Family Business

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Summary: AU. Slash. James' father has just re-married and now he has 3 new stepsiblings that really get on his nerves. The only way he can escape it all is by sneaking out at night to be with his boyfriend, but what will happen when his family find out about this boyfriend? What will they say when they meet him?

Warnings: See summary. Also contains bad language and a Student/Teacher relationship.

Pairing: Lucius/James. I will mention others later on if there are any.

IMPORTANT: James' new stepmother and his stepsiblings are muggles.


Chapter 1: Full House

It was the summer before James Potter's seventh year of Hogwarts; it should have been a fun time but the seventeen-year-old Gryffindor was finding it a challenge to be happy. During his sixth year at Hogwarts, he found out his parents had divorced and that his father was already marrying another woman, this woman came with baggage.

Clarise Morris was an upper class British muggle, with three children aged between ten and seventeen. She knew nothing about magic and she was not very fond of James, she thought he was a disrespectful, boisterous brat.

But James hated her as well, she had come between his parents, she had broken them up and now he had to live with his father while his mum took some time away from everything.


"James, come with me." Said Michael Potter, James' father.

James put his bowl of ice cream down and followed his father into the study. "What did I do?"

Michael raised an eyebrow, "Just sit down, I want to have a chat with you."

James sighed and sat down in an armchair, he tucked one leg under him and sank back into the plush maroon coloured chair. "Chat about what?"

Michael sat down opposite his son, "Listen, I understand that you're not happy about the current arrangements-"

"That's an understatement." Grumbled James, he folded his arms and gazed darkly at his father.

Michael ignored James' comment and the look he was getting off his son and continued on with what he was going to say, "But you're going to have to live with it for the time being."

James scowled at his father; "I don't have to live with it if I don't want to. I'm legally old enough to leave home, I'm of age." Michael frowned. "You know, if I'm that much of a problem for Clarise, I'll happily leave and go flat with Sirius."

Michael knew this wouldn't be easy, he could tell James was going to do everything he could to make this difficult. "James, you are staying here. Neither you nor Sirius are proper qualified wizards yet, I'm not fond of him living on his own in the middle of London, let alone you going to live with him." James was glaring now. "Perhaps when your mother comes back from her holiday you can go and stay with her, but until then, this is your home and I expect you to continue obeying my rules."

James bit his bottom lip, "Fine, whatever. Can I go now?"

"No." Replied Michael sharply. "I'm not finished yet James… Now, as you are living here, I would sincerely like it if you paid a little more respect towards Clarise."

"Well when she starts being nice to me, then maybe I will make an effort."

"She is trying James."

James snorted derisively, "Every day since I've been home, when you're at work, she has been a complete and utter bitch to me. You just can't see it!"

"James!" Snapped Michael angrily. "You will not talk to me in that tone."

James narrowed his eyes again, "Why should I treat you nicely when you cheated on my mum?! So what if you fancied Clarise? You didn't have to break up your marriage for the tart!"


James stood up angrily at the same time his father did; "I'm going out."

"Get back here!" Shouted Michael after his son.

James waved his hand dismissively in his father's direction and stormed out of the study and the huge house, he made sure he had his wand on him before ducking behind a bush and apparating to a place where he thought he would be a bit more welcome. He had only gotten his apparition license a week ago on his seventeenth birthday.

James wandered along a quiet country road until he came to a huge manor, he gazed up at the building, it was surrounded by high walls and ten-foot high iron gates with something in Latin written on it. He walked up to the gates and pushed one of them opened, with some difficulty.

Perhaps I should have owled first…he might not like it if I just turn up unannounced. Thought James as he wandered up the path to the entrance of the manor. He raised his hand to knock on the big doors, one of them opened and James found himself standing face to face with a mildly surprised, immaculately dressed, handsome blond haired man.

Lucius Malfoy folded his arms and leaned against the door, "Well this is a pleasant surprise." He raised an eyebrow slightly as he surveyed the teenager in front of him.

James tugged at his hair, he felt a little nervous, Lucius wasn't the kind of man that liked having his plans interrupted by upset Gryffindors. "…I had nowhere else to go."

