The Investigation

The black limo glided through the streets, the only sound inside its bulletproof confines was the incessant tapping of drumsticks on leather

"Why are we in L.A.?" the only female occupant asked after grabbing the offending drumsticks and threatening to snap them.

"We're looking into the destruction of a town called Sunnydale a few weeks ago." A tall, white haired man reached into a cooler and pulled out a bottle of water, "The official story is that it disappeared into a previously unknown Sinkhole. The funny thing is that almost everyone had left town days before for no apparent reason."

"So why are we in L.A.?" The woman asked again.

"I said that almost everyone had left town days before it happened: one group was there to the end." The man explained, "I want to find out what they know."

"What has this got to do with us?" The other male passenger asked, eyeing the drumsticks.

"The people we are going to talk to currently reside in a old hotel owned by a man who was recently made branch manager of the Wolfram and Heart legal firm." The older man explained, "And they do a lot of work for…"

"Artemis." The woman nodded, "You think they may be involved in something we should know about?"

"It's a very strange situation: the first person I want to talk to is a known acquaintance of Jack Hawksmoor." The man smiled slightly, "This is something I want to know more about."

"What ever." The younger man shrugged, grabbing the drumsticks back, "I'm just glad the air-conditioning's working."

"What air-conditioning?" The older man asked.

The End

Before any of you start complaining about this being to short, it's just one instalment of my Buffy/Windstorm work-in-progress: go read 'Storm Clouds'Do not stand by my grave and cry…' and 'Evolution of the Species' for more information on where this is going...