son slept peacefully.


The days passed quickly and soon enough, Estel was back on his feet and eager to explore his new surroundings. Just as Legolas had suspected, Estel was promptly adopted by his family, although Estel still remained closest to Legolas.

It was quite the amusing sight to the residents of Mirkwood. It was not every day that one saw nearly every member of the royal family carrying or being followed by a hyperactive four year old who just happened to be the adopted son of Lord Elrond.

The best sight of all however was the lecture that Himband received from Elrond. Many of Mirkwood's residents had had the "pleasure" of being a patient of Himbands and seeing the healer being chewed out was as distinct pleasure.

The "conversation" between the two healers was not one that would be forgotten any time soon. In fact, Elladan and Elrohir were pretty sure that some of the Mirkwood elves had actually taken notes during the argument and were recording it for future prosperity and blackmail.

Currently, Elrond and Thranduil were sitting on the balcony overlooking the courtyard where the twins, Estel, and Legolas were all playing.

"I must say Thranduil, I commend you," Elrond said with a hint of smile pulling at his lips.

Thranduil looked up at Elrond in surprise. "And what is it that you commend me for mellon nin? To my knowledge, I have not done anything worthy of commendation."

"Oh but you have mellon nin. You have accepted Estel as a part of your family."

Thranduil looked at Elrond in confusion. "I'm afraid I don't understand mellon nin. Of course I accepted Estel as a part of my family. I did the same for the twins and Arwen. Did you not expect me to do the same for Estel?"

"Of course I did, once you came to know him. No, what I am talking about is the havoc you are going to have to endure. You do know that you will never be able to keep Estel and Legolas apart now?" Elrond asked with a decidedly smug grin on his face.

"Yes," Thranduil said cautiously. He looked at Elrond suspiciously. What did he know that he didn't?

Elrond saw that Thranduil still didn't see what it was that he was hinting at. "Let me help you out mellon nin. When I first adopted Estel into my family, we all learned something the hard way. Elladan and Elrohir together equal disaster. Elladan, Elrohir, and Estel together equal utter mayhem and chaos. Elladan, Elrohir, Estel and Legolas together will equal complete, utter, catastrophe. I shudder to think of the misadventures those four will get into together."

Thranduil paled as he realized what Elrond was talking about. "Sweet Valar, those four are going to be spending a lot of time over here aren't they?"

"I'm afraid so mellon nin, I'm afraid so," Elrond said with a laugh at the poor King's expense.

"I wouldn't be laughing if I were you Elrond. Seeing as the three of them are yours, and that Estel is not of an age where he can roam the wilds freely, they will be spending quite the bit of time at your home as well," Thranduil said smugly.

Elrond laughed and conceded to his defeat. "Very true mellon nin, very true. For now though, they are here under your roof. I do think that we are in for an interesting few weeks."

Thranduil grimaced and nodded in agreement as he watched the four young ones chasing each other around. "Indeed. Something tells me that Legolas and Estel will be at the center of the activity. Such an odd pair those two are, yet look at them. They already have a great friendship."

"Yes they do and one day, the future of middle earth may depend upon such friendships," Elrond said.

Two very different yet similar people to be sure. Yes, Estel and Legolas would do great things together and perhaps one day, save all of middle earth. Estel and Greenleaf. Theirs would be a friendship that would never be broken.

The End.


Ada: Dad/Daddy

Ion nin: My son

Tithen pen: Little one

Mellon nin: My friend

Estel: Hope

Tithen gwador: Little brother

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"Hello there little urchin. What, you don't remember me? How disapointing. I guarantee that you won't forget me this time! Hmm, on second hand, you won't be alive to remember!"

"Who are you!" Estel demanded as he frantically searched for an escape route. This was bad, very bad. He was trapped in a corner without any weapons with an obviously insane elf that was after his blood.

"No one is going to hear you this time urchin. This ends here and how," the elf growled as he drew his long, very sharp sword.

Seeing the sword, Estel shouted out for help again. "Someone, anyone, help me!"

It was too late for Estel though. Before he had even realized what was happening, the elf had pinned him to the floor and was slowly bringing down his sword in order to stab him.

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