Lucius nodded slowly, "Don't tell me you ran away."

"I didn't run away, I just stormed out." Replied James almost bashfully, he was starting to feel a but uncomfortable under those scrutinising grey eyes.

Lucius smirked slightly and nodded towards the door, "Come on." He turned to go back into the manor.

"Weren't you going somewhere?" Asked James as he followed Lucius into the expansive entrance hall.

"Nowhere important." Replied Lucius as he led the way to his study.

James jumped slightly when he heard the door close behind them on its own, "Okay." He followed the blond ex-Slytherin to the massive study, which never failed to leave him gawking in awe. He could barely believe that Lucius had inherited this Manor plus three other estates throughout the world when his parents died four years ago.


James snapped out of his awe induced reverie and looked back to his boyfriend, "Yeah, thanks…" He had no idea why he was still so shy around Lucius, he had been with him since he was fifteen and Lucius twenty-one.

James watched as Lucius poured two even glasses of brandy, "Isn't it illegal to give your students alcohol?"

Lucius let out one of his rare quiet laughs, "But you're not my student right now." He handed James a glass. "Anyway, I know for a fact you and your friends get drunk regularly."

"Who told you that?" Questioned James worriedly.

"I recognise a hangover when I see one." Replied Lucius smirking slightly before putting his own glass to his lips and taking a drink.

Lucius had been hired as the Potions Master at Hogwarts when he was nineteen years old, only days after his parents were murdered though he didn't show any despair. And it was during his third year of teaching that his relationship with the young Potter started.


Two hours later found James sitting quite comfortably in Lucius' arms and he was quite content on staying there for the rest of the summer if he could manage it. He nuzzled his head against Lucius' pale neck and sniffed in the blond's woodsy scent. "Can I stay here tonight?" He felt quite warm and fuzzy inside, he guessed it was probably the alcohol he had had.

Lucius trailed his hand up and down James' back in thought; "Don't you think you should go home?"

James shrugged, "No, I don't want to go back there."

Lucius kissed James on the hair, "Okay, you can stay tonight as long as you go home tomorrow."

James frowned slightly; "You say that like you don't want me around."

"I do want you around James," Replied Lucius, gazing into the worried hazel eyes of the young Gryffindor. "I just think perhaps that you should go home and sort things out with your family."

"Oh…" James sighed, "I'd much rather stay here with you though."

Lucius smirked and let one of his hands move from James' waist to lightly stroke his thigh, "Well of course you would." He could practically feel James melt into his body from such a simple, slightly seductive touch, but then James was quite easy to please. "And I'd rather like to keep you here."

James kissed his lover on the neck, "Keep me then. I'm yours."

Lucius tilted his head to the side as James kissed his neck, "You shouldn't make offers like that to Death Eaters…" He stroked the inside of one of James' thighs delighting in the shiver it sent up the young Gryffindor's spine. "Not to mention Malfoys."

James hated it when Lucius teased him like this; "I'll make any offer within my power so long as you fuck me sometime soon."

Lucius smirked at James' bluntness; "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"No…I want to kiss you with it." And he did.


James was absolutely exhausted now. Three times in one day was for too much for his lazy, seventeen year old body to handle. I need to exercise more…more Quidditch training and practices this coming year, I think. He groaned silently. Oh god Potter, you are lying in bed with the sexiest man you have ever seen and all you can think about is Quidditch! I am such an idiot!

"What are you thinking?"

James buried his face in the juncture of Lucius' neck and shoulder, "Quidditch…"

Lucius huffed quietly, "Do you think of anything other than that? Ever?"

James lifted his head and grinned crookedly, "Well, it's only just reinvaded my mind… I haven't exactly been thinking for the last few hours."

Lucius opened his eyes just enough for James to see a few dashes of his grey irises, "Oh good. I would hate to think you were using your mind during sex."

James gave his boyfriend a little kiss on the nose, "Is that a sense of humour I detect?"

Lucius closed his eyes again and he replied with a hint of a smile on his face, "Shut up and sleep, you stupid Gryffindor."

James laughed quietly and put his head back down next to Lucius', "Night."



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