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Chapter 1: flobberworm mucous

"You stupid mudblood! How many times do I have to tell you to STAY OUT OF MY WAY?!"

"Oh, suck it up, Malfoy! It's just some flobberworm mucous. It comes out!"

"The flobberworm mucous isn't the problem, Granger! You are!"

"Well, sorry, Mr. Moneybags!"

As every Harry Potter fan can tell, Hermione and Draco had bumped into each other. Unfortunately, the two were about to leave potions class and Hermione was carrying an open jar of flobberworm mucous. If I were Hermione, I would go on about the uses of the substance, such as: it is used in the Wiggenweld healing potion along with Wiggentree bark and other strange ingredients. This, of course, has no use on someone -such as Draco 's- shirt.

"Bloody, hell..." Ron moaned. "It's the second time today that they've fought. Usually when I fight, Herm pulls me back..."

"Yeah, but if you didn't let her, she'd hurt you in horrid ways." Harry pointed out.

"True..." Ron sighed. "Hermione's lucky..."

"Hey!" Fred laid a hand on Ron 's shoulder. "How long has this fight been going on?"

"Fred?! George?!" Ron bolted around. "What are you doing here?!"

George chuckled lightly. "We thought we would drop by for a visit." He explained. "Anyway, you haven't answered our question."

"A few minutes." Harry replied coolly.

"Really?" Fred looked over to the two students, who were now holding their wands at each other.

"If we weren't at school right now, you'd be dead already!" Draco snapped.

"If you weren't at school right now, you'd be magic illiterate, so then, you wouldn't be able to kill me. Therefore, you would be dead long before me!" Hermione replied with a smirk on her face

"What the hell did you just say?" Draco asked.

"It means she'll kill you first." Ron murmured.

"SHUT UP!!!" They both yelled. This made Ron sink into his seat to hide himself from the two murderous wizards.

"Hey, Fred." George nudged his twin. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked with an evil grin on his face. Fred got the same look as they turned to Hermione and Draco.

"Sorry, you two..." Fred muttered to Ron and Harry. "But you might not see your friend for a few days."

The twins strolled up to the two students, each one taking either Hermione or Draco 's arm and disapparating. (A/N: I know you can't to the apparation trick, but I'm bending the rules a little.)

The four apparated in front of a large red door. Draco was absolutely furious, yet shocked at the same time.

"You two have been driving the school insane with your bickering..." George started. "... So we're sticking you in this room for a bit."

The twins then shoved Hermione and Draco into the room and closed the door behind them. The two bolted around in fear as the sound of laughter faded into the distance. Draco immediately pulled out his wand and aimed for the keyhole.

"Oh, god, Malfoy." Hermione moaned. "Do you actually expect that a simple charm will open that door?" Draco didn't answer. "Honestly, those two know how smart I am. I would have easily unlocked it if they put me behind a normal door. Think about it."

Draco didn't move. He continued to stare at the door, daring himself to make eye contact with Hermione. He then slowly lowered his wand and let it fall limp at his side.

'Stupid Granger.' Malfoy thought with an evil glint in his eye. 'Someday...I willkill her...if it's the last thing I do!'

"Earth to Malfoy!" Hermione waved her hand in front of Draco 's face. "Did you even read the sign on the door?"

Draco looked up and gasped when he read the sign. "WHAT?!" Draco yelled. "I'm stuck with you until we get along?! WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?!"

"One on the marauders map I expect..." Hermione muttered to herself. "How else would they have known?" She was relieved that Draco didn't notice what she said.

"Now what?" Draco growled. His question was answered when he turned around. There was a round common room before him with large red doors on the walls labeled: kitchen, bedroom and dining room. Across the room from the two wizards was a door made of glass. A beautiful balcony lay beyond. (A/N: I no. Pathetic... but it's my first HP fic. Don't go hard on me) Their were two other doors that had their names (to their surprise) labeled on them.

"It's just like a house..." Draco muttered, running his hands through his long, shaggy blonde hair. "A house that you can't get out of."

"Oh, give it a rest, Malfoy!" Hermione snapped. "We'll be out of here in a week or so if we're lucky."

"Why a week?" Draco asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Because we don't get along." Hermione replied flatly as she sat down on one of the soft couches.


"Professor Dumbledore!" Fred and George appeared in Dumbledore's office. "Hello?"

"Yes. What is it?" Dumbledore leaned over the railing above his desk. "Oh! Fred, George. Welcome!" He quickly walked down the stairs. "Did you bring the..." Dumbledore paused and looked over his shoulder, "goods?"

"Oh, yes!" Fred searched his pockets. "Let's see... Extendo-Ears, ton-tongue-toffees, oh! Sticky-syrup. One of our newer products."

"After eating the syrup, your mouth is glued shut for an hour or so." George explained. "There's also some transfigurating toffees. These are wicked! A real best-seller at Weasley 's-Wizarding-Wheezes."

"You change into whatever animal you eat. See? This one's shaped like a tiger, so, you become a tiger when you eat it. Simple as that."

"Fascinating!" Dumbledore said as he looked at a strange blue toffee shaped like a bird.

"Fred." George elbowed his twin in the side. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Oh, yeah! Professor, we locked Malfoy and Granger in the Rivalry room. You might want to send them their clothes and homework."

"The Rivalry Room?" Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. "Why there?"

"When we came to drop of the goods, we visited our favourite little brother, Ron." George explained. "Every time we visit him, he always had a new story about Hermione and Malfoy and a new argument."

"We got to see a fight earlier today after their double potions class, so we stuck them in the Rivalry room." Fred chuckled. "They should be out in a week or so."

"Why a week?" Dumbledore asked.

"Because those two absolutely hate each other." George replied dully.

"Alright... one second..." Dumbledore pulled out his wand and gave it a quick wave. "There. Now, here's the seventy nine sickles and twenty two knuts."

"Dumbledore. You're our headmaster, you get a discount." George gave Dumbledore twenty sickles back. "There... we'd better go."

"See you next week!" Fred said before the twins' disapparated, leaving Dumbledore to pop a transfigurating toffee into his mouth. The screech of an owl was the only thing heard in the office.

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