BY Dragonfang33

Chapter III


Location: Middleton Cryogenics Lab, December 31 3109

Lt. Stoppable made her way down the crumbling stairway, her pulse rifle at the ready, and Rufus clambering to get her to leave.

"Leave, scary," the little Naked Mole Rat said.

"Easy Rufus," Lt. Stoppable replied, petting the bald rodent on the head.

Suddenly a loud rumble, as a Rebel Mech slammed into the top floor of the Cryo Lab. Dust and debris fell all around Lt. Stoppable, as she made her way into a large room, the door of which was marked with a white sign, CRYO STORAGE. Lt. Stoppable made her way across the dust covered floor, to the only surviving Cryo Tube in the room, the rest having been destroyed in a Republic Air Raid. The glass covering on the tube was covered in mist, and ice, when Lt. Stoppable approached. Slowly she whipped the glass clean and gazed upon the emerald green eyes of a person frozen in the tube.

"Um Captain," Stoppable said over the radio, "you're not going to believe this."

"Spit it out," Capt. Rockwaller replied.

"That life form we picked up earlier, it turns out that it's frozen in some kind of ancient Cryo tube." Lt. Stoppable answered. Capt. Rockwaller was speechless when he heard Page's reply. After a few minutes of silence, Viper was able to form a few words.

"Does the Republic Army know of this?" Capt. Rockwaller inquired.

"I don't think so," Lt. Stoppable replied, "and I don't think the enemy does either."

"Stay put," Rockwaller added, "I'll be right over."

"Roger," Stoppable said, "ETA to arrival?"

"0515," Rockwaller said, "give or take the amount of time the enemy occupies me with," The sounds of an exploding suit of Power Armor could be heard in the back ground, "Out."

Lt. Stoppable, fell back against the wall of the room, as Rufus leapt out of her pocket and began exploring. Suddenly Rufus called Lt. Stoppable over to the side of the tube.

Clutching her gun, Lt. Stoppable made her way to the side of the tube, and found a bright green duffle bag. Upon opening it she found everything ranging from a pair of pajamas, to a small stuffed animal.

"Odd," Lt. Stoppable said, "Cuddle Buddies haven't existed since the early 21st century." Suddenly a loud pop echoed across the room, as the Cryo tube began opening.

"Rufus," Lt. Stoppable called, "Get back in my pocket, and prepare to run for your life." She picked up the duffle bag and began running toward the exit. But before she could the tube opened, and a young girl, with friary orange hair, and dressed in a black t-shirt, and brown cargo pants fell to the ground, dazed, but amazingly alive.

Sorry, if this is breaf but I'm writing this at 1:00 in the morning, PS I've decided to change the name of Chapter III, so stay tuned for Chapter IV Decedents