BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: After being acidently frozen for 1110 years, Kim awakens to find the Inner Sphere plunged into what seems to be an endless civil war KP/Mechwarrior

Chapter I


Location: Middleton Cryogenics Lab, December 31 2000

It was New Year's Eve and Middleton, like so many other cities around the nation, the thoughts of celebrations, and endless parties filled the air. All within the city were ready and willing to party the whole night away. All except for two shadowy figures clawing their way up the side of the Cryo Lab.

The first was a strange blue man, with a jagged scar on his left cheek, and dressed in a blue jumpsuit with black clawed gloves, and small boots. The other was a young lady, with olive skin, and raven black hair, and dressed in a half green half black jumpsuit. These were Dr. Drakkin and Shego.

As soon as they reached the roof Shego made her way to the near by skylight, and with a flash, sliced the metal lock off like it was paper.

"Excellent work Shego," Drakkin said, as Shego opened the skylight.

"Yeah," Shego asked, "now what are we doing here again?"

"My plan is simple," Drakkin answered, "we steal the Cryogenic Chambers and use their frozen power to conquer the world, by freezing it." Drakkin suddenly began to laugh manically, as Shego grunted in disgust over such a stupid plan.

"Ladies first," Drakkin suddenly said, as he held his hand out.

The room the two rouges lowered into was pitch black, except for the moon light glinting off a row of strange, oval shaped chambers.

"Oh boy," Drakkin said, getty as a school girl, "Soon they will all be mine."

"Sorry Drakkin," a familiar voice said behind him, "But I'm afraid that your little escapade into the world of freezing things just went cold." Drakkin didn't need to guess as to whom that was. Turning around he spied a young girl with fiery orange hair, and emerald green eyes, dressed in a black t-shirt, black gloves, and tan cargo pants. Next to her was a young blonde haired boy with freckles on a face that always had a dumb look to it, dressed similar to the girl.

"KIM POSSIBLE," Drakkin shouted, "What are you doing here?"

"New Years with Cousin Larry," Ron replied, "she really wanted to miss that." Suddenly Shego leapt over Drakkin, and kicked Ron in the face.

"Less Talky, more fighty." Shego said, as she activated a strange green glow around her hands.

"Ready when you are Shego," Kim replied, assuming a fighting stance. Before long Kim and Shego found themselves locked in a small, but spectacular martial arts battle. But it wasn't long till Shego delivered a blow that knocked Kim into one of the Cryo Chambers.

"Ron," Kim said, pushing against the door, "Get me out of here."

"Be right there KP," Ron replied, as he began playing with the buttons on the main control terminal, turning one of the knobs he set the time till defrosting at: 1110 Years, and with a flick of his hand pressed the red freeze button.

"RON NO!" Kim shouted, as she began to feel her body grow cold, as though she had suddenly landed in Antarctica. The last thing Kim heard, or saw from her home time period was the laughter of Dr. Drakkin, as he and Shego escaped into the gathering night.

Stay tuned for Chapter II: The year 3110